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Look very closely... you’ll see a smile... do you see it? 😊♥️ (all of my “happy tops” linked here 👉🏼 http://liketk.it/2ufqd )

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mssewsavvy : I have never done a subscription box but 250 2x's a year is not bad. 200 is better 😀. I think some samples would be good. Sometimes it would be better to try before committing as there is not a skin regime that works for all. Will the quantity of the box be the same or more than boxes that arrive more frequently?
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
kderkbluff : totally agree!👍🏻👍🏻
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
aylarianne : I would be interested in a $200 ish box curated by you!! So excited at this possibility!! I would love to see some vegan/eco friendly products and brands
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
elysseegibson : I would definitely be interested in a Jilly Box! But one thing I would want to see is eco-friendly packaging. Like you, I have tried to commit myself to reducing my waste in 2018. Will these subscription boxes reverse the reduction in waste that we are trying to achieve? Also, sample size packagings create so much more waste, so I would hope to see alternative options. Can’t wait to follow along and see what you amazing girls come up with ☺️
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
sus.nus : Currently I am enrolled in the simply beautiful box , a Canadian quarterly subscription box at $80 pretax. I like it because they use canadian products. Also I am enrolled in ipsy monthly $19 canadian. I like that because I get to try different products catered to my profile.
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
chels.cheney : Causebox!! Love the price point, products and that they support great causes! Would love to see you embrace your new outlook for more reusable and eco friendly items with less packaging! I would pay more for a box with very usable items with a long life!
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
lauraelaine2 : If you were to put a romper in the subscription box how would you determine size? I'd love your box however am plus size so a size small romper wouldn't be worth the money to me.
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
jocelynchallen : I was going to bring this topic up tomorrow when I saw you 😂
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
sensibleheartt : Yasss!! Finally a Jillybox!! It's about time! First let's be serious what female doesn't love getting mail/gifts?? Seriouslyyyyy love coming home to something that's just for me!!!! I have a ton of subscriptions! My favorite right now is the stitch fix which I do get quarterly. You could offer two boxes? Have ppl opt in for the $250-300 range or the $75-150. It's something you could consider.. hitting both markets in the beginning and then be able to see which market is the most successful. Good luck! Xoxo
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
summerrain79 : I just want a box with all your vegan favourites! Especially vegan nut cheeses! 😋
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
sarahhassett14 : we will definitely discuss tomorrow lol 😂☺️
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
askpen : I subscribe to ipsy, fabfitfun, and glossybox. Usually there is one product I like. I would like to see local products, Canadian companies,vegan products and skincare.
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
michelelav12 : I am mid 50’s have worked 30 years with adolescents with MH issues and in trouble with the law. I am a mom. I raised my beautiful daughter after my divorce . She is such a wonder at 22. I am trying to understand my menopause body. The weight gain the stress I wear ... aging parents, dad in a nursing home. I have to try to feel better and eat better but frankly Jill I struggle to afford it and need some help . I couldn’t afford a $250 box twice a year but I would like some easy recipes to get my overall health back rockin
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
stylewithoutborders : Adorabbbbbbbble!!!
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
sdpeaks : I would like sunglasses, romper, lipstick, earrings, necklaces, basically everything you said in your video, and I would spend $250, twice a year, but I’d prefer to spread it out and spend like $125 every 3 months...
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
kelseycordier : I would love a Jilly box!!! I currently do not subscribe to any but I would subscribe to a Jilly box a heartbeat! The more expensive box would be better to do quarterly and would probably make it more affordable for a majority of your followers. I would love things like make up, clothing, jewelry, hair products and skin products. I really don’t think you and your team could go wrong with anything you all pick out!😍
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
madisonteager : I would love some vegan or all organic make up/skin care products. And would prefer a monthly box ranging from $15-$25!! Or doing your own version of a vegan/organic fabfitfun quarterly box. Would honestly love to just be able to sample some of your everyday lifestyle products in order to figure out what’s available and what works best (that’s cruelty free/vegan/organic). P.S. you are such an inspiration. Love your authenticity and am so grateful we have women like you in the world!!! Keep up the amazing work! ❤️
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
akashaneedscoffee : I would totally get a jilly box. I currently get the simply beautiful box, fresh little love, and my stylish French box and I love them all.
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
esraasheaven : I love this view
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
sdaleyy : Jill, wanted to make a comment about a jillybox! Maybe you could come out with holiday collection boxes once a year at the 250$ range. And offer more affordable ones other times with sample products, full size, Jill favourites etc.
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
mrsdocwatson28 : I’ve done Ipsy and boxycharm - I switched from Ipsy to boxycharm because Ipsy was just samples where boxycharm is full-size items. Ipsy was $10/mo and boxycharm is $21/mo. I love boxycharm especially because it has higher end items like dr. Brandt skincare and tarte cosmetics. HIGHLY recommend!
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
samiperttula : <3
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
alli_mcb : Jilly Box - quarterly, affordable. It would be awesome that each matched with the season and had home decor and party/holiday supplies ❤️
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
amystorbakken : Jilly Box- higher price point, full size, quality items!
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
idaho__ : I agree with! Vegan products all the way :)
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
sweetsher25 : Beautiful
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
thaliapassatino : Please do not put candle in your box i think that everybody likes or dislikes difference kind of flavors
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
thaliapassatino : Thank youJillian☺️
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
twasi : Have done a sock subscription for a gift and husband got a board game subscription. Would say quarterly would be better than monthly. Monthly becomes a lot. The other thing is that I’d like it to be good value- like if I can go to the store and buy it for the same amount as I paid for the box then it is not worth it to me since at a store I can pick my fav colour and try items on while the box you pick has a lot more risk that an item may not be quite right and then it’s been an expensive mistake (given the price points you’re talking about))
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
jessi_afshin : Love this girl!!
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
jill10333 : I would LOVE a Jilly-box, will you ship it internationally???? Germany perhaps?
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
braelynbjornson : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
miamimommy98 : I see what you did there 😊
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
melyourstar : you're so cute. 😍 you. Xoxo.
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
suziesgoodfats : Beach is my happy place too! ⚡️⚡️🥑🥑💖💖
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
jaimekelley : Yes, beautiful!
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
lindysood : Perfection in all ways ❤️
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
thereddress_blog : So pretty! ❤️💃🏽
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
events.by.jordan : Cute 💕
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
theclaudias_design : 😊
Jan 1, 1970 0:00 am
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