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478 17 Jan 13, 2018
Hahtag #aliencovenant: XENOMORPH (GIGER TRIBUTE)

Work in progress. Wishing you

XENOMORPH (GIGER TRIBUTE) Work in progress. Wishing you all a great weekend!

1540 43 Jan 14, 2018
Hahtag #aliencovenant: A TRIBUTE TO GIGER.

Without doubt one of

A TRIBUTE TO GIGER. Without doubt one of my favourite artists, H.R. Giger has left his legacy by creating one of the most bizarre, raw, controversial, interesting and beautiful art. Here's my tribute to this amazing, talented artist. I've been wanting to do this drawing for over a year now and I'm so happy I finally got to do it. I'll be making limited edition prints of it so contact me if you want yours now before they run out. Have a great weekend!

287 13 Dec 26, 2017
Hahtag #aliencovenant:

(This will be my last post for 2017) These are the movies I've watched this year. All were amazing, it's another great year for movies! 2017 2

3876 11 Dec 31, 2017
Hahtag #aliencovenant: Insect Alien
ZBrush and 3D-Coat by Yuuki

Insect Alien ZBrush and 3D-Coat by Yuuki Morita at ArtStation s 3 resurrection 5 covenant morph #3dcoat ure

3910 19 Nov 20, 2017
Hahtag #aliencovenant: Xeno-Rex
Amazing art by @rjpalmerartist at DeviantArt

Xeno-Rex Amazing art by at DeviantArt s 3 resurrection 5 covenant covenant2 vspredator vspredatorrequiem 2 morph sArt

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ien ien s ien covenant ien world ien surfgirlproblems ien movie ien tech ien core ien igena ien wire ien day ien ation ien ated ien boy ien skin ien bee ien coils ien sky ien _arts ien bees

11 0 Jan 20, 2018

ien ien s ien covenant ien world ien surfgirlproblems ien movie ien tech ien core ien igena ien wire ien day ien ation ien ated ien boy ien skin ien bee ien coils ien sky ien _arts ien bees

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: 最近受到我的好朋友影響 重新看完普羅米修斯 看了異形1、2集跟普2異形:聖約 也再把之前已經看過但幾乎忘光的 誰不重要的專題全部重看 不得不說雷導真的是很有內涵跟深度的 這麼龐大的世界觀堪稱神作 其中大衛這個角色在我心目中 可以說是不輸給洛基的迷人反派 雖說普系列普遍評價不高 但看完之後內心十分震撼 這裡面想要探討的議題 包含人性、神學等等 還有異形系列探討的性別 完全以一個腦內轟炸的形式撞擊每個神經元 現在的我已經有點消化不良 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 Covenant

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I love this delicious vanilla man 😣😣 ~unfinished scrap~ ♢Ac: ; give credits for audio fassbender bender fassbender fans #12yearsaslave y y alldayeveryday fassy darkphoenix apocalypse bender love bender fanpage bender love fassbender isagod fassbigger fassbaby fassbender edit

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The Lab Wall took a lot of time, so before it gets officially put on the canvas I felt it deserved a post on its own.Xenomorph canvas is practically done! Plan on posting the final product Monday afternoon. isitic ist mind life arts

62 10 Jan 20, 2018

fuckers 🤘🏼👽 it’s a beautiful sunny day & im excited for it 💀👻🦇🖤 I’ve been on a s mood this whole week 📽 s 3 resurrection covenant movies movies horrormovies

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Aliens US colonial marine inspired sound activated EL panel rave mask designed by super6props. Available at or visit us at s movie covenant girl er ing s yutani corp

20 1 Jan 20, 2018

Alien:Covenant meets Death Metal 「死と誕生」「絶望と希望」聴きながら観てるとゾクゾクするw ist _the_night_stars

13 0 Jan 20, 2018

Nouvelles Funko Pop d’un Nazgul du seigneur des anneaux et le xenomorphe de Alien Covenant... ——— covenant

92 1 Jan 20, 2018

Tyloodongosaurus this is a mix of tylosaurus, troodon and stegosaurus This hybrid is noticeable thanks to its googly eyes and it's venomous bite. . Identification: Size: 12 meter long Weight: 9 tons Era: none Mix of: Troodon, Tylosaurus and Stegosaurus Lifespan: 40 years Hunting method: In a pack of three, it bites it's prey and injects his poison. After his prey is dead it slices the carcus by rolling like a crocodile. . . . . . work fallenkingdom 2 2 evolution ist

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We’ve still got a few of these left. The Alien Tiki from ! $39.99 ea plus S&H s tees bar bars mug party s

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Liketime. - like last 3 photos. - write comment. - like photos other participants. Let's go! (!) Тупые пезды, не понимающие, что некрасиво спамить - полетят в бан!!! s s movie covenant covenant

19 3 Jan 20, 2018
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Dream it. Wish it. Do it. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • isagod darkphoenix

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Beautiful concept art by Valentin Petrov, watching the movie made me want to visit New Zealand. “Concept work i did on Alien:Covenant while at MPC art dept. back in 2015. All rights reserved © 20thCenturyFox” - Valentin Petrov

5 0 Jan 20, 2018

Blade Runner 2049, Prometheus, Alien: Covenant... Now get on with the Soldier sequel! 2049 Covenant

6 5 Jan 20, 2018

I love the angles in this scene, Ridley Scott framed it perfectly. You can see the micro expressions on Michael Fassbender's face. David: I loved her, of course. Much as you love Daniels. Walter: You know that's not possible. David: Really? Then why did you sacrifice your hand for her life? What is that if not love? Walter: Duty. David: I know better. 8

19 0 Jan 20, 2018

Aliens and Aliens Covenant patches available now at or visit us at s movie covenant girl er ing s yutani corp

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Why does Ripley go after Jones...? You’ll wonder why you didn’t realize before...

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2017.09.25 Today's Movie🎬 エイリアン:コヴェナント 原題:ALIEN:COVENANT 公開:🇬🇧2017年5月12日.🇺🇸2017年5月19日. 🇯🇵2017年9月15日 上映時間:122分 製作国:🇺🇸アメリカ合衆国.🇬🇧イギリス . ───────────────────── . 2012年公開の映画『 』の続編であり、1979年公開の『 』の前日談として製作された新シリーズの2作目である。 アメリカでは2017年5月19日、日本では9月15日より公開された。 キャッチコピーは「絶望の、産声。」。 . 【ストーリー】 により、2000人の入植者を乗せて は新たな植民地となる惑星オリガエ—6を目指していた。ところが突然のアクシデントで、船長が命を落としてしまい、その直後 号 は謎の電波を受信する。船長代理となったオラムは、亡くなった船長の妻であるダニエルズの反対を押し切り、進路を変更して電波の発信元である近くの惑星へと向かう。 を含む調査隊が惑星の探索を進めるうちに、そこは目的地よりもはるかに地球の環境に似ており新たな楽園と思われた。だが、それは人類の生存を賭けた想像を絶する戦いのはじまりだった……。 コヴェナント COVENANT

11 0 Jan 20, 2018

2017年 『エイリアン:コヴァナント』 チラシ第一弾、第二弾GET❗ コヴェナント シリーズ

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42 3 Jan 20, 2018

#2017英語片之最 03 按:本文牽涉若干重要劇透,閱讀時請自行斟酌、閃避、闔埋眼。 上週華語片揸流灘如此,隔個禮拜都仲有啲唔好意思。戲睇得多與少就客觀數據,鳩吹扮睇過自問做唔出(係呀所以無睇過嘅一定講明無睇過),適逢英語片真係睇得多少少,但選Top3 Bottom3又好似唔夠多料,倒不如一口氣數晒2017年睇過嘅西片。 2017打響頭炮先有 ,記得散場嗰刻打晒冷震。以戲論戲不算上乘,矯揉造作撚慢鏡撚到節奏過慢係不爭事實,不過年尾佢套BladeRunner2049我就未睇,咁當係導演風格也無不可。但作為小說改篇兼之睇埋原著,真係兩種感覺。首先小說係短篇,要拍成長片必然加入更多支線,例如所有同中國相關嘅情節,明顯為賣埠。然後,由於電影語言同小說語言之分別,電影將鷹眼飾演嘅物理學家削至路人一枚,而原著中語言學家嘅語言相對假說與物理學家嘅費馬定律雙線並行互為表證地揭示七足桶語非線性時間之特質,並順暢鋪排點解男女主角會行埋一齊。咁由於用畫面解釋咩係費馬定律俾普羅觀眾知實在太難,電影唯有以Amy Adams主導,你問我就點都係小說處理高幾班。但,Arrival之所以令我打冷震,係電影背後嘅Message。散場之時腦內只浮現出一句說話:幾年內各國政府一定公佈外星人存在,Arrival根本係試水溫兼打底。點知年尾已經流出美國軍方鏡頭影到嘅UFO片段,仲有乜好講。 接著嚟到 2 ,利申未睇1,下半年嘅原子殺姬都無睇。好多人話1好睇啲,在無比較情況下,我愛到不得了。奇洛李維斯姐手姐腳依然瀟灑,畫面凌厲設定異想天開,而最最重點係有型。講打戲,Kingsman (又脷伸未睇續集金嗓子)確係賞心悅目,但獨行殺手嘅落寞噓唏比英倫紳士有血肉得多。如同刺客聶隱娘,殺神JohnWick都帶著濃濃阿斯伯格魅力,將超現實嘅人物性格合理化,加埋奇洛李維斯主演,知佢本人係點,真係好難唔入戲。 之後無得唔講嘅自然有經典再續系列, 2 與 。T2係好續集,呢樣無庸置疑。但有無Trainspotting咁破格呢,咁實無架,仲食好多老本添。喂講真,主角群只係一班蘇格蘭老MK,試下落佐敦太子啲bar望吓,嗰啲老MK同廿年前其實都無乜分別。好似BladeRunner2049咁,有fans好愛,因為真係延續到個世界觀,想要嘅元素都齊晒章,係真正意義上嘅續集。亦有fans屌鬼,因為第一集之所以咁經典就係因為前所未見,續集繼承唔到度力就無意思,我諗T2都係呢回事。至於異形聖約,單一齣戲嚟睇唔掂當。大佬你列尼史葛大導演承接住普羅米修斯嘅宏大世界觀,開宗名義接落異形度,竟然俾套B級片我?仲要又玩機械臂?散場真係嬲嬲地。但整體嚟睇卻係極具野心嘅系列作,既承異形背後隱藏住嘅遠古太空人假說,即生命係由外星智慧生物播種去唔同星球;亦接銀翼殺手系列對生化人同人工智能嘅質疑與預測,所以下集 真。普羅米修斯 續集我依然會期待。此乃fanboy之悲哀,即係迪士尼後STARWAR點爛都總會搵機會睇新一集,幾咁犯賤。(利申,未睇砂鍋八) 講完老本講新奇嘢, 真係上年度刀仔鋸大樹之選。故事緊張刺激不落俗套,我認我賤格在於美國黑白矛盾真係永恆嘅戲劇張力與衝突。齋睇trailer有個黑人入咗個接近純白人嘅中產小鎮,家家戶戶都有疑似黑奴,嘩睇到呢個位已經忍唔到唔入場。啲種族衝突與笑話落得剛剛好,臨尾個twist估佢唔到之餘,仲包得靚靚仔仔。呢個年頭齣齣戲都扭橋,但扭完唔突兀嘅又有幾多呢? 不得不提嘅當然仲有主流英雄片。蜘蛛仔三度reboot嘅HomeComing無睇,對DC電影我又心已死,睇咗嘅只有 2 同 horRagnarok 。Hugh Jackman最後一次做Wolverine,估佢唔到竟然係公路電影,仲要走個cute cute X-23出嚟,真係睇得幾開懷。銀河守護隊2繼續八十年代風,搞笑又好玩,由上集成班騎呢怪無人識你喎玩到今集Yondu死時眼濕濕,真係無法唔佩服Marvel Studio塑造世界觀嘅功力。配樂畫風極具風格,可以話係Marvel最有神彩嘅旗下系列。不得不提超級可愛嘅螳螂妹,私心加咗好多分。至於雷神3,唔知係咪食開八十年代味就繼續食落去,但最估唔到係佢真係一套笑片。我相信導演拍低俗殭屍玩出征時,勢估唔到會有拍超級英雄片嘅一日。問我好唔好睇?我會話大膽囉,即係一開場就困喺吊籠度同副骨傾計,以為得Jack Sparrow先做得出,吖點知你個北歐神都得,仲有乜好講。 守尾門嘅尚有 ! 同 。Mother!已經寫過就唔詳講了,反而佔誘神奇女俠真係出奇地唔錯,我視之為金賽教授 + Lolita 嘅感覺。劇本寫得好,知識與gossip並重,人物有血有肉,無乜好挑剔。年代氛圍營造得非常精彩,四十年代嘅戰後蕭條與社會風氣精緻之餘與角色推進絲絲入扣。不只是揭示起源背後的傳記片,更是一齣時代劇。 至於2017最大收獲,除咗David Lynch都仲係David Lynch。 十五 P.S. 差啲漏咗Nolan嘅Dunkirk, 喺comment講埋

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Repost from using - 3 UFO-Orbs filmed over Colorado springs October 17th, 2017. Credit to : Follow us sarereal sky arts ria covenant 👽 catcher sexist ation p queen 361 sighting girl

53 3 Jan 20, 2018

I told my self I wouldn’t get into these but 🤷🏼‍♀️ definitely need to finish the beetlejuice series. . . . collector movies covenant

10 1 Jan 20, 2018

It would have been so cool to have the movie be called just Covenant so it had some mystery with it. You would see it’s an “Alien” movie but it was different as well. To see a creature in an embryo than an egg the next film would have been cool to show the evolution of the creature and as well as the story. covenant s 3 fan

23 3 Jan 20, 2018

Im liking the horror vibes for now so lets drop another one in that realm that borders for you amls!!!! This in my book goes to the to but to the . Now visually stunning yes, insanely well written, directed, and paced yes! But...outside of the science of the film which lies within the realm of the evolutionary rise to the top of the interstellar food chain by the ; this film is just more of the same old same same by the Alien films. The evolution is insane and by far the are my definitive favorites of the liquids final form, but outside of this the concept of how a sentient mind played god and made the xenomorphs origin come to light in this film made it more than just a good watch with flashy cinematography! Nothing omg about it but nothing horrid either and it's above average so i give an avid! Its a films who's beauty comes from connecting the dots and you all know by now continuity in film is one of my pillars when it comes to series. Overall made this film epic playing the same role with differing combatting personas that added that little spark of tension that ignited the whole damn plot and took it from linear to puzzle and chest busting terror! When man plays god there is destruction; but when machine plays god there is calamity! Watch it stream it rent it good but anything more is overkill in my opinion unless you are a collector! _____________________________________________ And thats my prescription! Watch on s the is calling me! The name is D.R. AML BUT I'm not a doctor! D'andre-Reshard

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I am making an Alien:Covenant/ David 8/Walter themed ita bag! The highlight of getting this started was finding out someone had made FANMERCH for these two! The minute I start bagging, that’s when you know I am in DEEP HELL. progress covenant 8 s movie movie movies

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Leurs corps s'enlacent. Leurs bouches s'approchent, avec la lenteur du cauchemar. Une fois qu'elles sont proches à se toucher, on les mutile de leurs corps. Alors, dans leurs têtes de décapités, on voit ce qu'on ne saurait voir, leur lèvres les unes en face des autres s'entrouvrir, s'entrouvrir encore, leurs mâchoires se défaire comme dans la mort et dans un relâchement brusque et fatal des têtes, leurs lèvres se joindre comme des poulpes, s'écraser, essayer dans un délire d'affamés de manger, de se faire disparaître jusqu'à l'absorption réciproque et totale. Idéal impossible, absurde, auquel la conformation des organes ne se prête évidemment pas. _ _ * Follow my instagram if you love 😍 aliens : ➡ 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * . . . . Credit: s covenant _love_aliens ware v vspredator lovealien girl bees clique sky 👽 invasion huang ation arts _contest life sarereal queen sexist coil eyes s42 tattoo day o og head 👽

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A bit of a slow creative week for me, so here's my poster design for last year's Alien Covenant DVD release comp. it didn't win, but it was runner up 😆

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Sculpted, molded, and gold cast Facehugger pin👽🕷link to purchase in bio 💥 covenant

26 2 Jan 20, 2018

Admit it-The Dragon is a midget. Credit: me covenant vspredator

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I'm going to dinner tonight with some friends. 💙 But I'm here to remind you that I love Michael and James. • • • • 》What the heck are tags?   DaysOfFuturePast FirstClass Apocalypse DarkPhoenix Filth

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The XENOMORPH's are taking over The SG📽🍿🌻 Again TODAY! The SG Screening Challenge Presents: ALIEN Triple Feature Friday 📽🍿 Ridley Scott's ALIEN: Covenant , ALIEN and James Cameron's ALIENS. These 3 films are screening back-to-back at The 🌻SG in HD📽📽So don't miss it😬🤓❗️🍿watch The SG Story today for event updates🍿 🌸🌺 theatre #70mm #70mmfilm s 426 art media

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Quick sketches from earlier today. I was browsing Instagram and saw some sculptures from really good artists Tryna keep the skill sharp lol. art ing book ist soninstagram ist _4_shoutout _conquest sketch s

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Follow to . . Follow . Follow to Art by * Follow my instagram if you love 😍 aliens : ➡ 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * . . . . Credit: s covenant _love_aliens ware v vspredator lovealien girl bees clique sky 👽 invasion huang ation arts _contest life sarereal queen sexist coil eyes s42 tattoo day o og head 👽

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my kind of a Friday night. alien, cheese & wine. oh yeah. 🍷🧀🎥 . . .

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