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519 10 Jan 12, 2018
Hahtag #nickcave: Happy birthday Blixa ❤❤ #blixabargeld #nickcave #nickcaveandthebadseeds

Happy birthday Blixa ❤❤ andthebadseeds

364 8 Jan 15, 2018
Hahtag #nickcave: Jesus hates it when he

Jesus hates it when he's not the center of attention. andthebadseeds andthebadmemes

495 6 Jan 15, 2018
Hahtag #nickcave: Dinner last night with the coolest vampire alive

Dinner last night with the coolest vampire alive and Elvis Ramone. 📸 by

387 22 Jan 16, 2018
Hahtag #nickcave: Nick Cave introducing Shane MacGowan right before they

Nick Cave introducing Shane MacGowan right before they played, “Summer Of Siam.”

488 11 Jan 16, 2018
Hahtag #nickcave: He just looks so good. Always. #nickcave #nickcaveandthebadseeds

He just looks so good. Always. andthebadseeds

287 6 Jan 16, 2018
Hahtag #nickcave: An excerpt from a video by Silesian Sailor (
1211 37 Jan 16, 2018
Hahtag #nickcave: A smashing night in Dublin catching up with #

A smashing night in Dublin catching up with The big 60 for What a very special night for music

1017 13 Jan 14, 2018
Hahtag #nickcave:
12 1 Jan 23, 2018
18 0 Jan 23, 2018

something’s gotten hold of my hand, dragging my soul to a beautiful land

1 1 Jan 23, 2018

Thank you and for an amazing season 4 of !! Truly amazing storytelling from an outstanding cast !! Bring on season 5 !!

17 0 Jan 23, 2018

Nick Cave, 14 yıl aradan sonra ilk kez İstanbul Caz Festivali kapsamında Türkiye’deki hayranlarıyla buluşacak. cazfestivali news haberi

16 1 Jan 23, 2018

4 1 Jan 23, 2018
5 0 Jan 23, 2018

They call me the wild rose but my name was Elisa Day

27 2 Jan 23, 2018
21 0 Jan 23, 2018

Today will be a good day i promise.

30 0 Jan 23, 2018

On the third day he took me to the river, he showed me the roses and we kissed.. And the last thing I heard was a muttered word, as he knelt above me with a rock in his fist...

19 0 Jan 23, 2018

Easy a great song on record number 2 of this very good album by Nick Cave & Co. Abbatoir blues (Record 1) includes "me n my girl' s" song and many other goodies. But Lyre of Orpheus (Record 2), i have played much less (except for Easy money). Do you dig? 😉 orpheus andthelyreoforpheus porn junkie addict gram IGclub spin

13 0 Jan 23, 2018

Our new pet, R2D2. Big fan of Nick Cave, sausages and hanging on the deck. Thinks he's a robot and loves a good whistle-a-long. 2d2

17 0 Jan 23, 2018

Me right now heading to the gym. memes andthebadseeds goth gothgoth gothgothgothgoth

66 0 Jan 23, 2018

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream (1992 / Mute) Another great album from the band, that grows with each listening. community collection collector notdeadyet revivalisnear junkie

28 2 Jan 23, 2018

Grinderman art

17 0 Jan 23, 2018

İKSV’nin Temmuz 2018’de düzenleyeceği 25. İstanbul Uluslararası Caz Festivali’nin sürprizi açıklandı! Detaylar bio'daki link'te🎈 al kutusu le sokakta keyfi ler al ruhungıdasıdır candır hayattır organizasyon lar sözü mız söylemeklazım söylemek

33 4 Jan 23, 2018

Soft pastel and charcoal drawing of the man himself. Drawing this took so long I have a red right hand 😬 art

18 0 Jan 23, 2018

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 10 Temmuz'da İstanbul Caz Festivali kapsamında Küçükçiftlik Park'ta. İstanbul Kültür Sanat Vakfı tarafından Garanti Caz Yeşili sponsorluğunda gerçekleştirilen 25. İstanbul Caz Festivali’nin ilk sürprizi, müzik tarihi boyunca belki de binlerce sanatçıya ilham kaynağı olmuş, müziğin karanlık prensi, Avustralyalı şarkıcı, söz yazarı, besteci, senaryo yazarı, şair ve aktör Nick Cave ve grubu The Bad Seeds. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, 14 yıl aradan sonra 25. İstanbul Caz Festivali kapsamında %100 Music desteğiyle 10 Temmuz Salı akşamı KüçükÇiftlik Park’ta hayranlarıyla buluşacak. #25yıldırcazvedahası thebadseeds park ival

3 0 Jan 23, 2018

I don't believe in an interventionist God But I know, darling, that you do But if I did I would kneel down and ask Him Not to intervene when it came to you Not to touch a hair on your head To leave you as you are And if He felt He had to direct you Then direct you into my arms Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms. . And I don't believe in the existence of angels But looking at you I wonder if that's true But if I did I would summon them together And ask them to watch over you To each burn a candle for you To make bright and clear your path And to walk, like Christ, in grace and love And guide you into my arms Into my arms, O Lord. . But I believe in Love And I know that you do too And I believe in some kind of path That we can walk down, me and you So keep your candles burning And make her journey bright and pure That she will keep returning Always and evermore Into my arms, O Lord, into my arms. 🙌🏿❤️🎧🙌🏿❤️🎧

36 1 Jan 23, 2018

"Me desagrada el modo tan increíblemente horrendo en que se utiliza el nombre de Dios. Se cometen actos criminales bajo la bandera de Dios, de Cristo, de Alá. Me cabrea. Es una licencia para masacrar bebés". Nick Cave Ilustre embotellado disponible en la E-shop, ahora de rebajas. e

34 1 Jan 23, 2018

Bu da bugünün müjdesi olsun. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 10 Temmuz 2018'de bir kez daha İstanbul'da. Evet yine ve organizasyonuyla ve yine 'ta. andthebadseeds cazfestivali

15 1 Jan 23, 2018

Nick Cave's Sound Suits

22 1 Jan 23, 2018

Uzun süredir aldığım en güzel haber.. andthebadseeds

15 1 Jan 23, 2018

We’re getting prepped up for our gig on the 27th, 7-10pm. Big thanks to

34 1 Jan 23, 2018

Wovenbones I have time this arvo for a little one 💁🏼

25 3 Jan 23, 2018

Some gothic olde English script for Charlotte today!

15 0 Jan 23, 2018
20 0 Jan 23, 2018
173 1 Jan 23, 2018

🎨The Frist Art Museum 🎨 Nick cave featured different Sound-suits composed of knitted mannequins and different noise makers. Mesmerizing . I will be back to visit this museum once it gets new exhibits, however I am very disappointed with the size of the museum. Coming from Los angeles we are spoiled rotten with huge museums and pop up art all over the city. Its truly one of my favorite ways to spend a day off.

171 1 Jan 23, 2018

🎨The Frist Art Museum🎨 The Frist museum was alot smaller than anticipated. It had 2 exhibits, 1 on each floor of the building. They currently are featuring with his whimsically and stunning pieces. I absolutely adored his collection.

28 0 Jan 23, 2018

Some Birthday Party stuffz. Looking good in double denim !

16 3 Jan 23, 2018

Go and see this truly extraordinary gallery show, The Sunshine Eaters at featuring (badassery — I’ve been wanting to see his gorgeous politico-sartorial work for years), (who is one of the most talented people alive), (who was my barista while I wrote All The Broken Things so I can attest to her multi talents) (this piece is stunning), and (perfume!), (sexiest carpet ever), (I wept and wept). This is the best show I’ve seen in a while and it’s free.

44 2 Jan 23, 2018

Nick Cave @ The Frist . . . work oftheday stagram

35 1 Jan 23, 2018

⚡Nick Cave⚡2015 [photo⭑Victoria Will] andthebadseeds

14 0 Jan 23, 2018
24 0 Jan 23, 2018

Der himmelüber Berlin (1987)

36 1 Jan 23, 2018

p i e c e s . o f . s i n g e r s . . .

155 0 Jan 23, 2018

Well, the night is dark And the night is deep And its jaws are open wide But Papa won’t leave you, Henry So there ain’t no need to cry andthebadseeds

51 3 Jan 22, 2018

Around the duck pond we grimly mope Gloomily and mournfully we go round again And one more doomed time and without much hope Going round and around to nowhere Nick Cave - Where Do We Go But Nowhere photography photography lover _captures s _photography _lovers captures styles_gf photography photo _greatshots     _dark  _one _captures   _shooters _lover _creatives  mood

12 1 Jan 22, 2018


27 0 Jan 22, 2018

Yh so wall collage titled 'Allen'/ 'Bee'/ 'Transformingvibratingglowingflying'/ 'The Heaven and Earth-London-Hell Complex'/ 'The Pixies Are MY Favourite Band' . . . The beauty of it is that u can pick and choose according to ur mood, provided ur only capable of 5 moods. 😬👌 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ist

24 1 Jan 22, 2018

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will play the Istanbul Jazz Festival on 10 July 2018. Tickets on sale 26 January:

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