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292 3 May 4, 2016
Hahtag #richardlearoyd: Beauty - h/t @pacemacgillgallery #flakphotorepost
We are so

Beauty - h/t ・・・ We are so honored to have shown Richard Learoyd's large scale photographs taken with his impressive handmade camera obscura. Although the exhibition closed this past weekend, you can follow the link below to take a look at the works from the show and the review by Karen Kedmey. And don't forget to follow Pace/MacGill Gallery on for updates on all of our current happenings! Richard Learoyd. "Freya Back," 2014.

54 2 Feb 25, 2017
Hahtag #richardlearoyd: An afternoon at the art museum is good

An afternoon at the art museum is good for the soul.

841 9 Feb 14, 2017
Hahtag #richardlearoyd:

"Richard Learoyd: In the Studio" is now open at Learoyd's process includes utilizing a room-sized camera obscura with a fixed lens to make unique direct-positive prints. 📸Richard Learoyd, Agnes in Red Dress, 2008, courtesy of Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco.

1770 13 Apr 1, 2016
Hahtag #richardlearoyd: Thank you to everyone who came out last

Thank you to everyone who came out last night! 's exhibition "Day for Night” is on view at 32 East 57th Street through April 30. Photo by at

226 1 Nov 29, 2016
Hahtag #richardlearoyd:

striking direct-positive prints captured using a room-sized camera obscura. .

7878 42 May 8, 2017
Hahtag #richardlearoyd:

, 'Seal Rocks,' 2017, chromogenic print via | Galleries 2017

57 0 Nov 13, 2017
Hahtag #richardlearoyd:
2655 12 Sep 14, 2016
Hahtag #richardlearoyd: Magnificent goat tits got me udderly delighted at

Magnificent goat tits got me udderly delighted at The Getty during a leisurely afternoon with my gentleman. Also... go see the Richard Learoyd photo exhibit ASAP because it's incredibly inspiring.

161 0 Jan 11, 2018

Since 1979, San Francisco's has presented more than 300 exhibitions exploring photography and its relation to other arts. The exhibitions have spanned the medium’s history, from its early masters to the present day. The gallery is showing several works by photography masters in its booth , including "Colored Cotton 2" by (2010), pictured here. 2018

460 2 Jan 5, 2018

Friday night... Stay warm out there NYC. Image: Richard Learoyd, "Tatiana with Cape," 2010.

22 0 Dec 19, 2017
8 0 Dec 19, 2017
8 0 Dec 15, 2017
117 2 Dec 13, 2017
36 3 Dec 8, 2017

Magi ✨

170 0 Dec 6, 2017
58 4 Dec 4, 2017

This photograph of has never been shared. I was in a phase of being deeply inspired by the portraiture of and wanted to make photographs in that style. See my previous posts and the link in my profile to support Ariela on her healing journey. ure ure

94 3 Nov 30, 2017

Using a 10x8“ camera to photograph galloping horses on a recent shoot with thanks for the photo #8x10camera

79 2 Nov 26, 2017

Sunday flower. for Paris photo fair

164 1 Nov 22, 2017

Portrait by Richard Learoyd, a truly extraordinary photographer. There is a lot you can say about his work, but I just like to stop and look. First became acquainted in 2015 while on an excursion to Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco. Reminds me of Vermeer. These prints are larger than life size, too.

25 2 Nov 15, 2017

with a chandelier

57 0 Nov 13, 2017
57 1 Nov 12, 2017

Richard Learoyd, another year at paris photo, always so poetic

50 7 Nov 12, 2017

Beauty and simplicity. Was very happy to discover my model and muse, beautiful Tati on the cover of the photography book by Richard Learoyd

243 3 Nov 11, 2017

Looking at photographs 2017

128 6 Nov 10, 2017

'Masters of Photography 2017' closes on 16th of November. The exhibition surveys over 30 works from the beginning of photography to the present day and includes work by Richard Avedon, Dorothea Lange, Irving Penn, Berenice Abbott and Richard Learoyd.

17 0 Nov 10, 2017
287 5 Nov 10, 2017

Good morning Paris. Another day in for Hope to see you there, Booth C 16. photo2017

38 0 Nov 9, 2017
176 2 Nov 1, 2017

opens next week! Visit us at booth C 16 for 2017. We will have some spectacular works on display, including the piece shown here by • Also on view will be artworks by , , , , , , , , , , and , among others. _ Image: detail from Yto Barrada’s “Plumber Assemblage, Fig. 1-10, Tangier,” 2014 © Yto Barrada / Courtesy Pace Gallery; Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Hamburg, Beirut; and Galerie Polaris, Paris

199 8 Oct 23, 2017

Today we have been installing our new exhibition 'Masters of Photography 2017' which opens on Wednesday. The exhibition surveys work by some of the leading photographers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, including André Kertész, Edward Weston, Diane Arbus, Dorothea Lange and Richard Learoyd.

56 1 Oct 21, 2017
159 5 Oct 5, 2017

Beetles+Huxley are delighted to announce the return of Masters of Photography. This October, we will be exhibiting a survey of 30 masterpieces by leading photographers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Each print has been chosen for its significant role in the history of the medium. The exhibition will include works by Diane Arbus, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Richard Learoyd, Alfred Stieglitz and Irving Penn among others.  Image: Irving Penn, 'Woman in a Palace (Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn), Marrakech, Morocco', 1951.

174 1 Sep 28, 2017
64 2 Aug 22, 2017

Richard Learoyd, Fish Heart, 2009. In response to previous post here's an exquisite and somewhat uncomfortable image by a contemporary master who chooses an antiquarian process of the camera obscura (a really big one) to make his larger than life unique works. Back to you -blizzard!

406 4 Aug 19, 2017

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to our dear friend Richard Learoyd. To another year of beauty and light.

29 0 Jun 23, 2017

Not your average prop-person

104 1 Jun 23, 2017

Richard Learoyd discussing his captivating work at my visit to his studio.

78 1 Jun 15, 2017

Richard Learoyd, Calypso Back, 2014.

100 0 May 30, 2017
38 1 May 26, 2017

The collection of Richard Learoyd prints at the are out of this world. Such an intimate focal range...

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