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“All This Ice I Need A Freezer.” ❄️💦 - Follow For More! 🔥

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Hahtag #witness: Comment Below ?!? 🔥👇🏽👇🏽 #kingjames #lebronjames #lbj #bronbron #bronx #bron #
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Hahtag #witness: Who Remembers This Play By LeBron And Wade?
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Hahtag #witness: Happy to see Melo having fun again 🙌
-[Via: @

Happy to see Melo having fun again 🙌 -[Via: ] — Follow For More!

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Hahtag #witness: It’s Game Day !!!
Cavs Vs. Thunder 

It’s Game Day !!! Cavs Vs. Thunder Today 3:30pm Who do you got ?!?👇🏽👇🏽 Cavs or thunder 👀 bron 3 velandcavaliers nation basketball

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💫Performing in my hometown tonight and taking the opportunity to thank and for making me a a part of this project and making it most fun show ive ever been a part of. (Nervewracking as it is). Lets have a fantastic show and loads of fun tonight. Cheers!!!⚡️ thetour r bat

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You know that feeling walkin down the street and you see something Priceless and just scoop it up, nonchalantly put it in your pocket and carry on as if you're not bursting inside about what you found? Yeah, that's the shit. Keep that shit. Enjoy it. That's your ✨💩✨ now. ☀ ⛵ 🌊 🐉 ~? 🎭💜⚫☁Love☁⚪💚🎭 ¿~ 💧 🍃 💘 🌁 〰〰®®®〰〰 sobelow ofperception

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Do you think the Cavs are having regrets of Trading Kyrie?

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Future of the Church Looks Bright⠀ ⠀ Last Saturday night I spent two hours with the young people gathered at the Opus Dei House next to NUS. It was an informal gathering including an hour of question and answer. These young men are sincerely searching for God, longing to know Christ more and be His witnesses in the world. They asked questions pertaining to growing in faith, in deepening their relationship with God and how to witness to their loved ones and friends. I was certainly very impressed by their passion for their faith. Whether they become priests or religious or not, I am very hopeful that they will be the leaven of Christian life in society, in their workplace and homes. The Church of tomorrow in Singapore in bright! Singapore has a future because of them! Thanks to the solid spiritual and theological formation of the Opus Dei members!⠀ ⠀

0 1 Jan 22, 2018

I love witnessing moments like this😍 . . I yelled at Zac because he was being a turd and he ran off crying and sat outside being stubborn. I ignored him and then I look up to see Kade sitting down next to him showing him a game on the phone and trying to make him better again. Well it worked because Zac then got up and came inside with Kade ☺️ . .

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Pic Via 🌑🔊 ↕⬅🐇 🔥READ PLZ Obfuscation, fear mongering, hiding behind the block button are ALL plays right from THE ESTABLISHMENT HANDBOOK. Influential profiles have steered the movement into places it shouldn't. ⚠🚧⚠ SO GOES SOCIALMEDIA, SO GOES THE INTERNET 😮🔊FYI SOCIAL MEDIA IS A WEAPON & it's being used against us. [YouTube deleting videos enmasse & preventing live, IG deleting/hiding comments & follows, deleting profiles with no cause, preventing live, some/all hastags empty & feed tampering] That's without Facebook's flatulent  debauchery & Twitter's tainted tweets. 😏⌚💥 Hold Tight For it's The Light ✒✒✒ Taken a knee Injustice we see Flags at half staff False as can be In tune Beatings Balloon You ask for it You see? 😚💨 Protect Water Warriors Giving Light forms To luminous beings as Rainbows eternal are Inevitably Real 〰 Instagram has been infiltrated by a nefarious entity. They don't want us sharing & connecting with the app we ALL made to share and connect. I am an artist & human trying to share. When we see censorship, it should alarm everyone. This app and the fake society it reflects & openly promotes are used against the world in a sinister and effective way, silencing/dehumanizing those who warn others AND distracting them with empty illusions that will only lead to our demise. 〰 We are living in the Tech Boom. With that has come sinister times. Watch your back and eachothers backs everywhere. They're preparing for something. We see them. It's very important for us to use one of our best human traits. Adaptability. It's time to adapt. NOW. Be a light for all in the world. Earth is alive. 〰〰📡📡📡〰〰 war boom  nology ledopposition ning ger

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I spent alot of time with this seagull as the tide came in. So and to the rhythm of the and some of the animals that call the their home. and do what you can to keep their home clean. We all share Mother Earth be responsible stay life jonathan everyday

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Pay attention, we're all complicit. What are they doing to us? Is all we see part of a psychological warfare aganst us? If so, who's involved? Are they complicit in these illusions? That opens up a whole new line of thought. What is real? When you think about that in the context of psychological warfare it opens up a myriad of possibilities. For some it's dizzying. For others, they begin to peel back the multiple veils which confuse and obfuscate our views and experiences in the universe. We are all complicit and must be held accountable to ourselves. 〰〰👥💓👥〰〰 s  

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ازاین دو نوع هوسانه کدامش را بیشتر دوست دارید(بولانی یا آشک) ؟؟؟

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1....2....3.... perry cats thetour perry witness tour perry concert

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The Cavs will now start practicing a lot more. They're also not worried about this Slump. Maybe this will help our Defensive as we Rank 29th in the NBA.

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Hol'up! Today was a great day 🙋🏾‍♀️💃🏾 I'm not perfect. But I'm not where I use to be.

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Katy let's talk why wasn't this song on witness ???????

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Katy Perry meets fans in Sydney on June 30 2017 thetour

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Two icons. But you can only pick one. Who’s your pick? / follow for more posts

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-ALLAH YANG UTUH- Nahum 1:13 (TB) Sekarang, Aku akan mematahkan gandarnya yang memberati engkau, dan akan memutuskan belenggu-belenggu yang mengikat engkau." * *** Di keseluruhan pasal 1 ini aku sangat tertegur tapi juga sekaligus dikuatkan. Aku mengambil 1 bagian ayat, tapi ayat ini tidak bisa dikatakan mewakili keseluruhan isi pasal 1. Di ayat 13 ini hanya terlihat Allah yang membebaskan, mengasihi. Tapi di isi ayat lain dalam pasal 1 digambarkan murka Allah. * *** Ini sangat mengurku karena kalau digambarkan mungkin kini kita sudah terbiasa dengan mengunyah permen yang sekaligus memberikan rasa manis, asam dan asin. Sayang, wawasan dan pemahaman kita tentang karakter Allah tidak seluas wawasan dan pemahaman kita tentang permen. Mungkin kita telah mempunyai pemahaman dan pengetahuan teologis yang benar dan seimbang tentang Allah, tetapi sering tidak berfungsi dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Sebagai contoh, kita mengaku Allah itu mahaadil, kudus dan membenci dosa, tetapi tindakan kita sering memberi kesaksian bahwa seakan-akan Allah toleran dan tidak terganggu oleh berbagai dosa "kecil" yang kita lakukan. Inilah yang menegurku, kita memahami sifat Allah yang juga adil dan tegas, tapi dalam keseharian, seolah kita hanya menerapkan Allah yang pengasih dan pengampun, sehingga kita menganggap remeh dosa2 "kecil" kita. * *** Bersyukurlah karena kita memiliki Allah yang pengasih dan pengampun, tapi jangan lupakan sifat Allah yang adil dan tegas sehingga kita menyepelekan dosa kita. Perjuangan atas dosa adalah seumur hidup, tapi ingatlah bahwa kita tidak berjuang sendirian, Allah juga bersama dengan kita melawan musuh kita. Ia yang melepaskan setiap belenggu dan jerat dosa yang memberatkan kita. Ia lah Allah Immanuel dengan semua karakternya yang tidak dapat dipisahkan. Jangan mempermainkan kasih Allah, karena Ia juga pribadi yang tegas.* *** Follow for more post 🙏* *** s tuhan pagi

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They don't look exactly like eyes but I tried 😎👁❤😆 s

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• Hi katycats! Welcome to my Katy account! I've been a katycat since 2012, so I decided why not make a fan page. I've seen Katy live for the pwt and wtt, and both concerts were incredible! I honestly love her so much omg. Anyways I hope you enjoy my account, I will be posting more soon!🤗 thetour

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Oh,hello,cat-lady🐱 •

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Youtube link in bio 💀👀__________________________________________ •follow me for gaming clips and more• _💎-💎_💎-💎_💎-💎_💎-💎_💎-💎_ ==============================. - -WW2 MONTAGE COMING SOON💀🎮 - 2 2

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Cuenta de fan oficial! Esperemos ayudé para el M&G para la katia :'( Forum

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Some things never change 💖

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Happy BOI seeing his QUEEN last night. 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼 . . . thetour

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This Game! 🔥👀 - Follow For More! 🔥

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47 minutes. • 🚨 You're Viewing

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Unfurling Is Blossoming Opening Witnessing 💐🐝 BZ's Withering Awareness . Fly Free Fly High Love Breath... Push....Let Go ...Expand🐝 🐝🎁🐝✨😘

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We often wonder if we are a good witness. Our decision making and how we handle what comes our way can mean more than you will ever know.

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Cause She's a Goddes and you know it... 👊💎

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