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105 10 Feb 2, 2016
Hahtag #wondervault: Checking out the @Oreo #WonderVault in #NYC and

Checking out the in and spoiler alert: it's awesome!

147 9 Jul 11, 2016
Hahtag #wondervault: In our hand is the Limited Edition #Oreo

In our hand is the Limited Edition Cookie available at a one day pop up location on Sunset! Check out the today!! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••🍪 1555 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026

40 4 Feb 2, 2016
Hahtag #wondervault: Come visit at the #Oreo #Wondervault today in #

Come visit at the today in debuting Creme Filled Cupcake Oreo 😀 245 W 18th Street

44 1 Jul 12, 2016
Hahtag #wondervault: Hit the @oreo #wondervault today with Tom

Hit the today with Tom

76 10 Jul 12, 2016
Hahtag #wondervault: Don

Don't mind me just having some Oreos and milk.

49 8 Feb 3, 2016
Hahtag #wondervault: Wonderfilled, indeed! Providing a preview taste of its

Wonderfilled, indeed! Providing a preview taste of its new flavor, ’s pop-up offered fans a glimpse into the magical world of Oreo.

69 5 Jul 11, 2016
Hahtag #wondervault: Being a kid again at the Oreo Wonder

Being a kid again at the Oreo Wonder Vault. Go. Eat. Smile. 1555 Sunset Blvd.

445 5 Jul 14, 2016
Hahtag #wondervault: Good lord! Just came home to this delightful

Good lord! Just came home to this delightful treat from . 😍 I unboxed other goodies over on the Snap — Add me: JoesDaily

53 0 Jul 12, 2016
Hahtag #wondervault:
23 0 Oct 23, 2017

My new friend from my (awful) stats class made this trip so fun, I’m making a mini montage of it so be on the lookout for that🎥🎃🕸 land lifornia liforniaadventure county

26 2 Oct 21, 2017
47 3 Oct 20, 2017
51 0 Oct 20, 2017

Jolly Holiday combo is actually incredible + $1 refills on popcorn? Yes please🍅🧀🍿 land lifornia liforniaadventure county

23 1 Oct 12, 2017

caramel macchiato with pumpkin syrup instead of vanilla! try it! 10/10 recommend to spice things up✨🙌🏻🎃 land lifornia liforniaadventure county

22 0 Oct 8, 2017
23 1 Oct 6, 2017
24 1 Oct 3, 2017
2 0 Aug 23, 2017

The ->Truth<- is NOT a Respector of person's(sinner's)... Wake up

1 0 Aug 18, 2017

It sounds good buy then again it sounds nasty😂😂what do you guys think??-Ms.Pardon Me💋RepostBy : "We’re stirring up something new. Dunkin’ Donuts® Mocha flavored Oreo cookies. " (via )

6 0 Aug 15, 2017

When the opens... I gotta heed the call

163 5 Aug 7, 2017

Oreo Wonder Vault Magic

33 3 Aug 1, 2017
9 4 Jul 14, 2017

First off good luck to everybody who entered. My last entry is "you are my shining star." So a gold shaped star with pineapple and banana cream then sprinkled with edible gold flakes. This one is for my girls. lab 17 18

13 0 Jul 13, 2017

Best friends, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, husband and wife, endless pairs. So a marbled cookie with a marbled chocolate and vanilla cream. Large size cookie to share with that special person.❤️ lab s

12 0 Jul 11, 2017

TREASURE HUNT. So a little treasure box 📦 of cookie crumbs and the search is on for a cream treasure. Endless treasure ideas bugs, hearts, rings, a clue to another present 🎁. This could be another promotion for your cream sculptures. lab sculpture

5 0 Jul 11, 2017

Remember zotz. So we can have a fizzing cream with the different flavors. I guarantee the kids will love. lab

7 0 Jul 10, 2017

The mini wedding 🎂 cake for favors or an anniversary surprise. The perfect little treat. So a three or four tier cake with a light rose and lavender cream dipped in chocolate then dusted with pink edible glitter. Single pack. lab

9 2 Jul 9, 2017

Every one likes baby feet. Foot on a stick. Three kinds pink with strawberry fudge. Blue with blue raspberry fudge. Yellow for neutral with half and half. These could be sold individually. lab

6 1 Jul 7, 2017

Introducing the snack bar. Oreo Cookie crumbs with original cream dipped in chocolate. For those on the go days. Today is national chocolate 🍫 day. Yum. lab s

7 0 Jul 7, 2017

Down for a challenge? Limited edition chocolate covered crickets with toasted almonds. To go with the crunch. lab

7 0 Jul 6, 2017

A money 💰 cookie with a green matcha 🍵 and dark chocolate cream. To represent the win along with of course the taste. lab

6 0 Jul 5, 2017

So refreshing. Raspberry and lemons 🍋. Between a heads or tails. lab Happy 4th of July.

20 1 Jul 4, 2017

Pool time . Teal colored Oreo with a pina colada filling. Coconut cream, pineapple, and a 🍒 cherry center. lab

6 0 Jul 3, 2017

Health benefits. This is what we need right now. 🍒 cherry and almond cream. lab

13 1 Jul 2, 2017

All Toasted. So toasted coconut, toasted nuts with a creamy honey marshmallow cream. lab

68 4 Jul 1, 2017

Good the OREO! - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  s sagram stagram s icecream 😍 stagram sagram sofinstagram love o lover

19 1 Jun 30, 2017

Folks, the social media team messaged me on Twitter and I'm a little awestruck. Then I'm like wait, wait, WAIT. There's an Oreo Wonder Vault?!? s s wondervault

2 0 Jun 30, 2017

The smokey . Smoke flavored ganache center with a marshmallow ring. lab

7 0 Jun 30, 2017

Introducing box of chocolates. They would include all past flavors and future to come. My flavor would be coconut and honey 🍯.

3 2 Jun 29, 2017
60 5 Jun 27, 2017

What's up Pattern People!!! Mr. Patterns here to tell you about the amazing contest is having and give you a little review on their latest flavor, The Jelly Doughnut Oreo. So, the wondrous people over at Oreo decided to launch the contest 👉 creation , where you get to submit new Oreo flavors with the awesome chance of getting your cookie on store shelves nation wide; not to mention epic cash prizes (500k Grand Prize 💀). There will be three Wonderfilled finalist and one grand prize winner. The contest ends July 14th (2017), so get those magic cookie juices flowing and unleash the wonder in you 🍨🍫🍬🍰🎂☕🍭🍩. Use the hashtags creation & to submit your creation today!!! s cookies s creation creation contest filled vault 🛡 🛡

15 8 Jun 24, 2017

In case you were under the impression I only eat healthy food...

3 0 Jun 18, 2017

Feel the feeling of home with Choco Chip Flavored Oreo Cookies, the latest release from the

68 23 Jun 14, 2017

Y'all know we love sandwich cookies around these parts (cough... LovesOreos ...). Naturally, we would turn one of family movie nights into a night, enjoying quality time and nibbling on our favorite flavors. Check out our fun evening and a few tips on bringing a little something extra to your own movie night; link is in my profile. 🎥🎬 . . . . love

2 0 Jun 10, 2017

The has made an appearance at 245 W. 18th St. and is here to release the newest Oreo flavor!

3 0 Jun 9, 2017

The first sighting of the was in New York! Where should it appear next.

7 0 Jun 9, 2017

Fresh from the , welcome Filled Cupcake flavored OREO cookies. In stores now.

7 1 Mar 16, 2017

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8 0 Mar 16, 2017

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17 2 Mar 9, 2017

Hmm....not sure how I feel about this? 😂 I do like Oreos. I do like peeps. But together? Hmm... What do you think? Say hello to the newest Oreo flavor! Marshmallow Peeps flavored Oreo cookies.

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