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on #blueridgeparkway: Early morning sun creates a tunnel of light

Early morning sun creates a tunnel of light along the Craggy Pinnacle Trail on the in . As fall colors fade and snow covers the upper elevations, offers amazing views of rolling mountains trimmed with frost and fog. This is a park that keeps you coming back. Photo by Michael Sherburne (

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on #blueridgeparkway: I have accepted @dagardne apology for not bringing
55 1 Dec 16, 2017
on #blueridgeparkway: The best ornaments are the ones you don’

The best ornaments are the ones you don’t even have to put on the tree. They’re the ones nature put there naturally. What I’m getting at is check out these cool pink baby cones on this tree that’s all 🙃 . . . . .

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on #blueridgeparkway: Today is my last wedding (And shoot) for

Today is my last wedding (And shoot) for the year 🙌. Excited to be shooting in a new location and for the winter wedding! I've been loving the snowy weddings from last weekend. I'm looking forward to making some magic happen this afternoon. . . . . . .

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on #blueridgeparkway: Graveyard Fields, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North

Graveyard Fields, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina. This spot got it's name from major windstorms that destroyed the trees on the slopes. The leftover stumps looked like gravestones until they too were destroyed by a fire back in 1925. You can see in the picture the part of the slope of the mountain still has no trees on it. There are some hiking trails here, even waterfalls, and it's a pit stop on the parkway only about an hour away from Asheville. Beautiful colors come shine through in the autumn. Check out the watercolor painting of this scene I posted just yesterday on my feed! * * * * *

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on #blueridgeparkway: On the third day leading into Christmas, you

On the third day leading into Christmas, you've gotta snag these three cards and give them to your loved ones😘

188 12 Dec 12, 2017
on #blueridgeparkway: There’s snow better time for a little

There’s snow better time for a little wine! ❄️ Who’s sipping along with us this evening?

38 6 Dec 16, 2017
on #blueridgeparkway: One last show of the year to help

One last show of the year to help you finish up your last minute holiday shopping! Lots of new prints in various sizes for sale, plus this image of cold, gushing streams in the Blue Ridge Mountains on a 16x24 stretched canvas will be the raffle prize of the day. ⠀ ⠀ Come out to Peets Coffee & Tea in downtown Downers Grove to say hi while you shop and enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverages Sunday, December 17th between 9am and 4pm.⠀ ⠀ Large, medium, and small prints, as well as postcards and bookmarks will be available and a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary!⠀ ⠀ Hope to see you there!

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on #blueridgeparkway: Most of the snow from last week

Most of the snow from last week's storm has melted. I'm kinda missing it! Here's another of the French Broad river from the Blue Ridge Parkway. . . . . . . . nc 828 #828isgreat 828 ingsoul parkway folk _inc _tones _clouds _sky

12 3 Dec 18, 2017

I can’t think of a much better day than rock scrambling a 50ft traverse along a river with other women! Hope you ladies had a great day too!

22 2 Dec 18, 2017

I'm one Happy Glamper! 🌲 Had a little weekend getaway to Asheville and got to stay in this charming place for my first experience complete with all the hot chocolate ☕️ I could drink and time in the hot tub looking up at a starry mountain sky ✨! I'll be sharing details on this gem 💎 soon! 50

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Only time running on the parkway without watching for cars? When it’s sowed a foot and the parkway is closed to traffic.

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Today we took a hike along the Blue Ridge Parkway in order to find the perfect final resting place for our kitty, Prentiss. We decided to scatter her ashes in a place called “Lunch Rocks” (we both thought that was fitting for her 😂😜). We both think she will be happy with the view and all the wonderful climbing trees!! ❤️

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I parked on the Parkway and took a hike on Saturday. The park service actually recommends you walk, hike, snowshoe, or cross country ski the Blue Ridge Parkway when it's closed to vehicle traffic.

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Es por esto que vale la pena el frío de las caminatas de . en 📸: Michael Sherburne

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today was a good day exploring with babe and the kids. ❤️ wrangleunlimited jeep couple

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83 5 Dec 18, 2017

boy am i glad that this semester is over (bye, haley)

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57 0 Dec 18, 2017

Throwback to One of the Highlights of 2017 ⛰🏞.

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“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.” 🌎 ridgeparkway lust

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23 0 Dec 18, 2017

Throwbacks to better times and much, much better people. I loop this sometimes when I’m just lying in bed not sleeping and it’s super relaxing. Just listennnnn.

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14 0 Dec 18, 2017

Whem ypu have the all to yourself for the weekend. #828isgreat

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More roadtripping Christmas tree memories from the Mt Mitchell, North Carolina. ler

17 1 Dec 18, 2017

What view?!

148 10 Dec 17, 2017

Summer fishing video in the winter? Sheesh why is WARMER DAZE - a float trip from this past summer with and Shout to and for the support! Music: “Field Day” by the Dipping Skinnies

37 4 Dec 17, 2017

Mood ✨🖤 ・・・ Early morning sun creates a tunnel of light along the Craggy Pinnacle Trail on the in . 📸: Michael Sherburne

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Skyline Drive was always on the top of our weekend getaway list. We have seen photos of the brilliant colors during fall foliage. Unfortunately, the attraction is no secret, and the fall season can be filled with lines of cars. This past April we decided to discover Skyline Drive and Virginia wine country. The drive is around 100 miles with great hiking and overlook opportunities! The wineries and breweries provide a great destination following the long drive 17 isforlovers

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#3bsinn All this time I’ve been sleeping in the woods and now I find out these private rooms in the dog cabins at have beds,bowls,heat,AC & classical music! hotel

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The sun rises and sets’s free entertainment so get out and enjoy it! It’s worth it

49 1 Dec 17, 2017

Sunday Funday. 🍻

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Blue Ridge Parkway 🏞 ridgeparkway ridgemountains ridgemoments goals ers

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Road Trip Day 1. 300 miles. 1 mountain.

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Bathroom break, and ailso in need of a jacket. It gets cold up in the Blue Ridge. Shot on: Fuji Superia 400

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has lots of award-winning wines to offer, but if you’re going in for a tasting don’t miss the Sangria! 👌🏻 Bonus= it’s only about 20 minutes from the boone ! . . . . . . living life inthewoods nc iswaiting ry tasting

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Last minute Christmas gift ideas?? Can't go wrong with books, cards, posters or gift cards. (Or stock up on your own reading for the new year). We ♥️ shopping local. 👏

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Dre and I out for a Cruise on the parkway a few years ago in the Dart dart ornocar sofinstagram

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This was from my last big adventure down the Blue Ridge Parkway, but I’m now looking forward to my next big adventure in Mexico this March!

23 1 Dec 17, 2017

#28 has never looked so good! I am so happy I get to spend my life with

15 0 Dec 17, 2017

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