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Hahtag #excellence: Beautiful Queens. 
#ThankYou 🙏🏾
#Celebrate 🙌🏾
#Excellence 🖤

Beautiful Queens. 🙏🏾 🙌🏾 🖤

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Hahtag #excellence: Turkish Ghost Riding 🇹🇷
#maserati #maseratighibli #maseratigranturismo #
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Hahtag #excellence: Foie gras and wild boar terrine, pretzel streusel,

Foie gras and wild boar terrine, pretzel streusel, duck fat madeleines, muscat vinegar. 👏👏👏 incredible dish by . ....go ahead, read that description again, we’ll wait ...............dat is straight 🔥 . . . . . . . . tagram ie

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Hahtag #excellence: Double tap if you agree that excellence is

Double tap if you agree that excellence is a habit! . . . . Courtesy of

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Hahtag #excellence: Trying means not truly committed
Love this post

Trying means not truly committed . Love this post from . 🔼Follow 🔽 🔼Follow 🔽

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Hahtag #excellence:

working on some Spring menu planning... 🍅🌿🍑 Heirloom tomato salad with burrata, compressed nectarine, almond praline and basil. . . Be sure to tune in tomorrow when our favorite food photographer will be taking over the SoigneFood feed! . . . . . . . . tagram ie

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Hahtag #excellence: Ten minutes and fourteen seconds later, Dillon crosses

Ten minutes and fourteen seconds later, Dillon crosses the finish line to win the Section V Class C 3200m race!!! His seventh sectional title of his career!!

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Hahtag #excellence: This made my heart smile. Let this sink

This made my heart smile. Let this sink in. Black people are super heroes too💯.

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Feels so good to be in for vacation and flying. Been too long since I flew this magnificent machine. Thanks for the help pushing gang! . . . 330sc

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My name is Hussain. Born in Pakistan, my story finds its roots in my family’s struggle to find a safe and sustainable place to live. With targeted killings against Shias on a rise in Pakistan, my dad applied for, and was granted a work visa for us to come to the USA. The first few years were tough on all of us. Starting at the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy was a challenge. At 13 years old, I found myself lost and didn’t know where I belonged amongst the various cliques. When it came time for college, I decided to put all my focus in education and a good career. My hard work led me to receive the Medallion of Excellence in Biology. I found myself moving to Ann Arbor to attend dental school at the University of Michigan where I’ve taken every opportunity to make a positive impact as a student with a Muslim name. During my third year at dental school, I was elected as the dental school’s student council president. This title and honor was a major milestone for me and I hope my story can allow many other immigrants realize how they can successfully integrate and contribute to the American society. i

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Don’t let the sun distract you. Don’t get lost trying to find someone else when you’ve not even found you. 🤔🤔 E. X. P. L. O. R. E. Y. O. U. ••••••••••••• agency agency

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I'm not one to collect key chains, it's a form of clutter I can't get behind - so for the last 3 years I've only had that single on my car key. This afternoon I got a nudge to declutter my jewelry box 💍 If you haven't noticed, I almost NEVER wear jewlry, but I had a box STUFFED 🙈 While decluttering I found this charm ✝️that I've had since I was about 12, my mom bought it for me while I was playing ⚾ I've held onto it because I know I need the reminder that Philippians 4:13 (on the back) provides. Since I don't wear it as a necklace anymore, I think it's more suited for my keys - and I think I know who gave me the nudge to find it ⬆️⬆️⬆️

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Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent!

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💥💥😀Stop being so hard on yourself. A man was asked, “Are you successful?” He beamed back and said, “Absolutely!” So he was asked, “What has to happen in order for you to feel successful?” With a huge grin he explained, “It’s so easy. All I have to do is get up, look down, and see that I am above ground!” He continued, “Every day above ground is a great day!” We have so many ways we can muddle up things and just one standard for perfect we measure ourselves by and this is what is leading us to constant failure. Learn to live life. The pencil is on the table it does not has to be pointed from north to south. The room is clean all the items does not have to be in the same stop. Yes, your dentures fell out while eating no biggie just laugh your rear end off and enjoy life. Learn to love yourself for who you are. Have an awesome growth day😀

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LEGENDARY TIP: Be someone who wants to share the wealth. Thank you Black Panther for the reminder.

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We will be honoring the Quest For Success Honorees in the March edition of Southern Dallas Magazine. Congratulations to them all on a job well done! Excellence is what every business owner should strive to achieve. blackchamberofcommerce

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one day takeover: From a few years ago at Next in Chicago, this is Executive Chef Dave Baran's pulpo y berenjena. The menu theme, which completely changes twice a year, was tapas. When food looks this dramatic, my job is so easy. . . . . . . . . . tagram ie

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We are excited to celebrate 3 years of service, leadership, and excellence in our community.

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Sam Sharpe Teachers College welcomes you, the potential candidate who feels called to duty in nation building and procuring an enviable future for yourself locally and globally.

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I didn’t have any authentic African garb but I did represent for the people‼️

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What Defines You? (Lim-it-Les) Adjective A subjective or state of being. While 'limitless' you emanate . possibilities come to those who believe: without limit: Boundless: Limitless : Limitless Boundaries: er DaVinci

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