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Hahtag #glacier: Living in the edge has some pretty nice

Living in the edge has some pretty nice views 🙌🏻 Overlooking Haiduk Lake on Pharaoh Peak this summer was all sorts of awesomeness ☺️ —————————————— stagood 2nature _project _longexposure _world_treasures

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Hahtag #glacier:

"Archie" by Profile: #500px

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Hahtag #glacier:

"One with the wind and sky." ❄️🌊 A beautiful photo of on an ice flow on Lake Erie by This Is The Moment photography. Wearing her Unicorn Pink Mythic by Top by Show of hands, who else has snow where they live right now? 🙋🏼‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️ • • • • • productions mermaid queen hair s life tail flakes iscoming

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Hahtag #glacier: I believe in the power of art to

I believe in the power of art to make us fall in love. In love with animals, landscapes, causes. You see, taking the time to capture something through paint, pen, sculpture, music, or words not only asks others to see the world differently, it indicates that said thing is worth laboring over. So if this pika is meaningful to me, maybe it can be meaningful to all of you. ✨This cute little guy is part of and my book we’re writing for !! Through Charles’ words and my paintings, we will create a “guide” to Glacier National Park, with the landscapes, animals, and plants that make it such a special place. And among many topics, we will discuss how the pika is an indicator species for climate change, because as temperatures rise they are forced into the mountains to find that perfect place that’s not to hot or too cold, in order to survive. In a warming climate, those places are becoming few and far between. ✨ We are grateful for the opportunity to share some ecology and conservation stories that make this wild corner of the earth unlike any other. And we look forward to sharing updates as we chip away at the book!✨ I hope you enjoy this time lapse of me watercoloring in my pika pen drawing that I did yesterday! I hope you fall in love with this cute fellow, I recommend googling the pika if you need a moment to just smile today 🙂✨

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Hahtag #glacier: Standing next to calving giants is always a

Standing next to calving giants is always a great way to put things in perspective. Here, on a dinghy in front of the Western Pia, fed off from Cordillera Darwin, in the Beagle Channel of Chilean Patagonia.

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Hahtag #glacier: Greenland!! Doesn

Greenland!! Doesn't this look MAGICAL??? 😍🗯 - Follow 👈👈 Via 📷 - - - - - skating y fall berg cream flakes ing land man

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Hahtag #glacier: A big glacier streaked by fractures.

A big glacier streaked by fractures.

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follows New Zealand’s longest streams in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, home to the country’s highest mountains.💧 — 📷 — 📍 #9gag

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Hahtag #glacier: Bali😍
cc: @cumacevikphoto // Tag someone ❤

Bali😍 cc: // Tag someone ❤

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an amazing last day in Iceland, it’s a sad goodbye to such a beautiful place!

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Hearth by nature.. ❤️ land land ic berg

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Iceland glacier texture close up

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Over the past week I've taken quite a step back from social media to do some exploring and spend time with my mommy-in-law, who came to visit us. It's been so nice to be present and take a break from real life to have adventure and some pretty amazing experiences with people who mean the most to me. While it's back to routine and the adult world tomorrow, I'm so grateful for the past week, to the new memories and precious moments with my people. Remember to take in the world around you, set your phone down and spend time with people who fill your life with love and happiness. ❤ ____________ photo wonderland

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Getting ready for Greenland! Maybe I need a new tire😬😂? 8000

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Morgen is de Bergsportdag van de met mooie lezingen over expedities en beklimmingen, skyrunning, bergwandelgebieden, kan je info inwinnen bij berggidsen en zijn er mooie beurs-aanbiedingen voor outdoor liefhebbers. dag spleet stechnieken s rescue

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Here’s a story: One time last year at about this time, I went to Denver and it was v cold. We drove up a mountain to St. Mary’s Glacier. Once you reach the end of the road, it’s a short mile-ish hike to the top to see the glacier. When we got there, my pals were too cold to leave the car. I felt fine so decided to go alone. It was so cold and snowy and very windy. I reached the top and set up my camera to get this picture. .. .. So, what’s the lesson? NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF WEATHER-APPROPRIATE CLOTHING. I take great pride in knowing how to pack light, yet effectively. Effective and efficient. Learn to pack, save a life. Don’t let clothing unpreparedness keep you from chilling with a glacier. 🌨🧤🗻 .. .. .. tips blogger

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Uno de los lugares imprescindibles de Oporto, la iglesia de San Ildefonso. Nos ha encantado todo, sus edificios historicos, su toque azul y sobretodo su gente, que maravilla! Oporto nos ha sorprendido para bien, os lo que recomendamos a todos!muy pronto la info en el blog! . . . Feliz sábado! . . . worldtraveller couple lers photography gram addict _porto #

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Golden waterfall

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The eternal / question: Does earth imitate ice or ice imitate earth? travel

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Sun is shining ☀️❄️☀️❄️☀️❄️

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Join Louie in exploring the Icelandic Glaciers on YouTube. Enjoy what you've seen? You can find more of these stunning sights in the 'Iceland' episode of !⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ s icglaciers next time series ondemand umentary 2

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One of the most amazing places I have ever visited! 💎 . . . youngline younglinetravel trip travel tourism photo iniceland photography tour iccolors lagoon lagoon iceland lagoon jökulsárlón

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🌎 Perito Moreno do you believe that you can walk on water? 👣 on the is amazing and pretty impressive I love it 💙

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Two ways this could’ve went: summit or plummet. (I chose the plummet option)🧗🏻‍♀️ ... (FollowTheHashtag) You can typically retrace the history of the glaciers through rings of dust and volcanic ash, aka tephra, from several eruptions across the years. As it snows, the thick black layers get covered with several meters of snow, which eventually get compacted, showing dark lines on the ice. . . . . . . travel adventure gram mode time _places addict

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On our way to Gorak Shep at 5153m. The highest lodge on the trek. This photo is currently my screensaver on my phone. I love it. It even has our guide in it admiring the view. king trek

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Jökulsárlón is an icelandic treasure. The lagoon is formed naturally, from melted glacial water coming from the surrounding glaciers. It is getting bigger each year, as big blocks of ice crumble from the ever decreasing glacier into the lagoon due to climate change.

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Mirror a 2650 mt.🗻🗻 board

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Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia. A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the few remaining growing glaciers on the planet. Perito Moreno grows by metres everyday, incredible to sit, watch and listen as the Glacier pushes outwards calving and breaking off into the water.

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Wishing I was back on this badass ride. Cars are for plebs. mobile travel

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snowboard vs. ski, whats your favorite? I love both, being a border kid, but recently enjoying also skiing, especially touring. But today with my men we are pacing

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Can I stay just one more day? Courtesy of

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Never too old to play outside 🇮🇸🏔❄️

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Thinking back to our honeymoon in France in 2015...

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What a finalé - glacier hiking & the blue lagoon. It's been a dream Iceland 💙🇮🇸❄🗻 hike

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Beautiful day of skiing and finally amazing views in 3029 m above sea level ❤️⛷🎿❄️☀️

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The sound of the ice breaking off the Perito Moreno Glacier is as loud as thunder and watching the ice bergs float away is a magnificent sight! s blogger photo graphy photo photography photography lovers gram ling ler

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Iceland's kaleidoscopic where the black sand ground glitters with glaciers that the wave gifted back from the horizon ✨🌊❄️

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