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Hahtag #movement: Honestly, I just needed to let her rip...

Honestly, I just needed to let her rip... so that’s exactly what I did. - - Blasted the heat and tunes, twirled and twirled around the house until I was dizzy and then did it again. - - What started as this, ended in a full practice that I certainly wasn’t expecting. Seeing, I was in the studio in the wee hours this morning. - - I think if I would have told myself I was going to practice at that moment, I would have laughed and said, “Um, Yeah, I think not.” - - Sometimes keeping a label off of what it is we are doing, actually releases what could happen. - - My body needed this, more than my brain thought I did and now, what ever it was that had my brain in a knot earlier has come undone. The magic is in the movement.- - - -

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Hahtag #movement: This was such a sick sunny  sunday funday

This was such a sick sunny sunday funday session 👍 all the technicalities 🔧🔨

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Hahtag #movement: how many twists ? 😳@dimakorkhut3run
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how many twists ? 😳 Owner: Credit to : Follow us if you love DoubleTap & Tag a Friend Below⤵ -------------------------------------------------------------- s 4life

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Hahtag #movement: After my last post about the hips there

After my last post about the hips there were a lot of requests for me to talk about the shoulders. Turn up the volume as I explain everything there. The shoulder joint complex is indeed complex 🤔. For many people it is a problematic area, particularly in an age where we have such poor postural patterns - in this case the rounded forward shoulder pattern. So first and foremost is to correct postural patterns. Then start prehabbing or rehabbing the shoulder joint complex. I really believe that the yoga Asana practice can be significantly enhanced and the chance of injuries significantly reduced if we take the time to gain control of these movement patterns. If you scroll through to the end I show how to connect these exercises to Chaturanga Dandasana. 🙏

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Hahtag #movement: Jammin on my hands 🤸🏽‍♀️✨ Nothing unusual 🤷🏽‍♀️ (*sound on*)
🎶 @
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Hahtag #movement:

“A CELEBRATION OF WEIRD Don’t become a spiritual zombie, devoid of passion and deep human feeling. Let spirituality become a celebration of your uniqueness rather than a repression of it. Never lose your quirkiness, your strangeness, your weirdness – your unique and irreplaceable flavour. Don’t try or pretend to be ‘no-one’ or ‘nothing’ or some transcendent and impersonal non-entity with ‘no self’ or ‘no ego’, ‘beyond the human’ – that’s just another conceptual fixation and nobody’s buying it any more. Be a celebration of what your unique expression is and stop apologising. Fall in love with this perfectly divine, very human mess that you are. There is no authority here, and no way to get life wrong. So get it all wrong. Fail, gloriously.” - Jeff Foster - Song The Back of Your Hand by Nimino ft. Ashe - journey inspiration #2018 s

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Hahtag #movement: This week (and maybe more) will be all

This week (and maybe more) will be all about Wheel Pose or Urdhva Dhanurasana. . Wheel is a fully body pose, so make sure to warm up the shoulders, spine, hip flexors, quads, and wrists! . Tomorrow we will show the full entrance to Wheel, but the first few steps involve a Bridge Pose. . You might as well set up your Bridge for success. Things to Remember: . . . -Feet hip distance/parallel or maybe slightly pigeon toed since then tend to flare out upon lift off. -Tickle the heels then back them away a few inches. -TUCK the tailbone to engage the core and decrease the extension in the lumbar spine. -Root down through all 4 corners of the feet, especially the inner edges. -Use the press of the feet and robot arms to lift the hips and chest, keeping a tuck of the tail. -Walk the shoulders under one at a time and clasp hands OR grab the outer edges of the mat and pull down and away. -Keep the head nice and still to protect the neck and gently press the back of the skull to to the mat while still leaving space between the chin and collarbone. -Knees have a tendency to splay out wide. Keep them tracking over ankles and almost imagine the knees are pulling away from the body in the same direction as the toes. -Feet simultaneously pull in toward sit bones to engage the hamstrings while pressing away to lift the hips higher. -Puff up through the chest and tone but don’t clench the glutes. . Full Body Backbends Book launching next month! Check out our current offerings via the link in profile bio. ✌🏽

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Hahtag #movement:

[ FR / ENG ] L'année 2018 commence vraiment bien ! 😍 Je ne pensais pas pouvoir encore faire ce genre de saut à 29 ans... L'age n'est qu'un chiffre, seule la passion et la détermination comptent ! 🔥 N'abandonnez jamais vos rêves ! 💪 - The year 2018 starts really well ! 😍 I didn't think I could do this kind of jump at 29yo... Age is only a number, only passion and determination count ! 🔥 Never give up your dreams ! 💪 - 📽 😘 . . . life ning culture ness city city

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Hahtag #movement: Morning Market Recap for Tuesday 01/16/18.

Morning Market Recap for Tuesday 01/16/18. . . Had 3 stocks on my watchlist pre-market was they gapped up overnight by a decent margin. My favorite trading strategy is definitly based around gapping stocks since they almost always have strong momentum right of out of the gates. My stocks on watch were NCTY, RCON, and IZEA. As the gates opened all 3 of these stocks were moving but RCON has the best setup and therefore strongest MOMO. . . Took a 500 share position at $2.95 (tried for $2.75 but it surged so fast my broker was only able to fill me up at $2.95). Usually this would worry me and i would instantly sell to get out of the way since i missed my target entry, but the volume was strong so i immediatly adapted by changed my plan into a scalp setup for the break over $3. As it broke $3 i noticed massive sellers lining up around $3.10, put up my position on the ask for $3.05 and was able to sell at $3.06 for a quick 0.11 ps all in 5 seconds (yeh u have to learn to be quick). . . Next trade was ELTK for a 500 share position at $5.40. This stock hit my scanners as momentum surged. I was able to get in at $5.40 in anticipation of the break of the half dollar, and as soon as it did i blasted through all the way to $5.98 in a second! I did not even wait for the test of 6$ as usually these surges fall right back down as the stock rebalances itself. I was quick enough to sell my position at the high of the morning on this stock at $5.98 for a $0.58 ps gain, all in 6 seconds (again, you have to learn to be quick). . . At that point i was ready to call it a day as I was up around $330.00 Net Profit in 8 minutes. However, LBIX came up on my scanners and the setup was very clean (daily and 5 minute charts). Took a 500 share position at $2.12 and actually held his a little longer in ancticipation of a circuit breaker halt goin upwards. It however did not occur and the stock was finding resistance at $2.30. Sold position at $2.28 for a gain of $0.16 ps. All in all not a bad morning but this kind of a morning proves you have to be very quick minded and disciplined on your entries because of how choppy and how fast these stocks were moving!

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Weekend ready with . Loving my new tights . thank you 😊

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Photograph 📷 by

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גם בתור מאמן זה לא קל לאתגר את עצמך ולא להיכנס לאזור נוחות כבר תקופה ארוכה שהרגשתי שאני לא דורש מעצמי מספיק מבחינת האימונים שלי. לפני שבועיים נכנסתי לתהליך עבודה עם מאמן חיצוני מחו״ל בשביל להשתפר, ללמוד, להתמקצע ולהפוך למאמן טוב יותר כבר מרגיש את השינוי והדרך עוד ארוכה. תמיד אמרתי שאני לא מאמין בלתת למתאמנים שלך לעשות משהו שלא חווית בעצמך ולא התמקצעת בו ברמה שמאפשרת לך באמת ללמד אחרים. מת להתחיל ליישם את כל מה שאני לומד על המתאמנים שלי. צאו מאזור הנוחות שלכם..זה שווה את זה. שבוע טוב🤘🏼 Another week of ctionalbodybuilding has come to an end. definitely the best thing I’ve done in a while Really testing my body in new ways and already feel and see the difference. 10 more weeks to go🤘🏼💦 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ‏ life life israel #

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Some Saturday fun in the studio... I'm wearing many hats, the photographer, the teacher, the student... studio is a bit crowded 😜 btw... 1 spring on reformer teacher strong studio girl

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When your friend is out here trying to make the world 🌍 a better place

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Our tiny river dancer... dancing

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・・・ 🎥 Denis Sulta couldn’t believe his ears when Patrick Topping dropped this tune from Mall Grab called “Feel good house” at Movement Torino. So funny to see how he gets back on stage and enjoys every second of it!

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Oliver with one of the fasted times so far

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Pressure through Force. digs his knee into his opponent's ribs to take his arm. He'll either have to move (exposing his neck), give Trey his arm, or let his ribs pop. . . . tournament industries

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Getting some movement after sitting and learning all about Yoga Nidra all day.

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Artists Unite: x member linking up ... Go support with his complex heart clothing line and sign up for paint and sip courses

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Check for motivation and cool pics. Have a wonderful evening in Germany 🇩🇪 or wherever you are. 💪🏼 PM us for a shoutout!💥JOIN THE 💥 ====================================== zombies fam ness couple 🍑 body mom ======================================

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in support of the the struggles we face & fight for like those that gave to the ist istsoninstagram oftheday 15 lovers

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Kolaps acro sess from today batics

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Space. Moment. Movement. Image by See all uncensored content: _____________________________________________ s scape graphy grapher

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Grzeczne dziewczynki marzą o wielkiej karierze, a niegrzeczne ją planują. Tak przy espresso na Jeżycach rodzą się nowe pomysły💪🏼🎶🎷🎼🙃 ness power

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If done properly, Planks are an AMAZING isometric exercise to strengthen the core. Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do.⠀ •⠀ STOP:⠀ Arching your back and not engaging your glutes. Passively performed planks have the potential to get into your low back and cause more harm than good.⠀ •⠀ START:⠀ Setting yourself up for success. While on your knees and forearms, tuck your tailbone and squeeze your butt. Before you extend, pull your knees and elbows together to create an abdominal brace. Keep this shape as you extend the legs.⠀ •⠀ Challenge yourself to hold as long as you can! ⠀ ⠀

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Weekend workout sessions are my favorite ! I can really spend time and enjoy my lift (w/ ). Squats felt so strong today🙌🏼 . . ALSO!! 2 days left to join the challenge !! I’m doing weekly check ins with all my clients and our Facebook group is AMAZING, you guys make my day each and everyday! If you’re interested in joining for free send me a message, we would love to have you! #100to0

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When muscle up is the easiest part... Working the shoulder stand 💪🏽 culture

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