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5959 60 Feb 8, 2018
Hahtag #mylpguide: This fine collection of very handsome travel guides

This fine collection of very handsome travel guides belongs to , who is planning her 2018 adventures, starting in , and ! 🌍 -- Every week we regram a flatlay shot. Tag yours for a potential feature!

5993 116 Feb 14, 2018
Hahtag #mylpguide: Probably some of the most photogenic people in

Probably some of the most photogenic people in the world. Although I don’t think people are joining the monk hood for their modelling potential, although just saying, mans got a future. 🙋🏽‍♂️🇰🇭 :::::::::: Time to get our exploration on W/

8107 74 Feb 15, 2018
Hahtag #mylpguide: This week

This week's is a collection belonging to , who is getting ready to set off inter-railing around - what's more, she's ! Happy travels Anna 😊 -- Every week we regram a flatlay shot. Tag yours for a potential feature!

794 129 Feb 9, 2018
Hahtag #mylpguide: Spent a romantic weekend in Vienna with my

Spent a romantic weekend in Vienna with my OG content creation partner, frolicking the windy streets, eating five meals a day and drinking waaay too much coffee. 📸:

587 44 Feb 13, 2018
Hahtag #mylpguide: When winter is still here but you really

When winter is still here but you really need it to leave.😒 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

1338 90 Feb 12, 2018
Hahtag #mylpguide: The picturesque waterways of Xitang. It took us

The picturesque waterways of Xitang. It took us a couple hours one way to reach this village, but the long journey was well worth the chance to see a slice of ancient China 🇨🇳

8418 61 Feb 11, 2018
Hahtag #mylpguide: Canada’s glacier rivers are spellboundingly beautiful. I’

Canada’s glacier rivers are spellboundingly beautiful. I’ll never get over how gorgeous the water is (and yes, it’s actually that blue, not edited).

143 4 Feb 17, 2018
Hahtag #mylpguide: Vernazza Sunset 🌅

Vernazza Sunset 🌅

33 3 Feb 18, 2018

Chicago 🇺🇸 . Steely skyscrapers, top chefs, rocking festivals – the Windy City will blow you away with its low-key cultured awesomeness. . 📸➡️⬇️ 1️⃣ - Take a river cruise for a stellar view of some of Chicago's most stunning architecture 2️⃣ - Chicago cityscape - Cloud Gate (better known as the Bean€™) in Millennium Park 3️⃣ - Navy Pier - Entrance to Navy Pier 4️⃣ - People viewing 'A Sunday on La Grande Jatte' by Georges-Pierre Seurat at Art Institute of Chicago - Jazz orchestra playing at Green Mill jazz club 5️⃣ - Lyric Opera Of Chicago - Goodman Theatre 6️⃣ - Wrigley Field 7️⃣ - Juicy Chicago hot dogs are famous for a reason - The gooey, cheesy deliciousness of Chicago-style pies 8️⃣ - Lake Michigan from Grant Park - Lincoln Park Conservatory 9️⃣ - Believe it or not, winter is one of the best times to get outdoors in Chicago . Credit:

65 3 Feb 17, 2018

100% nature . . . . . . . . ------------------------------------------------------------

191 2 Feb 17, 2018

Under French rule Kep belonged to the Circonscription Résidentielle de Kampot, developing into Cambodia's most prestigious beach town.

126 5 Feb 17, 2018

Getting lost in the beautiful Tegalalang Rice Terraces near Ubud is a must for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bali's tourist sites. Step of the trail and dig deeper into the terraced hills and you will find buffalo ploughing the terraced hills And smiling locals happy to see you here. ----------------------------------------------------------- Adventure Travel and Photography -----------------------------------------------------------

16 0 Feb 17, 2018

Prague was not the city I liked the most, being so touristic has taken its true beauty away. That's why I liked to climb upon the hill to look at the city in a whole piece, where you can only notice the history, the red roofs that has already become the city identity. _globe _life

19 0 Feb 17, 2018
101 4 Feb 17, 2018

Taking the long way is always better 🙌🏼🙋🏼 66

30 0 Feb 17, 2018

New Zealand 🇳🇿 . Get ready for mammoth national parks, dynamic Māori culture, and world-class surfing and skiing. New Zealand can be mellow or action-packed, but it's always epic. . Credit: blogger gram s ler er ling ist photography ingram addict

159 7 Feb 17, 2018

Staying in a traditional tongkonan house in Tana Toraja, Sulawesi is a great way to learn about the local tribal cultures. The houses are decorated with ox horns from sacrifices and the wooden panels are ornate and colourful. I visited one of these houses to find the corpse of a chief in the main room. When someone dies in Toraja they are not considered dead until the funeral. So as tradition goes I gave the chief a cigarette and a beer. ------------------------------------------------------------- Adventure Travel and Photography -------------------------------------------------------------

64 3 Feb 17, 2018

Atardecer en NYC 🌆

40 0 Feb 17, 2018

Repost from using - [ROAD TRIP 🚐] West Coast region | 🇬🇧 Eng below ⬇ . 🇫🇷 Stop 3.2 : Pancake rocks Une autre vue des Pancake rocks vue du ciel. Une pensée au habitants qui ont subit un cyclone provoquant la destruction des routes. Courage ! . 🇬🇧 Stop 3.2 : Pancake rocks Another view of Pancake Rocks from the sky. A thought to the inhabitants who suffered a cyclone causing the destruction of the roads. Be brave! •••••••••• ••••••••••

40 4 Feb 17, 2018

Step into , the oldest running shop in Chinatown, and you'll feel like you've been transported back in time. Shop for quality porcelain, handpicked from China, or stop by for one of their invigorating panel discussions and workshops!⠀ PC: ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ _instagram newyork

70 5 Feb 17, 2018

Film from cliff jumping days in Italy. On this day I ate dark chocolate and blood oranges while sitting on the rocks here, and watched Mac grin as he lept over and over from the highest peak.

202 27 Feb 17, 2018

So now I know what the fuss is about! Rome is amazing!!!🇮🇹😍 . I must say I wasn’t sure if it would live up to how amazing people say it is but I love it so much and I’ve had 2 brilliant days here so far! It helps that I’m staying hostel too, a brand new hostel designed with travellers in mind and it’s gorgeous! . Have you been to Rome? What did you think??🇮🇹🇮🇹

85 4 Feb 17, 2018

Taj Mahal, India 🇮🇳⠀ ⠀ Has anyone been lucky enough to see this wonder of the world? 🌎

132 6 Feb 17, 2018

Eiffel Tower view from Sacre Coure Basilica

152 20 Feb 17, 2018

I'm not much of a night owl, but I'm also not much of an early bird. I guess I can say as long as I get enough sleep, I can be either 🤔 But getting up for sunrise everyday in Bagan, Myanmar did give me a ton of appreciation for early mornings and getting some client work done during the hottest time of day! Are you a night owl? Or an early bird?

26 1 Feb 17, 2018

Exploring Angkor Thom, Cambodia.

26 1 Feb 17, 2018

So much warmth in one foto. A young boy and his farther spend their afternoon in a tea shop together.

40 2 Feb 17, 2018

Trekking through the Himalayas. No cars up here. You can only get to these parts by foot. Everything in the mountains is carried up either by foot or by donkey. Most of the towns are generated by solar energy. They say the Himalayas could top a desert for harnessing energy👀... the future?🏔🇳🇵🏔Nepal is one of the first countries I've been to or currently know of not having any train systems. Nepal people have a great understanding of keeping the land in the higher Himalayas lush and fertile it's just a shame the same can't be said for the cities. There is some serious government neglect in Nepal. Tourism is the best way to help this country thrive and help the people. Without it the government feel no push for safe infrastructure and to promote change.

25 1 Feb 17, 2018
17 1 Feb 17, 2018
42 0 Feb 17, 2018

Happy Chinese New Year 2018 🐶 in Macau 🇲🇴 I highly recommended to visit Macau too when you visit Hong Kong 🇭🇰. #❤️ s 投稿 #2018 advisor

129 21 Feb 17, 2018

Have you ever heard about Maslenitsa also known as "pancake week? 😃🥞 ~~~ Maslenitsa is well-known for its seven days of endless festivities which involves pancakes, butter and many indulgent toppings, as Russians and Ukrainians celebrate the arrival of Spring with an abundance of food, drinks, sledding and snowball fights. ~~~ This photo was taken 2 years ago during Maslenitsa in Moscow, Russia 🇷🇺 I love this lady's traditional costume.

598 37 Feb 17, 2018

🔸Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. I am not sure about the universe🔸 . . . . . lindo estuyo ing _estrella trip mochilero _drops _daily_traveller inladies . . .

65 1 Feb 17, 2018

35 1 Feb 17, 2018

Making the picture black and white increases the aesthetic. . . . . . . . . . 📷: Moto g5 . . . _india _hub_india _click_ #_wop _photo _india photography 700d #_soi #_woi graphy _pic

27 5 Feb 17, 2018

Walk on by. Kathmandu.

47 6 Feb 16, 2018

"We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came." John F. Kennedy . . . . .

35 0 Feb 11, 2018
107 10 Oct 31, 2017

En dagstur till Røros i Norge. Världsarv med byggnader från 1700-talet. Här ses Sleggvegen. Här bodde några av de gruv- eller smältverksarbetare som arbetade med kopparbrytning och smältning. Lägg gärna till en kommentar om du vet mer eller en like om du gillar! . . . . . . . . . . _shots photography #1700tal a 7ii 28mmf2 fullframe

74 2 Oct 29, 2017

En bild med något år på nacken från Bled i Slovenien. Slovenien kan rekommenderas!! . . . . . . . 800 2470

43 2 Apr 5, 2017

The most beautiful temple anywhere ever 🇲🇲

45 0 Feb 24, 2017

D'zay people in Sapa... Feels like all the burdens in life are lifted ❤️ — 👉🏻 Sapa Travel Guide A to Z: —

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