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on #natgeo: Video via: @discoverocean.

Video via: ©BBC 'RAYS LEAPING OUT THE WATER' There are a few theories behind Rays doing these incredible leaps. One being; the schools of rays can communicate with isolated individuals indicating that they can join they're group. Yet, maybe they do this to remove the parasites and fish that suction-cup onto their bodies? Or perhaps, just they do this for fun! So why? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. _wildlife

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. Featured wildlife shot of the day ✧ Photographer: ✧ Follow Tag _wildlife ✧ Please show your support and visit the artists gallery for more featured shots! _roiegalitz ✧ Selected by: . 🐾-------------------------------- Wildlife: elephant ----------------------------------🐾

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on #natgeo: The prettiest pagoda in all of Myanmar. ✨
#jincentvisitsmyanmar #

The prettiest pagoda in all of Myanmar. ✨ . . .

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Зимняя Истра через лобовое стекло похожа на картину:) / _russia ru ❄️ 🌲

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"Making the best of what we do have, instead of begrudging what we don’t, has a way of creating all that we’ll ever need." (Charles F. Glassman)... wherever you are I wish you Good evening, Good night or beautiful day WONDERFUL WORLD 🙋🏻😘🌎🌍🌏❤️ ... _vacations _bestpix culture yourshot

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on #natgeo: Above the orange fog... When you escape the
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on #natgeo: P R E S E N T S:

P R E S E N T S: Photo shot by: wg _nikonfoto L O C A T I O N: 🌍 Kongsberg, Norway T A G : worldglobal Selected by: F O U N D E R: Mods: ______________________________ Recommend friends hubs: ______________________________ _shots _mood _hotshotz _america _today _france _norway _shot _sweden _travel _japan lovers za shots _united _all_americas _americas _australia _perfection

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on #natgeo: Me in Castle Combe on a snow day. ❄️

Me in Castle Combe on a snow day. ❄️

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on #natgeo: Wonderful rock formations on the Northumberland coast. I

Wonderful rock formations on the Northumberland coast. I used this location to explain focussing stacking during my current landscape photography workshop. This type of subject really benefits from this technique - enabling images that are perfectly sharp from corner to corner even though shot at only f8. © Guy Edwardes Photography graphy _earthpix travelpic globe perfection _earth _brilliance

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"Explosion of Colors":-O - A wonderful reef Scene photography pictures diving life world geographic mag shooters yourshot magazine _magazine defender

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It's not very often you get to see a lightning storm at the coast but here we are ⚡📷 in my element! __________________________________________ 6D users southafrica expo _exposure _sa skies _excl

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Oman 🇴🇲 _oman After going to the detailed list below, ask to mange your trip to make it easy on you . * Accommodation recommendation: . - The Chedi Muscat - Anantara aljabal alakhdar . * Places to stop by and things to do: . - Souq matrah - Muscat bay (amazing view point jasaah bay and a coffee shop) - Wadi shaab adventure (nice short hike X swim) - Sink hole (stop by the place or maybe try to do the jump for a good picture) - Wakan village (climb the 700 steps and enjoy the amazing sceneries) - Sultan qaboos grand mosque - Try husaak adventures every weekend - Almouj (a place for walking, shopping, eating) - Royal opera house (for luxury shops and restaurants) - Daymaniat island (in summer season you must do the snorkeling or scuba diving experience there for booking find the contact here ) - Bait alsafah (in alhamara old town, an old house turned to a museum) - Nizwa Market (local old market, you better stop by Friday) . * Cafes and restaurants: . - Kargeen (try the local breakfast) - AlMandi Plate (you must order SHUWA it's a local food) صحن المندي (لازم تطلبون شواء) - Slider station - Passion cafe - Salsa oman (it’s a food truck concept, check there insta page to see where are they) - Ubher (a yummy omani fusion food) - Caramel (in the royal opera house) - The chedi muscat hotel restaurants --------------------------------------------- . * language: . - Arabic - English . * season: . Summer for beach activities Winter for fishing Salalah better in summer time . * currency: . - Rial omani . * How to get a visa: . No visa required for GCC citizens . * Tips: . - Better to rent a car or a driver to enjoy your time here as every place is far away from the other. Or ask your tour operator to arrange it for you. . * Kuwait embassy in Oman: . - Embassy: +96824699626 / 7 - Ambassador: Fahad Almutairy - Email: mailto:muscat - Address: muscat - jamiat alduwal alarabiya st. . * PS: this list was done by sulaiman alrodhan (insta & snap : ) who have been to all of the places listed above ( ) and recommends them if you plan to visit Oman, Sulaiman advises you to research these places to en

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Unless you keep yourself open to things, you will never know how great they can be. So . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lovers _karesi karesi

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The inside world from the outside is as interesting .....this tattoo shop in Boracay Island had an air of intrigue and the light enhanced the drama. A couple of onlookers were enamoured by the tattoo being done inside and they probably decided to learn the craft through the window of the shop. Here is to both the inside and to the outside world through the window of our perception. Stories @ the window the way look at this picture fullscreen and see all that is written. travel yourshot creative _travel travel

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Soaring through this year!

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from - ======================================= pernah q dengar cemoh'an orang "ke papandayan ngapain? Joging? "... Betapa angkuh ny km dg pengalaman perjanan mu.. hahaha jika sesempit itu pikiran mu, perjalanan mu tdk mengandung arti kawan,perjalanan bukan semata mata tentang seberapa hebat tempat itu, bahkan "sepotong ranting tua yg patah saat senja akan menjadi luar biasa jika km tau apa yg harus km lakukan saat itu" - dari aq yg tdk ad ap2 nya - ======================================= 🔴Mt.papandayan ⚪west java ======================================= _pendaki _pendaki _pejalan _petualang petualang 4like 4follow _ ===================================

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I am on the move again, this time toward a destination I was longing for, I don't wait for the weekends to come, its just me and the mountains which are in love with each other, but yes for now I am somewhere in Punjab, a place known for the food production in our country, the vast fields and the tree, awesomness is there also. update on the new trip will come when I reach there. stay tuned. . . DAY 268 . . Also, I have started featuring your pics, the pics you tag me, so start tagging and using . . Stay tuned for next update at 10PM. Video has been published and the link is in the bio. . Do follow me for daily stuff and DM for sponsorship and more stuff. . . . travel photography blogger gram ing ler yourshot in adventure

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made line lovers scraper painters live al elovers ephotography albeauty elover aleza alhair eza hab doch noch eine serie gefunden zwar aus dem spät Sommer aber die bilder sind recht schön geworden hoffe es gefällt euch wünsche noch einen schönen Tag und bis morgen ☺️😍🖖🏼

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Добрый вечер, друзья! 🍁🍁🍁 📌 Никольская церковь в Пушкино, Подмосковье. Благодарим: ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ 🔝 Красивая Россия 🔝✔ рекомендует посмотреть галерею автора👌👌👌. _on_russia _shooters _seekers ofrussiaru _photos sia_it ru _places sia_ww _landscape _russia siamylove _europe siafoto

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Flyin’ High ✈️

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Military Macaws Reunion ... Mexico At you can experience this beautiful spectacle of nature... _parortcute _insta watching s ofmexico s _adored _brilliance _brilliance s _up _about_birds _spy_birds

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Waking up early pays off 😉. photography l lovers lover gram love za addict hippys s sofinstagram s lover lovers

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Always a good time with this group!

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Я вижу в этой фотографии крик о помощи, призыв спасти несчастное животное. На самом же деле молодая медведица Милка пыталась воспользоваться шансом попробовать фотографа на вкус. Снято на 28мм, препятствий между мной и лапой нет. К марту 2014 года, когда была сделана фотография, Милка ещё не прожила в пермском зоопарке и полгода, приехав из Казани. В ноябре 2017 года выросшая Милка родила, но съела медвежонка. Хорошо, что не дотянулась. • • • ru

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İnsanları;kitap gibi düşünü kapaklarına bakıp aldanmayın...Asıl değerini okumaya başlayınca anlarsınız...🕊⚘🙏 Hz.mevlana _europa _eurasia _europe worldclub _global_life _worldpics _world_colors _photographer _earth _turkey _istanbul _shotz   graphers _tr ersturkey ersgermany

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“Strange fruit” .... Freedom matters✊🏻

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Winter is an exceptional season. Locations that you know well looks completely different. For example, at the top of Ďumbier it looks like on a moon. One of the winter sceneries what makes you freeze. ❄️😎❄️ ••••••••••••••••• Ďumbier / Nízke Tatry (Low Tatras)/ Slovakia ••••••••••••••••• Fujifilm X Series ••••••••••••••••• yourshot _power _pictures _earth _addiction _dropping_shotz

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[SEMANA NAVIDEÑA] Felicidades 🔥Tu foto ha sido seleccionada para que aparezca en esta Galería🔥 . . . Alianzas 🔸 🔹 🔸 🔹 . . . . [TAGS] graphy 4Like Capturas s

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When I am silent, I fall into the place where everything is music. ❄️💕❄️ . . _Vacations _Hotels

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Onde você queria estar agora? Eu, bem aí na Baia dos Porcos!

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Lights are up at victoria memorial for Christmas & new year. Featured Photographer ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ To Get featured follow, Like and Tag ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖  #_soi  _india #_woi pictures   clicks   _gram       _worldclub        _Calcutta graphy  #_coi #500px

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_cameras_united     best_shotz _brilliance _raptors _imprints   _raptors _birds_of_prey _brillance _planet_hub  _hub _birds_of_prey _imprint_vip _best_birds _captures winter _cameras_united best_shotz _captures _forografdiyari _can_wait 12ny _snowy_woods _brilliance _snowy_woods

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The Colonnade Street; as we approach the welcome thought of lunch....we're greeted by this awfully neat row of ruins. These structures have been weathered and battered by frequent flash floods in the past thousand years. Dams now protect the area from further destruction so we can enjoy this scenic walk. ----- gram traveler travel world 2017 2017 gram life jordan

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