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on #natgeotravel: Sunset hour behind the Tower Bridge

Sunset hour behind the Tower Bridge

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on #natgeotravel: presents @hannesstier
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Many Congratulations!

presents as our featured artist! . Many Congratulations! Thanks for tagging your shot(s) . Please visit his/her fantastic gallery and show some RSA love! . Always tag your best shots _outdoors for an opportunity to get featured. . Happy 📷 Snapping! . Photo selected by: . od_hannesstier .

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on #natgeotravel: Good morning world // Have a lovely Monday❄️•

Good morning world // Have a lovely Monday❄️•

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Higher and higher ___________________ Были сегодня и высоко, и глубоко. Skypark в Сочи мне понравился. Высоко, хорошо, страшно. Теперь можем сказать, что прошли самый длинный пешеходный мост в мире. 740 тонн металлоконструкций. Чувствуете, да? Именно с этого моста сняла этот рай ⤴️ А ещё были в Ахштырской пещере со слоями 300.000 лет до нашей эры, в которой обитали кроманьонцы и неандертальцы (видимо, имеет продолжение и наглядные доказательства тема эволюции и Пангеи). Мы там были одни, не считая летучей мыши, которая дрыхла без задних ног, вернее, вверх ногами. Паша всё хотел её разбудить. А мы не хотели. Потому что догадывались, что наш с Мирой ультразвук способен бы был своей вибрацией всю эту пещеру вместе с наскальными рисунками уплотнить ещё на один слой. Вместе с нами. А мы ещё даже на лыжах не покатались. Не-а. Рано. . . . online _united_russia _pics _fotolovers _russia _today _eurasia srussia _ig _stream _madness _sunset _skyandsunset _color

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Relight my faith

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If anyone tells you he is never afraid, then he is a liar or he is a Gurkha. . . Yes that's the very saying that goes with the Gurkha Regiment of our Indian Army over the years. It was really a pleasure to capture this beautiful image of a statue of a Gurkha soldier showcasing his respect for his country and its flag. Place :- Batasia Loop, Darjeeling, West Bengal. narmy #_soi #_coi travel ingram _india

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Smile on the Sinner.. Artistic expression is presented to us in many different ways, wether it be in an art gallery or on the side of your local skate park.. It’s up to us to recognize it when you see it.. . .

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"Sometimes you have to jump and trust that the wings will appear. Magic is so abundant if we're vibrating a the right frequencies. It's up to us to take hold. Getting so excited for 2018 and all it has in store"

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Throwback to a lane way in Granada this summer. This was taken while I was trying to find the Sacromonte district.

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Arcum et vota sequi patrem vestrum, et custodiant, impleantque Fatum meum dedi te facias violentiam ei dona eius in terram.

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Oman 🇴🇲 _oman After going to the detailed list below, ask to mange your trip to make it easy on you . * Accommodation recommendation: . - The Chedi Muscat - Anantara aljabal alakhdar . * Places to stop by and things to do: . - Souq matrah - Muscat bay (amazing view point jasaah bay and a coffee shop) - Wadi shaab adventure (nice short hike X swim) - Sink hole (stop by the place or maybe try to do the jump for a good picture) - Wakan village (climb the 700 steps and enjoy the amazing sceneries) - Sultan qaboos grand mosque - Try husaak adventures every weekend - Almouj (a place for walking, shopping, eating) - Royal opera house (for luxury shops and restaurants) - Daymaniat island (in summer season you must do the snorkeling or scuba diving experience there for booking find the contact here ) - Bait alsafah (in alhamara old town, an old house turned to a museum) - Nizwa Market (local old market, you better stop by Friday) . * Cafes and restaurants: . - Kargeen (try the local breakfast) - AlMandi Plate (you must order SHUWA it's a local food) صحن المندي (لازم تطلبون شواء) - Slider station - Passion cafe - Salsa oman (it’s a food truck concept, check there insta page to see where are they) - Ubher (a yummy omani fusion food) - Caramel (in the royal opera house) - The chedi muscat hotel restaurants --------------------------------------------- . * language: . - Arabic - English . * season: . Summer for beach activities Winter for fishing Salalah better in summer time . * currency: . - Rial omani . * How to get a visa: . No visa required for GCC citizens . * Tips: . - Better to rent a car or a driver to enjoy your time here as every place is far away from the other. Or ask your tour operator to arrange it for you. . * Kuwait embassy in Oman: . - Embassy: +96824699626 / 7 - Ambassador: Fahad Almutairy - Email: mailto:muscat - Address: muscat - jamiat alduwal alarabiya st. . * PS: this list was done by sulaiman alrodhan (insta & snap : ) who have been to all of the places listed above ( ) and recommends them if you plan to visit Oman, Sulaiman advises you to research these places to en

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The inside world from the outside is as interesting .....this tattoo shop in Boracay Island had an air of intrigue and the light enhanced the drama. A couple of onlookers were enamoured by the tattoo being done inside and they probably decided to learn the craft through the window of the shop. Here is to both the inside and to the outside world through the window of our perception. Stories @ the window the way look at this picture fullscreen and see all that is written. travel yourshot creative _travel travel

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There’s no time to sleep, living in a dream.

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Sun kissed mornings.! 😘 Winter sunrises are the best things to wake up to. (Mobile upload) . . . . . morning usa color style ofinstagram 6 4

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I am on the move again, this time toward a destination I was longing for, I don't wait for the weekends to come, its just me and the mountains which are in love with each other, but yes for now I am somewhere in Punjab, a place known for the food production in our country, the vast fields and the tree, awesomness is there also. update on the new trip will come when I reach there. stay tuned. . . DAY 268 . . Also, I have started featuring your pics, the pics you tag me, so start tagging and using . . Stay tuned for next update at 10PM. Video has been published and the link is in the bio. . Do follow me for daily stuff and DM for sponsorship and more stuff. . . . travel photography blogger gram ing ler yourshot in adventure

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Respirar Paris, isso conserva a alma”,- Victor Hugo. • • • • • _________________________________________________ _vacations ing _europe _villages 🇫🇷 view lingaround _france _tourist _united_europe theworld _ph _drops

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Always a good time with this group!

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The Colonnade Street; as we approach the welcome thought of lunch....we're greeted by this awfully neat row of ruins. These structures have been weathered and battered by frequent flash floods in the past thousand years. Dams now protect the area from further destruction so we can enjoy this scenic walk. ----- gram traveler travel world 2017 2017 gram life jordan

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The St Martin's Cathedral with Bratislava Castle behind. Photo by

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Bajo cielo

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Lovely sky lovely colours lovely lights . . . . . _landscape _photo_live photography _world_treasures podium _shots _earth photography _worldshoot shots _brilliance travel _pro _masterpiece shotz love_world _wizards _united _podium _photography _times _specialist

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Вчера прям целый день был посвящен железной дороге. Сначала ретро-паровоз на Витебском вокзале🚂 Оказывается, это чисто экскурсионный поезд, который возит пассажиров несколько раз в год. В следующий раз его можно будет увидеть 7 января, 25 февраля и 15 апреля. Запомни эти даты!🙃 ~ А потом я погнал в музей РЖД. И там очень круто! Классная экспозиция: много, много поездов. И само здание музея очень крутое, можно смотреть на все сверху Всем советую сходить! До конца декабря вход бесплатный. Находится он на Балтийской прям у метро. ~ Обожаю железную дорогу🤤❤️ 2017series

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The dog is the perfect portrait subject. He doesn't pose. He isn't aware of the camera. Sonyalpha6300 Noedit . . . . . alphasclub alphain travel wild _clicks a6300

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Lightning makes no sound until it strikes ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Hampi ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• graphy grapher shoot journalism oftheday shop grapher life graphy lovers yourshot travel pic grapher s_tr grapher sofindia grapher s_of_india _nature a 6000 _india photo_ lerindia graphers_of_india graphy.capturetheworld tag_it graphy_by_charlie

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Green ghost in the island.⠀

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Ajanta Caves, are 29 rock cut Buddhist cave monuments, 2C BC to 7 C AD, Aurangabad, India, World Heritage Site mgr 114 travel

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Bird-photo recommendation #597: If you are going to an Island keep your short telephoto lens handy. In the Islands, most of the endemics are quite predictable and tame. Despite its size and population, Cuba is not the exception and this majestic piece of art of the natural selection called Blue-headed Quail-Dove is a good proof of that (and hey! is a freaking endemic Quail-Dove and it got so close that I could almost smell it!) ... spot perfection _birds _best_shots _best_birds ofinstagram withjuandiego

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﷽ iran - > Tree in the winter Photography by mobile phone > _زیباست_کافیست_اهل_سفر_باشید _طبیعت_فقط_عکس_بیندازیم_نه_زباله خت گرد _گردی _گرد travel _mobilegraphy  _birillance andwhite white

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life is 10% what happens and 90% what you make of it. perspective is everything

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Nathulal Solanki leading a Nagada workshop at the Sacred Pushkar festival, Rajasthan. . . . . .

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Is there any question about how colorful is Mexico?⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ _photography_club nomads travel gram er _maravilloso desconocido _greatshots _places _mexico sorprendente

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