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Hahtag #pure: i’m in a good mood yay life -

i’m in a good mood yay life -c • • • • memes meme s memes meme memes meme

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Hahtag #pure: SERIOUSLY! Who the heck is excited for BOGO

SERIOUSLY! Who the heck is excited for BOGO WEEK! We are super excited and have some big things planned! I know one person that is not excited about it and that is our bank account 🤣 but we always look forward to BOGO week. Let the shopping begin... well not until Feb 20th! TAG or SHARE with anyone that needs to know about BOGO Week they do not want to miss out!

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Hahtag #pure: Good Morning 💞
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Hahtag #pure: I LOVE ED SHEERAN ( tags: #wholesome #memes #wholesomememes #
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Hahtag #pure: Amazing wedding photo taken at the Salt Lake

Amazing wedding photo taken at the Salt Lake Temple❤ Hope your all having a great day❤ • • • • PC ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○

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Hahtag #pure: Tag em down below ❤ - sp00p

Tag em down below ❤ - sp00p

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Hahtag #pure: do you fancy some white strawberry chocolate made

do you fancy some white strawberry chocolate made by ? It's super easy and quick to make. ⠀ ⠀ All you need is:⠀ 80 gr cacao butter⠀ 1 tbs coconut oil ⠀ 1/4 Cup white almond butter⠀ vanilla drops⠀ 1/4 Cup maple syrup ⠀ buah toppings of your choice. ⠀ ⠀ Melt everything in a pot until combined and toss on a baking tray. ⠀ ⠀ Let sit until cool. ⠀ ⠀ Das deutsche Rezept findet ihr jetzt auf unserem Blog. Link in unserer Bio. ⠀ Happpy Saturday. ⠀ <3⠀ ⠀ ⠀ smoothies mood fit berlin buahfruits strawberries

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Hahtag #pure:
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Can u see the 🐠🐟🐠🐠🐟🐳? 😍 Nie, nie som v teple... zajtra sa síce balím 🙌🙌😇, ale do tepla sa teraz nechystám...som predsa jasný Winterlover!! Takže neviem prečo... jednoducho nie všetko musí mať zmysel.... 🤷‍♀️ the ? lover

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bomb graphy _life _of_the_day📷 _sickdope

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Who likes waiting? We don't! Get whiter skin instantly + sun protection + long-term lighter skin with Here Comes the Sun Cream Instant White. . . . . . beauty ph 50

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Mangalam. Desde mi hacía ti, desde ti hacia mi. El propósito fundamental del alma es irradiar felicidad. Desde su propio SER. Namaste a Mitra, Varuna, Vishnu, Shiva, Vayu, Indra. Y a todas las formas y representaciones que indican la Luz en nuestros corazones. ( No soy hinduista, ni Yoguista, ni Jainista. Simplemente SOY ) en armonía con todo.

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Bebe sos un terremoto, pero mi mayor alegría de volver a casa. 💕 . . . . .

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Ah, Sunday...the perfect time to kick back with the Raspberrito mocktail! . . . bali ubud foods gasm gasm inbali sinbali life y

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Fun contest / promotion my friend is running. Check out her page!

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It snows all day. On my way back to home, suddenly i see this street and trees covering by snow. It's just so beautiful and i can't help myself no to shot this view. #365photochallenge andblack

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Food for Thought ... There is one irrefutable law of the universe. We are each responsible for our own life. If you are holding any one else accountable for your own happiness, you are wasting your time! You must be fearless enough to give yourself the love you never received ❣️

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I don't babysit this gorgeous human too often... max twice a year, but when I do I always try to photograph her and give her mummy (my best friend Nozomi Sato) some images to enjoy. It's getting harder as she's getting older, simply because she is not too interested in posing for me. Knowing me all her life having camera in my hands pointing at her, she simply got bored of it. Don't blame her! :) We had a lovely morning, did some art and crafts at home, then went to Art-Ful (which was great FUN!) had coffee - me and hot chocolate - Maaya. We went to the seafront and collect probably around a hundred shells!!!... and then she finally agreed to stand in front of my camera, but I think the idea of having fan blowing her hair convinced her more then anything else :) I had 10 minutes - I've taken shocking 70!! images in that time.. and these few I wanted to share with you. How beautiful is she!!!! <3 .. and of course my cotton balls... feels like I can't do a session without them lately!!! Love them!!! Thank you Maaya: for a lovely day and for posing for me!! Love you!!!

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Silence speaks volumes.

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| L e s s T a l k M o r e A c t i o n | Stay true | Stay You | Stay Pure | e #3sup 3 📷TJ

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# Divine Love If, in the darkness, the mind never wavers, if love and longing never grow weak, it is then that you prove to yourself that you really have the love of God.

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- مُنذ البداية كنت أقاوم شيئاً واحداً، هو أن لا يموت "إيماني بالوصول" حتى وإن وَصلتُ مُتعباً! 💛 —— 23:50 . 8

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Paul ll Paul 1 you can go 🕊 #30

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Chicago winters = summer daydreams.

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Aaayyyooo tryn to lure out again!!! Had to pull out the an dip som in the with som if i remember right these were the terps. An the only reason they look dark is kuz i put old oil on the bottom of the jars to keep them upright. Anywho big shouts to the family members love yall mafks have a great day

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I’m probably gonna post a ton today cause I’m procrastinating ---Julian - - - - aesthetic s

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Today with foundation I was paired with Shreck who was bonded with his girl, Fiona! Fiona was walked by a different volunteer, who was absolutely delightful to work with and the two of us stuck together with the dogs. For starters, these five year old pit mixes were definitely some of the sweetest dogs ever! While Fiona thought she was a lap dog and would try to climb in people laps and give lots of kisses, Shreck was a bit more reserved and less jumpy. Towards the beginning of the event, he was a bit nervous but he came out of his shell pretty quickly and absolutely loved getting pets and treats. When it started snowing, we brought them outside for a bit and learned that while Shreck doesn’t seem to care, Fiona was afraid of the snow, how cute! While the two are Like night and day, these Puerto Rican pups are a perfect pair! At one point we took them apart for just a few minutes and the two looked so sad without one another, but they were quickly rejoined. I adored working with these lovebugs and wouldn’t mind working with them again. Sadly, these two didn’t get adopted, but they certainly will soon, most likely together! Good luck pups! andshrek

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Choosing to be kind gets you further in life than always having to be right. Let others have their own experiences and watch them grow. • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Progressive Urban Real Estate ☎️Call Sara for your home solutions☎️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • veland #216 vescene veland gram veland realestate veland rocks agent life

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— they really are couple goals [not my edit] Credits: hands down captain swan (go follow!) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . {TAGS} s edit edit charming abc abc

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7. Sempre olhe a pessoa nos olhos enquanto conversa.

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BOGOs ARE BACK! 💧 Starting ​Tuesday​ there will be ​5 ​days of BUY1 GET1 FREE essential oil deals from doTERRA. If you are interested in participating in the buy one get one free deals and you want either FREE shipping (for local pickup) or bundled discounted shipping for the whole week, comment below (or message me) and I will add you to my special Facebook group where I will be posting the deals ​&​ offering the shipping discounts. I will also be giving you education on each day's oil so you know how to use it. You do NOT have to be a dōTERRA member to participate. 🌟 *If you are a doterra wholesale member on someone else's team, they most likely will be offering discounted shipping also so check with them & order from them.*

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Travel with your heart and look at back your memories

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