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7273 170 Dec 14, 2017
on #sonya7rii: A few days ago, I finally made it

A few days ago, I finally made it down to New Zealand, a trip I’ve been waiting to go on since the beginning of this year. All I have to say is that the past few days adventuring around the South Island has only got me more excited for what else this amazing country has to offer.

6126 222 Dec 13, 2017
on #sonya7rii: When I first heard about Mount Assiniboine, I

When I first heard about Mount Assiniboine, I was pretty confident that I would never actually see it with my own eyes because of how deep in the backwoods this place is. Thanks to ’s ingenuity, we were able to visit Mount Assiniboine for sunrise and still make it to Tim Hortons before breakfast hours were over.

251 16 Dec 14, 2017
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びっくりマーク!! な笠雲富士山 . Location:Yamanashi . onya 7rii _daytime_view _shorttrip _of_japan_ _japan _ _japan _shot _photoclub _of_insta _fpn ersjp _jp_ _jpn _photo_now _travel _landscapes _worldclub s_world _places _nippon _nippon _photo_jpn

4255 89 Dec 14, 2017
on #sonya7rii: Love when two of my favorite seasons do

Love when two of my favorite seasons do a collab together 🍂❄️

1594 10 Dec 14, 2017
on #sonya7rii:

• Mirrorless Geeker  ------------------------------------------------ To be featured • Follow  • Tag and use   on your picture Sony A7sii Checkout the Mirrorlessgeeks Store 📷 FREE Shipping Worldwide🌐link in bio

566 26 Dec 15, 2017
on #sonya7rii: learning to let go 🍃

learning to let go 🍃

2472 56 Dec 14, 2017
on #sonya7rii: Hele začínám mít sluníčkovej

Hele začínám mít sluníčkovej absťák! Jinak u poslední fotky jsem sliboval, že udělám tipsz video o tom, jak chytat sluníčko. A to splním. Jen to sluníčko musí vylézt. :) hele a teď schválně, uhádnete nastavení foťáku. ISO200, objektiv Loxia 21mm a zajímá mě čas a clona :)) • • • • • _outdoors •
• 📷 sclub 7rII 21

5 0 Dec 18, 2017
8 1 Dec 18, 2017

From Collection LANDING. Singapore 🇸🇬 Title: Blades photography project. Will be published soon. Stay tuned Follow me photography with lpha 7rii lovers filter _symmetry mood _hunter _architecture

28 3 Dec 18, 2017

CLOSE CALLS _____________________ It’s been an incredibly stressful past few weeks. A lot of big decisions, self realization, and so much more has been going on. As much as I want to be pumping out content non stop, it just doesn’t work that way all the time. _____________________ As many of you know, I create content full time. Instagram and YouTube are really only a side thing for me. When it comes down to it, I have to do what pays the bills, so if it means I step back from my personal content for a bit, it’s what has to be done. _____________________ As I’ve said in the last couple posts, 2018 is looking to be the biggest year of my career, and I’m going to share as much of the journey as I can. Thank you to everyone who’s been with me so far... _____________________ Once again, the comments broke last time, so I couldn’t see the winner, let’s hope it works this time. Comment spam: “BACK AND BETTER💪🏻” for a shoutout on my story 💙

34 2 Dec 18, 2017

We're getting into the holiday spirit with the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 VM Heliar III lens, seen here mounted on the 42.4 MP Sony A7RII. This beaut of a lens, combined with the A7RIIs massive sensor will allow us shoot super wide while retaining tons of detail. 👉🏽📷 Shot with a Nikon D810 and Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art lens.

2 1 Dec 18, 2017

Great time shooting in the Dugout with Ellis Young of Intero Real Estate this weekend for an Editorial Spotlight on his life in Real Estate for 🙌

15 0 Dec 18, 2017
2 1 Dec 18, 2017

Twins mini session. What a wonderful time it was, they were both great! Sonya7r2, zeiss 70-200 f/4 200mm, ISO 320, 1/250 sec, flashpoint speed light TTL with flash dome. lpha 7rii.

2 0 Dec 18, 2017

Really love to see couples just being natural. Also helps when they’re both professional models! 7rii

10 0 Dec 18, 2017
6 0 Dec 18, 2017
10 0 Dec 18, 2017

from a couple months back. 7rii

11 1 Dec 18, 2017

Sneak peek of an I did recently. Hope you like it!

108 5 Dec 18, 2017

Layers on layers on layers. Shoutout to the ISO performance of the A7Rii on this one. Shooting from the hip in tricky pre-dawn light at 18,000 ft.

2 1 Dec 18, 2017


828 21 Dec 18, 2017

A few days of not shooting. Went out feeling a bit rusty and the grey skies gave me little hope but got lucky with the rain.

6 1 Dec 18, 2017

First photo shooting with Sony a7riii. This camera is wow. Sony a7riii, f/1.8, 1/5000, 85mm, ISO 100 alpha a7riii a7rii alphasclub alphagang 7riii 7rii 85 85mm photography art age _ig _portraits

15 0 Dec 18, 2017
24 1 Dec 18, 2017

Cutest baby bump 😍Getting some more peaks of these two up on fb ! And knocking of edits and that crazy "to do"list so we can take off for the holidays ✨

10 0 Dec 18, 2017

Frozen picnic bench at the playing fields. Běleč nad Orlicí, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. a 7rii 35mmart

17 0 Dec 18, 2017

Grab the hottest accessories for your awesome Sony cameras! Visit our site to get exclusive sales and limited edition items today. Available for delivery worldwide straight to your doorsteps! Raise your 👋🏽 if you've been to Lago Di Braies. Here's a tip for shooting from photographer 👉🏽 "Always be patient and wait for the good light. That morning there was a mix of snow and rain until it finally cleared up and some proper sunlight was coming in. Sometimes you just have to be patient and wait a half day at the same spot for the perfect light." | a7R II | Zeiss 16-35mm f4 | ISO 200 | F5.6 | a6000 a5000 a6300 a7 a7s a7ii a7r alpha a7rii a5100 alphasclub alpha6000 alphateam alphagang alpha5000

37 0 Dec 18, 2017

Model: KAI photographed by me with 7R2 & 50 mm planar 🌍 page ! mood _mf Vision oftheday _people alpha images portraits photogallery alpha a7rii ii 7rii a7r2

66 0 Dec 18, 2017

It’s easier to stay awake till 6 AM, than to wake up at 6 AM!. Photography by: graphy grapher 4like 7rii graphy life

22 1 Dec 18, 2017

SQUAD taken with my new 7rii using 85mm 1.8 💯

20 3 Dec 18, 2017

Enter Studio Mode.

12 0 Dec 18, 2017

“Grinding” is now available on my YouTube channel! This video was filmed + edited in less than 48h 🔋 7rii tography

33 1 Dec 18, 2017

“Hyperion” . Model by . . Year 2056, meta Humans have declared total independence from the rest of non enhanced biological life forms, a new territory has been created called Hyperion. . . . EXIF . 15 Sec / f.8 / ISO 50 . No photoshop, all in Camara effects using light painting . . 7rii brushes _feature _night_view _masterpiece _japan

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41 0 Dec 18, 2017

Model: Giorgia photographed by me with 7R2 & 50 mm planar 🌍 page ! mood _mf Vision oftheday _people alpha images portraits photogallery alpha a7rii ii 7rii

11 0 Dec 18, 2017

Dec/18/2017. I am thankful for this life , for everything God has sent my way. I couldn’t have expected it to go any other way. I can’t complain its been a good ride! 7rii photographer _ig

14 1 Dec 18, 2017

The beautiful Yamasaki-designed McGregor Memorial Conference Center at Wayne State University. Surprisingly, of all the photos I’ve taken of this building, none have been at night or in the snow. Well, that changed yesterday evening. university warriors campus rchitecture rchitecture photography photography 7rii 7rii

57 5 Dec 18, 2017

Bonjour! Editing photos all day (again! 😄) so let’s start this week with a few images of the exterior and interior signage at the wonderful Enbridge Centre downtown Edmonton captured for a Calgary-based client. This was the largest project that I ever shot in terms of time involved. It took several months from start to finish and a total of 47 images were delivered to showcase the ground and building signage (hence the “lower angle” on the exterior), interior signs and parkade murals. No need to say that the diversity of this project made it my very favourite of 2017 which means a lot considering the number of terrific locations I shot this year! 📷Camera used? Well, I shot 3 cameras in total for this project: Phase One XF, Sony A7R II and Nikon D800E! Whatever got the job done depending on the situation! 3 cameras, 3 cables and 1 and only program: Capture One Pro! Lighting by Profoto and ☀️

93 1 Dec 18, 2017

Tosho-gu temple in Nikko⠀ | GREAT NEWS! I'll be heading back to Japan from Dec 29 - Jan 11. Visiting Tokyo, Nagano, Nagoya, and Tokyo Disney. If you are going to be around and want to meet up, let me know | Sony a7Rii ❌ Sony FE 24-70 G Master 1/100 | F2.8 | ISO200 | lpha rtisans 7Riii alpha 7riii 7Rii 7rii #4x5

23 0 Dec 18, 2017

Rami ghiacciati in fondo alla cascata photography a lpha a 7rii a lpha 7rii lovers photography landscape photography tic pic

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