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I'm a happy girl to be spending a few days in beautiful, sunny Palm Beach with for their launch tomorrow! I love all of the new blue & white pieces that are out now too 💙

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by // Today’s featured photo from captures the moon hovering above Cathedral Rock, one of the state's most spectacular sandstone formations. For a chance to win a trip to Arizona, upload your best awe-inspiring shots that play on both the authentic feel of Arizona and the unreality of its experiences. Tag with and include a caption with the location and a short description. The contest, sponsored by , runs through March 5. For more information, visit nationalgeographic.com/unreal-arizona

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Hahtag #sponsored: Toast + Yogurt = Ultimate happiness.  I love all things

Toast + Yogurt = Ultimate happiness. I love all things toast but toast and yogurt is exceptionally amazing. Kicking off tuesday with the most decadent ever. Slathered two slices of toast with lemon triple cream yogurt and a homemade berry compote. To make the compote just simmer 1 cup of frozen berries with 2 Tbs water and the juice of half a lemon. This breakfast is the perfect balance of protein and healthy fats to keep me full and satisfied until lunch. For those of you who haven’t slathered your toast with you are missing out!

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Hahtag #sponsored: Sponsored | Werbung Have you guys already discovered the

Sponsored | Werbung Have you guys already discovered the new Buko Bottles from in the supermarket? They are very handy to dispense, with 100% natural ingredients and so suitable for many dishes! They come in 3 different flavors and we decided to top our curcuma crêpes with the delicious tomato-herb cream cheese - so good ❤️ ideen ____ oodvideo oodstylist oodphotographer recipes 52grams ellowmag

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Hahtag #sponsored: How to contour for every skin type (tips +

How to contour for every skin type (tips + my fave products🙌🏽) live on BYOB this morning with ! Also sharing a mini tutorial on my story 👆🏼💗 http://liketk.it/2uIsg

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🔸🔸Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich🔸🔸 💥GIVEAWAY💥 I’ve teamed up with to give one lucky winner a ONE MONTH SUPPLY OF BREAD!!! 🥖🍞 All you have to do to win is... . 💥•follow & . 💥•tag your friends! Each in a separate comment. Each one = 1entry . . Pictured here is my “Italian Grilled Cheese” Pane Turano Italian bread stuffed with layers of mozzarella cheese, white American cheese, pepperjack cheese, and vodka sauce, pan fried in garlic butter until melty and perfectly crispy -recipe will be up on Turano Breads website 💛 . . . . This giveaway isn’t sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram. . . . . sandwich

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Hahtag #sponsored: Y’all. Mom brain is real. Sometimes,  I

Y’all. Mom brain is real. Sometimes, I feel like the intelligence and focus my kids are gaining week after week is directly proportional to the intelligence and focus I’ve lost week after week 🤦🏻‍♀️ coincidence? 🤷🏻‍♀️ who knows?? 😏 _________ SO, when and sent over some of their current products, I immediately started looking at this Omega Memory with Curcumin... Based on the amount of omega 3s I get in my diet, I don’t really need a traditional full omega 3 supplement dose... so I love that this one only has 1000mg omega 3s (the Omega 2X has 2150mg) but also has optimized curcumin extract, phosphatidylcholine, and hyperzine A to help with cognitive clarity, memory function, and general neurological health... because let’s be honest, we moms need all the help we can get to keep up with the quick witted and sharp negotiating skills of 3 and 4 yr olds 😂 __________ You can download a coupon from the mobile app to save $5 on 2X products, when you buy any ONE (1) Ultimate Omega 2X product until February 28! __________ Toast details in the first comment 🍞 __________ 3s

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Hahtag #sponsored: still absolutely freezing out so these spicy sweet

still absolutely freezing out so these spicy sweet potato black bean tacos 🌮🥑 definitely hit the spot today. also my first time trying tortillas and i am definitely impressed, didn’t even break apart with all that filling🤤 Hope you all are having a good week! • also I am looking for some new books to read (just finished my last one), anyone have any suggestions?! Can be any type of genre! • details—> (message me for the link to my article w/ this recipe) 3 tortillas + homemade spicy black beans + spiced sweet potatoes topped w/ guac, salsa & cilantro

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Hahtag #sponsored: Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese
So easy and

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese ———— So easy and so cheesy! Get your slow cooker here: http://amzn.to/2sDD41j *for a limited time receive $8 off! dolls . . . . . . food network 52 andwine heaven

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New clutch is in absolutely loving the Z again. Gotta make some cosmetic changes so she looks cute for 2018 Who else is planning on going? As always shout out to the homie for the wrap hit him up for details. #350z day 33 35

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In honor of National , you should spoil your pet with 20% off all of our grooming products. Need to make sure they are looking their best for the hundreds of selfies you will be taking with them. Visit us at Dexas.com⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Okay mom, your turn. Hop in... 😂🛁 These new grooming gadgets from are changing the way we keep our pack clean, at home and on the road. Compact, gentle, and effective, they make grooming a breeze anywhere you go! Check out our full review on the blog! ⠀ ⠀ Also, who likes Boomer's new trick? Such a smart pup. 🤓 ( #📷 via )⠀ ⠀ agram

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Novo vídeo no nosso canal do YouTube! 🎬 “Q&A - Treino Saudável Vs. Prejudicial” 💪🏾 Quantas sessões de treino costumas fazer por semana?

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In love with our swaddles! ❤️❤️ enandanais

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Está frio, está cedo, está calor, está tarde, acabei de comer, ainda não comi, não vou sozinho, não vou acompanhado, está muito sol, está nublado e muito mais desculpas na lista. E vc, usou qual desculpa pra não treinar hoje?! Só vai... . . . style nydays

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Have you been waiting for an unreal Arizona escape? Now is your chance to win your getaway to Arizona. See below for details on how to enter. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Repost: " by // Today’s featured photo from captures the moon hovering above Cathedral Rock, one of the state's most spectacular sandstone formations. For a chance to win a trip to Arizona, upload your best awe-inspiring shots that play on both the authentic feel of Arizona and the unreality of its experiences. Tag with and include a caption with the location and a short description. The contest, sponsored by , runs through March 5. For more information, visit nationalgeographic.com/unreal-arizona" ⠀ ⠀ ( #📷 via )

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Back from Miami & enjoying an acai bowl with my acai-flavoured drink. I add it to water and it doubles to triples my hydration, so it's perfect for my travels, workouts, sitting on the beach or by the pool. Let's be real, you need stay hydrated when sitting in the sun and who wants to carry bottles of water around? For all you travellers, the taste & consistency reminds me of the sports drinks in Japan, too. 💙 Link in bio for more details. . . . side vibes side chillin life

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TUXEDO (unisex) in Oil from. 😘😘 A spicy unisex scent that blends the matte texture of smoked patchouli with ambergris accord to express a magnetic and dark sex appeal. The sharp black pepper enhanced with the freshness of cardamom mirrors the satin stripe that runs along the seam of the trousers and the lapels of the jacket. With a refined sense of detail, the gleaming effect of the spices electrifies and highlights the sophistication of the garment. A bold masculine look transformed into a feminine staple by Yves Saint Laurent, the tuxedo is an expression of impertinent seduction.  24 bella

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Promotional video courtesy of we are very thankful for the people we have been able to work with! HMA: Sponsor: Use code WORHOL for 15% off your Squeezed order!

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( ) ・・・ I often point out that good circulation is key to fitness and overall health. I'm very impressed with Whole Beets, an organic food powder made of fermented whole beets that yields up to 200% the nitrate content of regular beet powder. This means a much greater conversion to nitric oxide (NO) in our bodies, so we can have great endurance during workouts, more healthy blood pressure levels and overall better circulatory health. That's a triple win in my book. 💪🏼💯 - You can find out more info on Whole Beets or order it here: http://naturesanswer.com/product/whole-beets As always, if you do try this product please let me know how it works out for you. 👍🏼 - Please 🏷 a friend you think would enjoy this. Follow me for motivation, fitness and lifestyle tips on the daily. 👊🏼

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At this point my hair is 90% dry shampoo! I have mastered finding a shower in a bottle.. aka my !! I seriously wake up, spray my dry shampoo in my hair, not only does it soak up the grease and oil and sweat but it helps with styling and with smelling clean! I love this dry shampoo! I have tried so many and this is my holy grail! Be sure to grab a bottle ! I promise you will love !! http://liketk.it/2uIKE 50 100 Download the LIKEtoKNOW.it app to shop this pic via screenshot

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This little girl is loving her new bag! Packed a few of her favorite toys and a snack and we’re off the park on this beautiful Tuesday 💕

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🚨New Episode🚨of Prize Ride is on the site & apps! 🚘

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My morning routine usually includes a very large cup of coffee ☕️ ...and my daily dose of Just a quick 5 minute quiz helped me identify the right vitamins my body needs for immunity, digestion, healthy skin and energy!  These little customized packets has made it so simple and easy to put all the good stuff in my body everyday! Try it out today for 25% your first order with code: LYDIA.

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It’s the little moments like these that put things into perspective, and force you to focus on the big picture. Knowing that your little ones are in good hands should anything happen, lifts a huge weight off your shoulders. That's why I've partnered up with this year as one of their brand ambassadors. More to come!

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It’s snowy outside so we are inside practicing our cannon balls and watching movies on our new convertible bean bag. We opted for the queen size so when we convert it into a bed we wouldn’t have to worry about who gets to sit on it, even though Ellie has pretty much claimed it for herself 😝

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On a recent photo project, I found myself in a new city and yet I barely left my wonderful bed. It became more of a staycation in our hotel , rather than exploring everything Atlanta has to offer (which is a lot!). We got our southern food fix and saw some beautiful art, but it felt so good to just stay in and work from bed in new surroundings.

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" Join now, and don’t miss out on the Best Free Phone Event Ever! Switch to MetroPCS on an unlimited LTE plan today and choose an awesome FREE phone valued up to $399. Sales tax not included. http://bit.ly/Switch-MPCS "

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Model: • • • photographer photo photography photographer photographer photography photographer s y

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p l a y p r e t e n d 🍕 as a kid was my all time favorite thing, she even came to my 4th birthday party! so I knew when I became a mama of two girls, that I would pass on that love. we absolutely love 's pizza chef doll! so cute and it's helped Bracelyn not only channel some creativity with making those tiny little pizzas, but I've been able to teach her the step by step process to make it! the dough is such a good sensory activity as well! double points in our book! . . . pizzachef _motherhood happynow _sugar_jar vibes _unveiled _moments

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Who’s ready for spring!! No better way to greet it than with some cute apparel! How can you not 😍

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Now that I am back to the gym I try to stay hydrated by taking Liquid I.V. electrolyte drink mix can provide the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water so it works perfectly for me that have a hard time drinking water 😬✅👏🏻Check out the link in my bio for a special discount off your purchase. . . Agora que voltei a ir pra academia tento me manter sempre hidratada e estou tomando que é um pó que você mistura em uma garrafa de água e fornece a mesma hidratação que 3 garrafas de água. Não substitui a água, é lógico, mas ajuda principalmente quem tem dificuldade em beber água que nem eu! ✅

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My skin is always out of whack after travelling so I am excited to have Aveeno taking over my skincare routine this week especially with all of their Complexion Clearing products. I really wish I had these makeup removing wipes while I was in New York but they are definitely going to be part of my regular routine moving forward. You can find this and other Aveeno products at and they are currently buy one get the second 40% off! Check out my instastories to see more! .

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The best tea powder I've ever had. The fine powder mixes perfectly with your water and rates great. I have been using it for a while and can't go back to other brands. Matcha DNA Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea Buy here 🔥👉 amzn.to/2EnreNf dna powder greentea _muc _muc _de channel life style

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As you know, I love healthy plant-based meals! Cooking for yourself is an act of self-love that nourishes your body with high vibrational nutrients and minerals. A busy schedule can make meal prep feel overwhelming so makes your life easier by doing all the planning and simplifying for you. Every Wednesday you'll get a new meal plan with 8 Family recipes and 8 Individual recipes. So whether you feeding 1,2,3,4 or more, they've got you covered. Their pre-made shopping lists make shopping a breeze. Meal Mentor does all the planning for you. You just print your shopping list and go! ---------------------

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Feels like spring! And just a reminder that you should check out my previous post for details on my jewelry giveaway in partnership with ! A giveaway honoring hardworking women! Photo by designer giveaway

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Can’t Beet Me Smoothie from Shalane’s cookbook 😋. I’m all about getting my foot better and this smoothie is great for inflammation loaded with nutrients and rich in antioxidants and minerals👊🏼 8 easy miles today in the 🌧 I’ve always loved running in the rain! Ran in shorts and tank 👍🏼 Mother Nature is 🤣this winter!! 2018

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Living in Utah we deal with colder weather most of the year. So when my kids have skirts or dresses we can use them year around with thick cotton tights. They are amazing for the young baby girls especially those during crawling years to keep their legs and knees protected. I got some of these for my nephew's upcoming new baby because I know they will get used a lot here and I want her little legs to stay covered and protected. These ones are a 3 pack and come with 3 different cute designs and colors. I love the little bear ones and the stripes with hearts. Absolutely adorable. They are great quality and thick to keep her warm and protected all for a great price! Check them out today https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA2PXM9482V1BFR&field-keywords=tights+girls

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Very proud sponsors of congratulations on reaching the Semi Finals ⚽️👍

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Chest day best day 💥 I love spending time working on my weaknesses 💯 I love the challenge of building better balance and symmetry with each set and each rep. There is still work to be done 💪 #1isolate Fam Life ness

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Model: • • • photographer photo photography photographer photographer photography photographer s y

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So, I just saw that it’s National Grapefruit Month. Coincidentally, I just posted the recipe for these Grapefruit Coconut Lime Smoothies made with Grapefruit Juice. Get on over to the blog to get the details! - [ ] photography photographer iesofinstagram styling 52grams blogger eattheworld blogfeed

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IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME ✨✨✨happy tuesday! today i’m teaming up with to give one lucky winner a $100 gift card & two red dress pins to help promote ❤️ . . . here’s how to enter: 1. like this photo 2. follow 3. tag 3 friends below (more tags equal more entries) 4. comment & tell me one way way you can start being healthier today! . . . for me, i should go back to only drinking water because i feel better when i do & i know it’s good for me! 🙌🏻 giveaway ends tomorrow, wednesday 2/21 at midnight pst & a winner will be randomly selected & announced on thursday via IG stories. good luck! 🌿 time creatives tahoe blogger

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*GIVEAWAY* Were you fascinated by the world of on ’s ? Next Tuesday, February 27, Jump into the world of the real Special Agents Javier Pena and Steve Murphy who were instrumental in the take down of “The King Of Cocaine.” Their story inspired the hit Netflix series NARCOS and is bringing them straight to you ! HOW TO ENTER: Tag your Gustavo and tell us why you want to go! Winner will be chosen Wednesday at 10 p.m. Thanks to the Brighton Center for the tickets! Make sure you get your tix now to support their cause of providing developmental & educational services to children of ALL abilities

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Am Wochenende steht ein Lehrgang bei uns auf dem Hof an. Eine externe Richterin und gleichzeitig Trainerin hält diesen bei uns ab. Wir werden wohl die einzigen Blinden unter den Sehenden dort sein. 😐 nach heute bin ich schon verunsichert..aber ich versuche es als Chance zu nutzen. Ich höre gern mal anderen Meinungen oder schau auch gern bei Lehrgängen zu. Ich finde da kann man oft sehr viel für sich mitnehmen. Hier seht ihr Monty und mich in unserem Outfit!❤ team _paddockgitter

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Recently engaged? There's no better place to say "I do" than Chicago’s one-of-a-kind historic Art Deco venue, Enjoy three floors of intriguing possibilities, a bridal dressing room and so much more

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Hump day requires CC, coffee. To be honest I haven’t tried this before. It started when I had coffee catch up with my friend . My crazy little mind was wondering what does my coffee taste like if I add a few ml of Chambord. It’s actually tastes so good, especially when your coffee blend has fruity or floral notes. Thank you for capturing this moment 😘 Have you tried coffee and Chambord before? Good morning CBR. AU collab

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It's time again! I got some awesome pieces in this month's style edit! ⠀ ⠀ For example, how much do we love this slouchy gray sweater?? It's a new fave!! Swipe left to see another item I kept! Flannels are my go to and this one has a sweet button detailing down the back! Love! ⠀ ⠀ To get your wardrobe updated monthly check out the link in my bio! To see everything I got, check out my IG story ASAP!⠀ ⠀ http://wntbl.com/trainerlindsey

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Il connubio perfetto 🏃🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️ 2018 - - - Verso grandi orizzonti 🔥

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Hey, check out this sink.

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Running around town... I like to bring snacks and my favorite is this bar from 💪🏽😍 Health Warrior Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bars bring rich chocolate taste with real whole ingredients! Get them on sale through 2/23 Link in my bio. Happy Monday everyone!❤️

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