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Hahtag #teach: Love @createandeducate’s idea!! Anyone else have a

Love ’s idea!! Anyone else have a method? ・・・ I tried this out last year and it worked out well for me! Last year I placed mine on a poster and laminated the whole poser. This year, I laminated the pockets individually! This way, if one rips I could easily replace it. Each student gets 3 sticks. I write their names on each pocket. Each stick allows them to go to the bathroom or to go get a drink. (They turn a stick into a cup.) When they run out of sticks and it's an emergency they have to ask a peer if they can use one of theirs. This is a great way to manage how many times they go to the bathroom outside of our regular whole class bathroom breaks!

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Hahtag #teach:

is rocking it with mini erasers and growth mindset!!! 💙

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Hahtag #teach: I’m sorry for freaking out about these

I’m sorry for freaking out about these Merge Cubes on my story today, but when you can hold the entire solar system & a human brain in your hands, it’s acceptable to freak out!!! Learning is forever changed thanks to Virtual and Augmented Reality! Talk about engagement!! The possibilities for learning & exploration are endless with this cube!! I can’t wait to explore & share more! Let me know what you are using yours for! Check out my story for more!

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Hahtag #teach: I am often asked to be a mentor

I am often asked to be a mentor to young women starting out in business, this quote from Tony Gaskins is up there on the values that are important that I try to reinforce. Given the changes we are seeing around us at the moment, this applies really to everyone, both professionally and personally.

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Hahtag #teach:
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Hahtag #teach: Y’all. 🦕💙 📸: @hellomissbee

Y’all. 🦕💙 📸:

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Hahtag #teach: Is it considered work if you probably should

Is it considered work if you probably should be doing homework, but you decided to play around with making videos for your Instagram instead? 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 (Song by Jillian Edwards - You’ve got me) . . . . video ist art painting andpaint

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Hahtag #teach: Use listas de #palavras para classificar e observar

Use listas de para classificar e observar as semelhanças e diferenças entre elas e assim construir as ortográficas com as crianças! 😉 __________________________ ✔ Cada criança pesquisou e trouxe para a aula palavras com SÃO | SSÃO | ÇÃO __________________________ ✔ Organizamos as palavras em 3 grupos, de acordo com as letras usadas e depois fizemos a análise ortográfica. ☺👍 __________________________ 💡Dá pra aproveitar a ideia pra classificação gramatical de verbos, substantivos ... e assim tornar aquelas atividades cansativas de português mais significativas! 😉 _____________________________ ⚀ Confira ideias sobre clicando aqui ➡️ ⬅️ _________________________________ Acesse o link do meu perfil e veja mais ideias no blog! ▶▶ www.papodaprofessoradenise.com.br  __________________________   ersfollowteachers ersofinstagram a

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Hahtag #teach: 1K GIVEAWAY!!! 🎉🎉🎉I can not believe that you

1K GIVEAWAY!!! 🎉🎉🎉I can not believe that you guys have helped me get to 1,000 followers aka 1,000 of the smartest, kindest, funniest people I communicate with daily. You guys have taught, helped, encouraged, and motivated me ❤️ You’ve shown me what true kindness looks like with the interactions you share daily! I love having giveaways because it’s a time for me to show my appreciation for all that you’ve done for me 💕 Here is the giveaway! The winner will receive: 🌷Scotch brand laminator📃 🌷Pastel blue lightbox 🤩 🌷Blue Target letterboard 🔡 🌷Cute notebook📒💙 🌷Organizer with colorful paperclips, binder clips, and rubber bands📎💜 🌷Pink notes cube🗒 🌷Donuts notepad🍩 🌷Donuts weekly planner🍩🗓 🌷Motivational pencils✏️🧡 🌷Set of Papermate Inkjoy pens🖊❤️🧡💛 🌷Rae Dunn write and stash pencil/ paper clip holder✏️📎 🌷Pack of 12 Papermate Flair pens🖊❤️🧡💛 🌷Pack of 12 Mr. Sketch scented markers 🍎🍊🍒🍇 🌷Pack of 12 Foray highlighters💚💙 🌷Pack of 10 Sharpie markers🖍 • • • How to enter! 1️⃣ Follow me 2️⃣ Like this post 3️⃣ Comment with what you want the most from this giveaway 🎉 4️⃣ In a separate comment, tag a friend! ‼️For extra entries ‼️ 🎉Tag additional friends in separate comments 🎉Share to your story and tag me 🎉Repost to your Instagram page and tag me for 5 more entries! • • • ✨GOOD LUCK✨ Giveaway ends Sunday at midnight! Winner will be announced on Monday, March 26th!🎀🎀

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Haile the kings of kings ! His Imperial Majesty 🇪🇹

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We love this colorful storage center that Ali from has! 🙌 You can use our link to pick up one for your classroom. Thanks for tagging us at ers loveamazon 😍 (affiliate) . . . . . . . . http://amzn.to/2tV77lE . . . . . . . ers ofinstagram ers erlife ers followteachers

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Coconut Oil Poached Mahi, Garlic Callaloo, Confit Jamaican Lemon, Sea Purslane Flowers - finished tableside with Foraged Wild Fava Vinaigrette sroll mecrazy

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never forget the special ones .. the folks who give .. the value conscious, generous, and kind people. thank you .. !. . . 1be ibe

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One of my students asked me what I do on the weekends and to post it to Instagram! Well, I went out for breakfast (omelet with hot sauce...and coffee of course!), then went hiking in Nottingham PA (everything is very brown this time of year), watched a couple British tv shows with my husband (while drinking tea haha), got my hair cut, prepped my yard for Spring gardening, and worked on one of my many art projects 😉 oh, and planned art lessons...because teachers never stop! That about sums it up! Hoping everyone had a GREAT weekend!!! erweekend ersdontliveatschool ucation

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In love with this 💕 er sofinstagram er sfollowteachers er er life

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This book is a great discussion starter for young students about being responsible when online! I love it because it doesn't tell students that it's awful to go online, but that it's important to be a good digital citizen and also to ask your parents permission before you do something new! The fairy tale theme is a fun twist on an important topic! Amazon affiliate link in profile to check it out. (That means I receive a small commission if you want a purchase with no extra charge to you.) amzn.to/2GEJekO ersfollowteachers likeaboss ertiptuesday ersofig ersofinstagram

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Sometimes when the doors are shut, It rocks us back and knocks us over. It happens. We’ve all been there. We feel the pain and experience the confusion. It hurts, both spiritually and emotionally. Nevertheless the questions that we can begin asking ourselves would be: Where do we go after a door is closed? And What can we from it? Try to the , take life one step at a time and rely on to the way forward. It’s all about trusting him with every step and walk by We just have to accept that a door is closed and we may never know the reason. But we know that god has closed it and we trust Him. For closed doors refine us further, us and always us something. set fulness

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Spring cookie workshop now open to the public! There are limited spots available so be sure to email us ASAP to reserve your seat! ☺️

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A long time indulging in sweet lassi's and India's oily street food. Now back into the continuous educational farm talk with farmers.

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When you are bored studying books... Even there isnt any music played, you will still groove....

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Winter wonderland❄️❤️ Hat’s bei euch auch so viel Schnee?😊 Jup☝🏼💗 - - - - - - ally ally app er # love life

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Lean In Casting Call! As you may , Equal Pay Day 2018 is April 10. LeanIn.org will create a series of short videos featuring real-life women and families talking about what the pay gap means in their lives. Want a chance to be featured {and have availability on March 25th to head into the city}? Footage will be shot in a studio in NY, then edited together into short videos to be used in LeanIn.org’s Equal Pay Day campaigns. For details on the shoot, email hobokenleanincircle or check out the content posted to the Hoboken Circle's official Social Feed. ( ) ・・・

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Study in the UK... message us for details levels 4follow

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Bart's earned a day off. — Барт заслужил выходной. 👌 I must not write all over the walls. — Я не должен писать по всем стенам. ✏ We do need no education. — Нам не нужно образование. 📚 язык language words ing сюмором ://vk.com/public143653902

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He taught English. — Он преподавал английский язык. 🤓 He learned English. — Oн выучил английский язык. 🇺🇸 He studied English. — Он изучал английский язык. 📚 язык language words ing сюмором ://vk.com/public143653902

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Is it Spring Break for you? Some lazy days ahead for me!

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pretty sure Shel Silverstein has a poem about this • There is a place where the sidewalk ends And before the street begins, And there the grass grows soft and white, And there the sun burns crimson bright, And there the moon-bird rests from his flight To cool in the peppermint wind. Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black And the dark street winds and bends. Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow, And watch where the chalk-white arrows go To the place where the sidewalk ends. Yes we'll walk with a walk that is measured and slow, And we'll go where the chalk-white arrows go, For the children, they mark, and the children, they know The place where the sidewalk ends. . . . . . . . ersofinstagram

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Sesi tanya jawab dan mengenal lebih dekat Profil PlayGroup dan RA Al-Muttaqin Call Center : +6281324243361 Fb : RA Al-Muttaqin Kota Tasikmalaya ing ers tasikmalaya

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Друзья, поступило много вопросов по поводу этой книги!💃 (Чего я не ожидала, честно говоря) . Рассказываю.🗣️ Можно заказать на сайте у , как в электронном, так и в печатном формате. На мой взгляд, книга будет полезна не только педагогам в танцевальной сфере, но и людям из других сфер преподавания. Раскрыто много вопросов психологии, маркетинга и прочего. Так что, советую к прочтению! Давайте развиваться вместе.😊 . . . . . life page

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Best Learning in Dalian received an awesome new addition to their team. Welcome Lucas!!

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I cannot express to you the excitement in my kids as I opened the BAM bag and revealed this beauty to them on Tuesday. We had just finished The Wild Robot and to no surprise we all wanted more. Our love for Roz and my connection to her as a mother had me craving to find out where her life was going next. thank you for this amazing book. Your descriptive words and beautiful illustrations have captivated not only me but my learners. escapes . . . . eryoutuber too 234 456 ersfollowteachers ersofinstagram er erlife fourth

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To do, what goes🔴 ... one of the criteria of a successful man, when one refuses to do, then what he does not like, and you "step over yourself" 💨and start to do, then the reward will be sure! 🎥👉 https://youtu.be/Cr_CFF-Jc70 what ful tips accounts currency mining news currencies trading ger ger s er

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... خب خب با یه اصطلاح جالب دیگه در خدمتتونم : . ✅Bite the bullet ✳این اصطلاح وقتی بکار میره که میخوایید به یکی بگید یه شرایط سختی رو باید تحمل کنه یا باید صبر کنه بر سختی و مصیبتی که بش وارد شده!!به مثال زیر توجه کنین: . Ali how was your math exam today? -It was terrible ! Ok , I know that you are a good and talented boy and you will compensate it but now you should bite the bullet ! -ok mom, I will do my best for the next exam. علی امتحان ریاضیت چطور بود امروز؟ -افتضاح! من میدونم که تو پسر با استعداد و خوبی هستی و در امتحان بعدی جبران میکنی ولی الان فقط باید این وضعیت سخت رو تحمل کنی! -باشه مامان، من همه تلاشم رو برای امتحان بعدی بکار میبرم. ... ing ing ing

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Dragon’s Graduation March 2018!

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舞魂再聚 (掛毛巾那個) 下禮拜他們就要比賽了ㄋ 右滑看影片 #0318 #3hrs ch

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Sometimes waking up on a bus in a brand new city is the most exciting way to travel. 🚎🌇

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Y did I her this? ! n

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Our International Teachers working hard coming up with some new great ideas for our amazing classes. china hohhot er forfree asia er sofinstagram

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with ・・・ Rafeah Serbini, left her executive job in Shell last year to partner with Dr. Mona, a senior lecturer previously from UBD, to deliver Brunei's first Islamic based scientific enrichment programme for children . The Tarbiyyah programme which uses the play-and-pray approach is now closing in on their thousandth student since beginning two years ago. Read more on bizbrunei.com. . ing ers

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Did you know the last people to be executed at the Tower of London was in 1914? Eleven German World War 1 spies faced a firing squad at iconic London landmark history 1 #1914

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If You Only Knew Series:  There is a that won't run dry While waiting for His to go into town for food, Christ the son of God, who was tired from traveling, stopped at Jacob's well outside the town of Sychar. There was a woman of there at the well whom He asked , "Will you give me a ?" Now, Jews weren't supposed to speak to Samaritans but Jesus, a jew on this earth, broke this in order to fulfill and share much needed divine knowledge to someone who needed it. She responded to his , "You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?" (John Chapter 4) Further on in their conversation He offers her living - the water that is divine and leading to and where thirst is quenched forever unlike Jacob's well which lasted many generations but could never quench thirst forever. (John 4) We need divine wisdom and knowledge that answers all of our questions and solves all of our problens. God's people are being destroyed for the lack of this type of knowledge. Divine wisdom & understanding: -caused The Lord to lay the Earth's Foundation and set the heavens in place - allows divine phrases like, "Let those without cast the first stone" or understandings that the grave must come before the -allows one to and live more abundantly - causes a to be built and established - increases as we go through situations even when the devil tries to fight to stop us from learning our -a person with these qualities are with increasing -wisdom is the principal thing -Jesus  was able to save the whole world with these -these are for the natural and spiritual -these are better to have than Silver and Gold -those who have rejected these are spiritually and dwell in the congregation of the dead -A has no Delight in these because they love to air their own . Put God first to allow Him to be the stabilizer in our lives. Put your in the Creator's hands. to , help, guide, in God

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This is our little yoga class. I teach for our apartment community twice a week. We have students of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. When I took over this class we had 2-5 people coming, after a year I often have to move people around to accommodate extra students up to 15. It warms my heart immensely to see these people coming after work to move their bodies in our studio. I fuse my yoga with posture therapy, making it more available to more people. There is even an 85 year young woman, a Venezuelan refuge, who credits our class with her ability to walk. Movement and breath is life. Practice! What is your favorite type of yoga? out

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Pembacaan Q.S An -Naba', Q.S An-Naazi'aat dan surat2 di juz 30 lainnya...Alhamdulillah semoga Alloh menjadikan anak2 kita..anak2 soleh/solehah yg lidahnya senantiasa melantunkan ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran Call Center : +6281324243361 Fb : RA Al-Muttaqin Kota Tasikmalaya ing ers tasikmalaya

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New dance move: The Recycle Crusher ♻️

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www.oralhm.co.uk Presentations delivered by dental professionals to care homes/settings. Includes basic anatomy, oral health conditions, supporting oral care and cqc & NICE guidelines home rs care

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• • • er er s apping er life er gram er sofinstagram er sofig er sofinsta er sfollowteachers er softpt er blogger er spayteachers 4life er sfollowteachers

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It is important to learn how to play any exercise in all ‘12’ keys, that way you don’t deprive any and you make your playing more wholistic. ian ians s lesson lesson lesson s lesson theory piano lessons piano music theory music keys education

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COMMENT YOUR ANSWERS BELOW 👇👇👇 . Check _quiz for more this kind of posts . shots _whatif

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My students were in a reading rut and needed some motivation. The book marks on the right state the number of pages they should reach every day and a due date. They are more accountable for their reading now. Once our class read 20 books all together, they received a real bookmark (ordered in bulk from )

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Yesterday's booty day workout 😅 Making some 🍑gains

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Notes should be preconceived in which your fingering should already be put in position even when you are playing the note right before. ian ians s lesson lesson lesson s lesson theory piano lessons piano music theory music keys education

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ersofinstagram Who likes reading? Me me me 🙋🙌With Brilliant storytellers, HD Video and scripted subtitles...our Read Along Books are a truly engaging interactive resource for students. Discover more at tomstorytime.com

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How to utilize proper fingering to create the less stress on your hands, which basically allows you to play more efficiently and effortlessly. ian ians s lesson lesson lesson s lesson theory piano lessons piano music theory music keys education

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In scena al Teatro Stabile di Roma® lo scorso 9, 10 e 11 Marzo 2018 per la regia di Giorgia Mazzucato Con Maria Beatrice Alonzi, Francesco Guglielmi, Davide Guzzardi, Clarissa Ciaccio, Paola Campagna, Francesca Di Vetta, Simona Faustino Ventapane, Andrea Frattali, Lorenzo Giovannetti, Francesca Mareggiato, Pamela Placitelli, Stefania Nocca, Maria Teresa Robusto, Elena Rossetto, Laura Rotalinti, Giovanni Salvatori, Michaela Torricella e Andrea Alberto Foto di scena di Marco Ottai

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This is what WE are suppose to be doing!! Taking back what's ALREADY OURS!!! AIRLINES,LAND,EMPIRES!! 💯♥️🙏🏽🙌🏽💪🏽☺️👩🏽‍✈️👩🏽‍✈️👨🏽‍✈️👨🏽‍✈️🛫✈️🛩🛰💺!! Congrats ! Keep being an amazing role model for our people and WOMEN especially!!💯🙏🏽♥️🙌🏽☺️💪🏽 333

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New canopy in place for the 30ft wall at the art yard UV resistance along with anything else the British weather throws our way at Urban Gypset Helston forall 86 writer

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Getting ready for the Spring Equinox / Ostara in a few days. Ready to call in a new season. I bought this book during a fun trip to Salem, MA with a few months ago. The book 📖 has been a trusty companion for me to welcome in the Sabbats that comprise the Wheel of the Year. So powerful to honor the earth and the energy of each cycle. Speaking of Sarah, she just opened enrollment for her brand new membership called Whole Woman. It’s glorious! Sarah is such a powerful force for women ready to go inward and call forth their deepest desires. I’ve learned a lot from her simply by watching the way she shows up. I haven’t had a desire to be part of any membership program ... until Whole Woman came along. We start each new cycle together on every New Moon. So cool! You can get more info at http://wholewoman.me 🌑🌕 It’s important as teachers that we continue to learn and support the work of women we respect and believe in. What kind of learning are you investing in this Spring?

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This math game is my flavorite! 🍦Not only is this activity engaging, but it’s also a great resource for students to practice subitizing and basic math facts by matching the ice cream cone with the corresponding scoop(s) (link to my store in my bio).

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ジムでやってるBOKWADANCE!まだ3回目だけど、めっちゃ楽しい!!先生もニコニコだから、こっちもhappy! me BOKWA dance

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When you grinding for your athletes and they start to understand the process of improvement it just flows like wind #5-10-5 athlete

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