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Hahtag #womensmarch: Double tap the video if you don

Double tap the video if you don't want FREE abortion drugs being given out on college campuses!!

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Hahtag #womensmarch: The first Fleccas Talks Fan Submission is up! @

The first Fleccas Talks Fan Submission is up! crushed it at the in San Francisco. Link to the full video is in my bio. Follow her!

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[TW:r*pe, r*pe mention, abortion mention] PLEASE LISTEN/WATCH W/CAUTION! This speech is so powerful and moving and just inspiring. I would definitely recommend you listen. ~andrea P.S. be sure to check out our story for a vote on an upcoming post! [source: ] TAGS 2018

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Thanks for the pussy hat.

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia is headed for a statewide strike of teacher and service personnel this coming Thursday and Friday. The dates were announced at the end of a rally in persistent drizzle at the state Capitol, where the crowd stretched from the top of the steps across to the edge of the Kanawha River, with a sea of public employees surrounding the statue of “Lincoln Walks at Midnight.” Dale Lee “We’ve been trying to negotiate with the House, the Senate and the governor. But it’s clear the negotiations are going nowhere,” Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association told the crowd as hundreds cheered and chanted. “So, therefore, we are asking you to join us this Thursday and Friday in the first statewide walkout.” Christine Campbell Christine Campbell, president of the American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia, followed up: “Thursday. Friday. The entire state of West Virginia will be shut down. “We’ll be here Thursday. We’ll be here Friday. And if it takes more than that we’ll be here until we see action.” This is the first time teachers have gone on strike in West Virginia since a statewide walkout in 1990. Public employees, including teachers, have been pushing for higher wages and greater stability for the Public Employees Insurance Agency. In addition, teachers have been pushing against some education-related bills that they regard as disrespectful. [http://wvmetronews.com/2018/02/17/statewide-strike-of-wv-teachers-this-thursday-and-friday/#]

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Every four days a school is going to get shot up. Walk out of foro a change in our education.

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A close-up of my chicken painting! Did you know that he has received over 700,000 from the NRA? He was once quoted, "I'm a pro-life/pro-gun lifetime member of the NRA." He is owned by money and Trump, but he plays the down home "good guy" role well(oh but he is also on Emily's list for his stance on women's issues). He is a master filibuster artist and sticks with the talking points so well you'd think he was a robot! Maybe he is!? Either way it is time to himout ✊🇺🇸

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i’m terrified. terrified that i’ll wake up to my mother calling me to say there’s been a shooting at the high school and abbi hasn’t texted her back. terrified my friends will die at a shooting at the high school. terrified that there will be one at another local high school, or even middle or elementary school. since year 2000 america has had over 200 shootings. england has had 0. australia has had 3. canada has had 5. greece has had 1. wake up america. if we can’t vote on our own safety laws, then at least listen to us and vote what we do want. i’m tired of being scared. parents- aren’t you scared that one day you’ll see on the news that your child’s school has been shot up, that you won’t be able to get ahold of them, that you’ll find out they’re dead? if i were a parent, i would be. students- don’t listen to the idiots who tell you these walk outs will get you suspended. you can’t be suspended for not showing up. they’re gonna kick you out for a certain amount of time just bc you didn’t show up? no. they can’t, they can only remove you from enrollment if you live out of district and have multiple absences in a row. teachers- what is more important, kids education, or kids safety? your job is to make sure both are achieved. they can’t be safe as long as you remain silent. just us in the walk outs, don’t be afraid to be fired, be afraid that one of your student you thought you knew will shoot up the school killing you and other students. please, america, change the way you’re looking at these laws. protect the kids, not the guns. nshootings

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You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to impress. Start by showing up, and watch as things fall into place. When you show up, we’ve got the US coaches and staff to help you reach your goals.

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Untitled, Women's March, January 19, 2018.

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🎵Ou Se Tout Mwen - Feat. Wilberge 👉🏽http://hitliye.com/ou-se-tout-mwen-rozogelunico-feat-wilberge/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ a ally video al ian blogger

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Just in case you haven’t realized yet... 👩🏼👩🏻👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿🤝❤️

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👉🏻Follow us on Facebook!✊🏾. . . We are just getting the page started; if you're still on Facebook, go follow us! Plenty of giveaways and contests in the works... . . . . stickers time ment trump ment day trump

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She has lost the plot 😂😂

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whokissgirls Mirar a tus amigas, y pensar...¿Porqué adoro yo a estas locas criaturas😝? Porque detrás de unas locas como vosotras, hay una loca como yo 💋😘

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For the love of football. Couldn’t come to without some football. Had a great time at with to see & introduce & to

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Women's March 2018.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

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[18/30] During the Columbia SC Sister Women's March on January 21, 2017, a woman explains her motivations to a passerby. Internationally around 600 protests took place in support of the Women's March on Washington demanding transformative social change.

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Some people have an endless amount of ... ・・・ The first Fleccas Talks Fan Submission is up! crushed it at the in San Francisco. Link to the full video is in my bio. Follow her!

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And social justice, yt privilege, yt supremacy...this is what I post alongside art, creativity, and conscious leadership. You’re welcome to stay in the room and free yourself from internalised racism and oppression, or go.

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No bent hangers. 33% benefits the cause. Purchase a Nice Dozen for a fundraiser and make that 66%. . . . onwashington s

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Arizona List luncheon-a bunch of great peeps supporting women candidates. Let’s do this!

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Do my stretch marks offend you? Does my thinking offend you ? Does my intelligence offend you? ---

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In the wake of last month’s second , read Sabena Chaudhry’s piece titled “Afghan Women Rising: WAW Clients March for Women’s Rights,” detailing the Afghan women who participated in last year’s March. Link in bio.

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I took my chicken painting out for a test run today! Certainly got people's attention, and got a few thumbs up, a few middle fingers, but mostly people just looked confused. 😳 I have a couple small modifications to make that will help keep this painting in good shape. I'm in it for the long haul, because 😡

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Something you can all “Do” right now to be a part of the movement to actually implement gun control in America. I can’t live through one more of these without “doing” something. Imagine if we all just “did” in addition to sending kind thoughts and prayers. The time is now ✊🏽 nyc

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