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[ ] These past 2 weeks has been a blur. Started it off with a trip to CES for my first time speaking on a panel with Road tripping from Vegas to Utah and Arizona. Flying into New York for a day to shoot with At this point I was exhausted and now working with in Australia. The best part of this is the fact that I got to do all of these things with She’s my travel roll dawg 🐶

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andyto: Next stop home, then Sydney 🙈
📸: @deeque_ & @zeekyan

Next stop home, then Sydney 🙈 ______ 📸: &

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andyto: What are your top 3 travel locations for

What are your top 3 travel locations for this year? Mine are Japan, Africa, and my grandmas house for her home cooking

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andyto: Back in the outdoors where I belong. Currently

Back in the outdoors where I belong. Currently road tripping through LV, UT, and AZ _____ [giveaway] it’s been a huge goal of mine for 2018 to give back to you guys that have been super supportive and engaged with my account. I’m excited to let you guys know that I’ve partnered up with one of my favorite brands . _________ Rules 1. Follow 2. Turn on post notifications for 3. Tag 3 friends in the comments below 4. I will be selecting 4 winners (PowerCore II Slim 10000’s+ some of my favorite Anker products) by 1/19

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andyto: Whats good my friends! What’s everyone working

Whats good my friends! What’s everyone working on at the moment? _____ A7R2 + 16-35 F4

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andyto: Happy new year everyone!
It’s crazy

Happy new year everyone! ______ It’s crazy to think that almost exactly 10 years ago I was just a young kid in high school moving sliders and buttons around in iMovie. Since those days at media academy I’ve progressively learned Final Cut Pro 7/X and other types of video editing software. Never in a million years would I have imagined working with the very company that gave me the tools to create a better future for myself. I’ve always been a sole believer that with your hands you can create almost anything you put your mind to. Hope you guys enjoy this video I created with the iPhone X in Toronto. I have some more exciting news I’ll be announcing throughout the upcoming weeks. If you read this until the end show some love in the comments below 🌮🌮🌮 _____ Giveaway winners (1) DJI Spark Fly More Combo: (5) Westcoast Preset Pack: farihahbaker _____ Thank you for accommodating us on our trip! _____ Music by: _____ Full video link in bio

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[giveaway] The holidays have always been the toughest times for me growing up. Especially in a household where we didn’t run the heater because of the electricity bill. I’m grateful to be in a position now to help an aspiring photographer/videographer who’s on the come up. I know it’s not much but I’m giving away a Spark Fly More Combo ___________ 1. Turn on post notifications 2. Tag 3 friends 3. Tell me about a time when you were struggling but got through it OR something you’re grateful for

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andyto: Latest project with @sonyalpha shot exclusively on the

Latest project with alpha shot exclusively on the new RX0 called “Rebirth: Puerto Rico” ______ Andy To wasn't raised in a fairy-tale environment. He grew up in a rough part of Oakland, California where robberies and violence were common occurrences. That experience created the foundation for everything he does and it was particularly important when he went to Puerto Rico. “For me to be able to experience and witness the power of resiliency, the power of the unwillingness to give up, especially under these really harsh circumstances, it really opened my eyes to hope,” he explains. “On a personal level, I was able to connect with that, because as a kid growing up in Oakland, I had gone through times when I lost everything. So there was a personal connection for me to just want to document that struggle. To want to document the rebuilding process, because I personally had to go through that, myself.” ______ Huge shoutout to my friends and for connecting me with the community leaders of Puerto Rico (including yourself) and making this all possible. Thank you for the opportunity.

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[i appreciate you] shout out to all of the new friends and partners I’ve made this year. It’s been roller coaster and whirlwind of events, but I can’t wait to share with you all what I’ve been working on these past weeks. Last note.. Don’t forget to charge your batteries, never stop creating, and hit me up if you’re down to grab tacos. ✌🏼 ________ Huge thank you to for letting us crash at your pad. It was a central location to everything! We even stopped by this cool flat iron with the homies and

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andyto: Happy and excited to share with you guys

Happy and excited to share with you guys my latest work with the homie and My first pair of forces were in middle school. All white low tops. I remember kids used to get robbed for these growing up. _______ [steve] We all know the ever so famous Air Force one song back in the day, but they didn’t rock them like we did back in Brooklyn and Queens. This is an ode to the sneaker that made me into the man I am today. ______ creative: ______ direction / edit: ______ sound:

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andyto: Feels amazing to be back home to visit.

Feels amazing to be back home to visit. I’m from Oakland. Where are you from? _______

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andyto: Crazy to think it’s been 9 months

Crazy to think it’s been 9 months since I moved to NYC from the Bay Area. I think it’s safe to say I found my second home. From the energy of the people to the lights at night, it’s such a magical place to be in. Have any of you guys moved recently? Let me know in the comments! _____ A couple weeks ago I got to work with and documented “A day in the life”. Check out my IG stories for more content!