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1980 87 Feb 16, 2018
glographics: Words can

Words can't express the pure elation I feel to be back in Spain after three long years when I once called it home. Not to mention being here filming something special with ! There isn't a sexier language or country than Spain, and I'm forgetting just how much I've missed this place. Spaniards say exactly what's on their mind, and the amount of times I've been told, "QuΓ© guapa!!!" is enough to feed my ego until further notice πŸ˜… Spanish is such an expressive language, and it's been fun exercising (and confusing) different brain cells again 😁 The weather has been surprisingly warm, the narrow streets acutely mesmerizing, and the tapas dangerously delicious. Sevilla in particular, is an absolute gem of AndalucΓ­a in southern Spain, and I have fond memories ringing in the new year here back in 2014. This was shot on the new 6 and edited with Adobe mobile. And stay tuned, because I'm excited to be partnering with Adobe Lightroom to create a tutorial on how I edit all my travel photos! πŸ’ƒπŸΏ A ton of exciting things to come! Stay tuned! ❀

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glographics: Hey loves! Just your friendly reminder not to

Hey loves! Just your friendly reminder not to feel resentful or envious of those who choose to relish in the full extent of Valentine's Day. Because being single doesn't suck, it's your mentality that does. The happiness you're trying to find in someone else should be rooted internally first. If you're looking for someone to complete you, you've bought into the flawed ideology that you're inadequate on your own. You will never find happiness in someone else if you can't learn to be happy on your own first. We go through life expecting someone else to love us when we don't even know how to love ourselves completely. And most importantly, the celebration of love isn't the condemnation of solitude. May your love cup runneth over today and always. Amen ❀

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glographics: Bali is every bit what you make of

Bali is every bit what you make of it, and this time around was nothing short of magic. Alas, I'm trading in my sun dresses for layers as I head westward on a 20+ hour flight back to Europe for the first time in 2 years! WOWZA. Any guesses where I'll be? If you follow on Facebook then you already know πŸ˜… P.S. The behind-the-scenes of how I took this shot is posted in my stories! In the meantime, send warmth and hugs from hot men as I don't know how to winter anymore after chasing summer for 3 years 😭

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glographics: I was replaying one of my favorite TED

I was replaying one of my favorite TED Talks on my flight today by called "My Year of Saying Yes to Everything" and there was one particular quote I wanted to share. She said, "The more I work to be successful, the more I have to work." A couple years ago, that wouldn't have resonated as deeply as it does now. Because how often do we fool ourselves into thinking that once we reach a certain level of success, we can just go into autopilot? The irony of it all, is that the more success we attain, the harder we have to work to either maintain that success or strive for a newly defined version of what our personal success should look like. But what Shonda helped remind me is that there is no success or joy in attaining things when you have to sacrifice your peace or relationships to get there. Again, if it costs you your peace, the goal is too expensive. Rethink, regroup, and reevaluate. Life is a never-ending balancing act and I'm learning the art of dancing on this tight rope ❀

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glographics: Staying healthy and active while traveling full-time

Staying healthy and active while traveling full-time has easily been my biggest struggle over the past 5 years. I have no problem running my mouth 😌 (as my mom would say), but with limited gym access and a lifestyle that has me making love to a laptop screen for 18 hours most days, it can be so hard to find the time to work out. Then I realized, it wasn't about finding the time; it was about making the time. We make time for the things most important to us, and any other explanation is just an excuse. You may have noticed I've dropped some weight lately, or maybe you haven't and need to see an eye doctor and get off my page and sort your life out (LULZ, JK) but I wanted to quickly share the 3 biggest tips that helped: 1) SURROUND YOURSELF WITH HEALTHY PEOPLE It is so hard to give up Triple Deluxe Bacon Supreme Heart Attack Cheeseburgers when your friend takes you out and eats one in your face πŸ˜… I gave up a handful of foods recently and hanging in Australia with , , and made it REALLY easy to eat clean as they spoiled me with healthy meals and took me grocery shopping so I wouldn't be tempted by fast food. 2) DRINK GINGER LEMON TEA I gave up coffee back in November, and surprisingly don't miss it at all. But I still needed a hot beverage to make me feel like an adult every morning πŸ™ƒ and ginger lemon tea has been my jam. The health benefits of ginger tea are endless but here's a few πŸ™ŒπŸΎ - Helps aid weight loss πŸ’© - Improves food digestion 🍎 - Helps body absorb nutrients Not saying you have to give up coffee, I just had a scary caffeine overdose incident and lost my vision for a couple seconds and it was all the wake up call I needed. 3) WORK OUT IN THE MORNING BEFORE YOUR MIND TALKS YOU OUT OF IT It is SO much easier to make healthier food choices throughout the day, when you've just burned 500 calories to start your morning. I knock out a 5K six times a week when I have gym access while listening to my favorite podcasts ( , , , , & ) and I burn calories while strengthening my mind and it's my favorite kind of therapy. How do you stay healthy while abroad?

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glographics: If you watched my stories yesterday, you saw

If you watched my stories yesterday, you saw how much I geeked out over this lap of luxury at . While I've been so blessed and fortunate to stay at some incredible places over the years, the contrast is that I'm actually a very low-maintenance kinda gal. I've slept on carpets in Morocco, couches in Scotland, and blow up mattresses in Colombia and I'm not ashamed to share that because it's my story, my journey, and it makes moments like these all the more magical. Luxury resorts don't need to be your standard, but when you treat yourself to the finer things in life, it's absolutely a form of self-care; bubbles for brekkie included! These last two weeks back in Bali have been nothing short of magical, and if you've ever wanted to spoil yourself, this is the island to do it. Catch all the behind the scenes action in my IG stories to get this shot! || ||

1864 66 Feb 7, 2018

"Ohhh, your skin is like us, Balinese!" a man greeted me with a warm smile. Words can't describe how at home I feel amongst Balinese people and their hilarious, warm, and genuine hospitality. I checked into on a mission to explore the heart of this island and what makes Ubud the capital of spirituality. We're literally in the middle of a jungle and I've never felt so at peace with life *cue the odd frog or two killing my zen* πŸ˜… Right next to our villa was this gorgeous temple of architectural perfection, made more magical by the sounds of traditional music being sung by a group of little boys in the background. Learning about other countries is so beautiful, and I love how this place takes your accommodation and turns it into an immersive cultural experience. All the magic of the day captured and shared in my stories! || ||

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glographics: A wise philosopher once said, "Thou better stunteth

A wise philosopher once said, "Thou better stunteth on these heauxs," and I've made it my life mantra since. Ha! In all seriousness, when it comes to creating art or photographing myself, I realize how in my element I feel. While meeting with the campaign manager, I was explaining the process of location scouting, complementary-colored outfits, accessories, angles, and everything down to the T. She was so amazed how much planning and effort goes on behind the scenes and it was funny because art doesn't create itself -- you do. The Santai was my favorite property from the collection, and this was the main entrance. Every detail of this place was mapped out and planned. And THAT is also an art. So much appreciation for those in industries where your creativity is at the forefront. After all, EARTH without ART is just EH. 😌

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glographics: I

I've got just a week left on this insatiable island paradise, and I'm missing it already. Balinese hospitality is truly one of my favorites, and here's why: 1 || Anytime housekeeping or any staff knock on your door, they will wait for you open it. You can yell, "COME IN!" or "IT'S OPEN!" and they will stilll patiently wait for you to let them in, because they have too much respect for your privacy to let themselves in. 2 || If Thailand is "The Land of Smiles" then Bali is "The Land of Joy" because I'm always greeted with such warmth and positivity and it transcends through their culture. 3 || When ordering food, they will ALWAYS repeat your order. Not only that, they will ask for permission to repeat it, because they're so intent on making sure they get your order right. When accents collide, some things get lost in translation, and I've been in countries where you say one thing and they hear another. So I just love how it's standard protocol here. 4 || Most tourists will learn the Bahasa (Indonesian) way of saying Thank You which is "Terima Kasih." But when you take it a step further and say it in Balinese (the local dialect) with "Matur Suksma" the way their eyes light up is magical. There are so many small ways to show gratitude when visiting other countries and they really appreciate those who make the added effort. 5 || The most polite way to say NO is "Tomorrow, maybe!" Whether in the airport or walking the streets, you'll be hounded by taxi drivers who are just trying to make a living. By the 50th time you hear, "TOXEE MAH-DAM?!?!" you'll want to scream some choice words πŸ™ƒ, but just a simple, "Tomorrow, maybe!" and they will say, "OKEH, TOMORROW MAYBE!!!" and you at least give them hope 😌 Now, between the 3 swimming pools at the , the tennis court, the gym with a full boxing ring, and ocean suite balcony, I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave my former peasant life for good y'all. Ya girl is SPOILT and I might not know how to AKT no more 😭 Sidenote: Pretty sure I've reached my yearly quota for showing my @$%, so expect long skirts & turtlenecks moving forward πŸ˜… || ||

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glographics: Thick thighs save lives. #issaSNACK 🍫
#AndPrayYourNigerianMotherNeverSeesThis πŸ™†πŸΎ

Thick thighs save lives. 🍫 πŸ™†πŸΎ Side note: Why wait until the summer to get snatched when you can slay in the pre-season. Put me in, coach! πŸ’πŸΎ || || || || ||

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glographics: That awkward moment when you ask your boyfriend

That awkward moment when you ask your boyfriend to make you a cup of tea, but he doesn't exist πŸ™ƒ Why does that keep happening? Anyways, I get asked pretty often when I'll be ready to settle down and all I hear in that question is "SETTLE." By all means, when a person or a place calls you to slow down your lifestyle, then listen to your heart, and take your brain with you 😘 But I'm also well aware that I'm the freest I'll ever be. One mouth to feed and one @$% to wipe at the end of the day. WHAT A LUXURY. I'm enjoying this very necessary, albeit selfish, chapter of living my best life without the burden or limitations that a partner can often bring. There's a season for everything, and I'm reaping the rewards from my years of harvesting, and the last thing I need or want, is a distraction. Besides, I can make my own damn tea πŸ’πŸΎπŸ΅ || || || ||

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glographics: What might take you two seconds to consume,

What might take you two seconds to consume, could take me an hour to produce. But visual/digital expression is what I live for. These snapshots and moments I share with you guys is my way of packaging the joy and sentiments I feel about a place. I deliberately place myself in each photo because I want YOU to see yourself in my shoes. Not just a beautiful scene. But someone you know, in said scene and living their best life. As you can too. Being in your travel photos is the cheapest souvenir you could ever gift yourself. 10 years from now you get to see the joy and peace you wore so vibrantly while on that special trip. This walkway at The Amala leading to my villa is Japanese-inspired, and should have a sign encouraging all guests to do it , because duh. πŸ’πŸΎ The Amala is a heady mix of life and leisure, with both an intimate and luxurious vibe to it. Malls, cafes, beaches, and the nightlife are all within walking distance of this resort and it's another gorgeous property to add to your list. Full tour of my villa on IG stories as well as scenes to get this shot! || || || || ||

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glographics: How often do you find yourself trying to

How often do you find yourself trying to dance to the rhythm of someone else's heart? The beat of someone else's drum? The soundtrack to someone else's life? The single most disappointing thing you can do to yourself is waste your life trying to live someone else's. There's so much beauty in your unique and divinely-created existence -- TAP INTO IT! Because the day you finally start dancing to your own beat, the world will see you in your element, and be inspired to dance to their own melody too. So dance on. The people are waiting ❀

1775 118 Jan 30, 2018
glographics: Mornings in Bali be like... πŸŽπŸŠπŸ’πŸπŸ‰ Some quick money-

Mornings in Bali be like... πŸŽπŸŠπŸ’πŸπŸ‰ Some quick money-saving tips for when you come to Bali: 1) STAYING CONNECTED If you have an old [unlocked] phone you no longer use, bring it with you. Though I have , which works in 140 countries including Indonesia, for 4G lightning speed, I have an old Samsung S4 which I stick a local SIM card in. For 30GB of high-speed 4G data, I pay an outrageous 😌 $10 for. If I ever want to work on the beach or by the pool, I can just tether that 4G-speed data to my laptop and use it like a hotspot. 2) TRAVEL IN THE OFF-SEASON Though it's much harder to take time off to travel in January than it is in July, see what you can swing. Bali's low season is from November through March and you can expect to save up to 80% on hotel prices. Some resorts which are normally $800/night are currently just over $100 because the demand isn't as high right now. Use low-season and geoarbitrage to your advantage! 3) MASSAGES I can't say enough about the savior that the app "GO-LIFE" has been to me. You can basically order a massage at any hour of the day and a professional masseuse will come to your villa and give you a private treatment. It's very safe and just like any other app with ordered services, each masseuse has ratings. You can choose the gender of your masseuse, as well as the type of massage you'd like to have. I regularly splurge with 1-hour massages for $5 on this app. And 90-minute massages are just $7. However, tip generously if they do a good job (they always do). Just amazing that the service is so cheap. 4) GO-JEK Riding scooters is the cheapest and most efficient way to get around the island, but if you're a pansy like me and refuse to learn, then download the GO-JEK app to get 15-minute rides for as cheap as 50 cents. Again, ridiculously cheap, so tip well if you make it to your destination alive πŸ˜… I'm thinking of making a video explaining these and others in more detail. Would that be of interest to y'all, or will a blog post suffice? Check the IG stories for more behind the scenes fun in paradise πŸ™πŸΎ || || || ||

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glographics: How often do we get so caught up

How often do we get so caught up in our future goals that we forget the very life we have today, we once begged and prayed to have before. But now that we have it, we want more. And we forget just how much we worked to get here. Never get so focused on the next chapter of your life that you forget to appreciate the now(s). Gratitude is found in the present; and in the fleeting, but significant moments where God taps my shoulder to remind me He's still watching over me. This is also a reminder to remember that sometimes the best stories come when you don't have all the answers. Sometimes the greatest adventures come from the denied opportunities. And sometimes (actually, ALL THE TIME) the biggest blessings are behind the doors of unfamiliarity, risk, and fear. We checked into the other day, which translates to "Relaxation" and that couldn't be more accurate. We haven't left the villa all day and have been enjoying the peaceful vibes this place is filled with. Full tour of the villa on my IG stories! Bali, you are literal magic. It's lowkey emotional being back. Who's coming to visit when I eventually get a villa here? || Umalas || || || ||

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"I WANT YOUR HAIR." As soon as I saw this mural on the wall, I had to get a photo with it. As a Nigerian-American, my hair has always been a sensitive part of my existence. There's a Lil Wayne lyric that goes, "tougher than Nigerian hair" because you don't know kinky and nappy unless you've got Naija πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ blood in you. Growing up, I didn't understand why the minute water touched my hair, it would poof up -- especially after a long, dreaded hot comb press from the stove (there isn't a black woman who doesn't have a literal and figurative scar about this from their childhood) 😭 Creamy crack, perms, jerry curls, box braids, interlocks, relaxer, dookie braids, sock buns, the swoop ponytail, tracks, and then a good ol' touch up of the kitchen πŸ˜… Black hair care literally is a language in itself and a couple years ago, I used to plan my travels based on where I could restock my black hair care items, because the 2-shelved "Ethnic Products" at your local hair shop wasn't cutting it for ya girl. So it was a chill day in Athens, Greece a couple years ago when I pulled a Britney Spears. I didn't trust any local salons, and at the time, some wine and scissors qualified me to the highest degree and I sat there in liberation chopping everything off. I rocked a baldy for weeks and sent a picture of my chopped fro in a plastic bag πŸ˜… to my sisters to which they replied in jest, "CHINEKE!!!" (Translation: OH MY GOD) 😭 Freedom. So what have I been doing to my hair since first shaving it? Well, I've kept shaving it as soon as that mini fro grows back. I travel with up to 5 wigs and weaves at a time, but before you resort to some outdated stereotype about all black women wearing weave, the irony is that white women in Hollywood wear more weave than black women these days. It's convenient as hell and it's not any different/crazier than every other girl with a boob job, nose job, botox, etc etc. Besides, my future hubby will be so lucky getting to seemingly date multiple women --- he'll get Stella one day, and RaShonda the next πŸ’πŸΎ Your insecurities are sometimes the source of another person's envy. Neither is healthy. WERK with what you have. //🎨

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glographics: An urban, tropical retreat, the #IzeSeminyak is such

An urban, tropical retreat, the is such a chic and stylish hotel just a couple minutes walk from the most popular night club in Bali, La Favela. The architecture is absolutely stunning and it begged for me to pose with my tripod in front of it πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸΎ For as low as $59/night depending on the season, you can enjoy a comfortable, modern, and Balinese-inspired space as a solo or couple's escape. Infinity rooftop pool, gym, and bedtime lullabies delivered to your room right before bed are just a few of the amenties you can look forward to. The location couldn't be more ideal if Seminyak (best shopping area in Bali) is where you'd like to stay! Room tour on my IG stories as well as some snaps around the property! 😍 Swimsuit from Amazon, direct link in my stories | (cap sensitive) || ||

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glographics: I

I'm going, going... back, back to BALI, BALI!!! Running back to my paradise island where I get to indulge in affordable luxury again! Everyone deserves to experience the finer things in life, but of course that luxury usually comes at a steep price. But in Bali, that price is often in the amount of $5 and $10 if you know where to look. That's why I'm excited to be here on a campaign about affordable luxury with to show you guys why the hype about Bali is here to stay. So give me all the Nasi Goreng, the hati hati warnings, the bum guns that shoot straight through my soul, the beautifully chaotic roads, the Bali burn tats, the nightly beach parties, the one too many rendezvous at Old Mans Bar, the best coworking space in southeast Asia, the random black girl spottings, the laughably vulgar hip-hop playlists in cafes, the surplus of healthy cafes, the "TOXEE MEH-BEE" hustlers, the zen, the madness, the rice fields, the smoothies, the temples, the beach clubs, the life every person on this Earth deserves to experience. I'm in my happy place again and I can't wait to show you more! Check the IG stories for more ! πŸ“· |

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glographics: I came to Australia for a two-week

I came to Australia for a two-week jaunt and ended up staying for two months! Through reunions, laughs, adventures, and more, here's everything I learned about Australia these last two months. The banter is next level. Don't come here without a sense of humor. The green walking man for pedestrians gives you 3 seconds max. Great cardio. The flies here are aggressive as hell and if they could talk they'd be buzzing expletives every time they darted your face. A lot of men in Sydney skip leg days. But this a global epidemic. Let's pray for more leg days around the world. Though Australia and the UK are comparably expensive, you'll find the Australian Dollar is much more pleasant to spend than the British pound. In the UK, you spend Β£20 GBP but it's actually $35 USD. In Australia, you spend $35 AUD, but it's only $20 USD πŸ™ŒπŸΎ Currency conversions are the reason for my pending premature greys. The beaches are unreal. I now understand the hype. Arguably the most beautiful in the world 😍 And holy yes, was it nice to drink water from the tap again. I will never take that for granted. In most countries, that's like begging for explosive diarrhea. Ask an Aussie to say Adidas and try not to cringe. Sometimes they call bars, hotels. I had a confusing nightlife as it sounds like I partied in people's rooms πŸ˜… Ask an Aussie pt. two to say 13. It'll sound something like "THUH-DEEN". SO FUNNY. As a woman of color, I felt 99% safe and welcomed. Many times, a bit too welcomed, if you know what I mean πŸ˜• And when it comes to the casual racism everyone warned me about, that's where the 1% comes into play. Me saying something like, "Nice to meet ya! Are you born and bred in Australia?" And him going, "Yep, not many of us left" with a disappointing tone. Oy. When it comes to diversity, I was pleasantly surprised to have found so many black people here from Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, and a few others. They have their own communities and functions, and it was nice getting to experience that subculture of Australia. Can't wait to blog on Australia later! Overall, 9/10 recommend, hundo P, bloody oath, she'll be right mate. 🀘🏾 πŸ“· |

1601 93 Jan 24, 2018

COME TRAVEL WITH ME TO ITALY & PORTUGAL THIS SUMMER!!! Squad, I'm so excited to finally be extending the opportunity to 20 people to travel with me on a this summer! You'll also get the chance to take two exclusive workshops from me about how to be a better traveler and photographer! I'm pinching myself that I finally get the chance to not only meet you all, because it bridges the gap between me sharing my experiences through a screen, and YOU getting to live those experiences with me, but also show you how to travel in style. The link is in my bio to RSVP your spot. This trip WILL sell out, so if you're serious about coming, get them coins together boo! 😘 See y'all in Europe! And tag a friend to come along! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

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glographics: Welp, nothing quite ruins your Friday like finding

Welp, nothing quite ruins your Friday like finding out it's only Tuesday 😭 And one day I'll figure out what exactly is in the distance on the right of every, single photo I take. You can imagine the stares of curiosity as I stand there, a few feet away from my tripod, smiling and basking in my nothingness, while joggers and pet walkers pass by and wonder if this chick could get any more narcissistic. *proceeds to answer via animated hair flip* πŸ’πŸΎ "Do it for the 'gram!" I hear the Heavens roar, as the caucastic sunshine caresses my skin in tune with the wind, and on beat with my soul. I stand there chuckling at air for the 2,000th time, descending the proverbial stairs of dignity, lacking the aptitude to "even" when I can't. These are the captions I write when my flight gets canceled. Check my IG stories for some more life updates and the of how I got this shot!

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glographics: A wise woman by the name of @luvvie

A wise woman by the name of once said, "If you see someone excelling in multiple areas of their life, they're without a doubt struggling in other areas too." Oh how the harshest truths yield the strongest convictions. If my social life looks put together, my personal life is likely failing. If my outer appearance is on point, I'm battling the darkest of demons internally. If my business is flourishing, my relationships are falling by the wayside. I'm a woman of extremes and I don't hide behind my shortcomings any more than I flaunt them like the latest trend. Because vulnerability, in my book, is the cornerstone of confidence and it's a wave I'm willing to ride publicly so you can see my falls and learn from them without you ever getting wet. For the first time in my life, at 27 years old, I'm finally at a place where my mental, physical, and spiritual state are all in tune with the other. I've never known a peace or happiness quite like this one. I used to think the birth of structure would be the death of my freedom, but I couldn't be more wrong. In fact, it's my ability to create and design my own structure for my life that I find the most gratitude in. I'm fulfilled daily by the people, conversations, and beauty all around me. I wake up motivated and driven by the loftinesss of my goals. I cut ties with toxic people who are filled with negativity, drama, and jealousy, and there is no better feeling than the virtual burial of their existence. I no longer waste time doing things that don't fulfill me or serve a greater purpose. 2018 might be a transitional year for you. Maybe you've finally taken a leap and decided to pursue that THING that keeps you up every night, dreaming about the day you can make it your reality. What quantifiable steps have you taken? What personal investments have you made? You can't treat something like a hobby but expect returns like a business. "In a world that praises the luck but not the hustle, and envies the dream but not the chase, be the outlier." -my favorite quote from my book. Life is so much simpler than we make it out to be sometimes. So here's to simplicity and peace for those who need it πŸ’“

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glographics: NEW BLOG POST!!! | "I

NEW BLOG POST!!! | "I've seen a third of the world's countries, these are my 10 favorite" You asked; I finally answered! No doubt this list may change by the month, but as of January 2018, these are the best countries I've visited in all of my travels. I use the criteria of a friendly population, beautiful nature, ease of navigation, affordability, and cultural identity to determine what makes it a favorable destination. Whether a seasoned traveler or beginning one, I hope this helps inspire your bucket list this year! And if your country made the cut, feel free to share/brag about it πŸ˜‰ Link in bio | πŸ“· |

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glographics: If I

If I'm not living life on the edge, I might be taking up too much space. Don't let your ashiness stop you from chasing those dreams y'all. Shot On | 6 | |