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michaelchristopherbrown: wizard gets ready for friday night

wizard gets ready for friday night

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michaelchristopherbrown: African Americans and Latinos constitute 40% and 35%,

African Americans and Latinos constitute 40% and 35%, respectively, of the 60,000 homeless people (43,000 unsheltered) in Los Angeles County, with the unsheltered population in the city of Los Angeles alone nearly doubling (from 15,000 to 25,000) in the past four years. Both in the city of Los Angeles and in Los Angeles County, one third of all homeless are chronically homeless, experience serious mental illness and have experienced domestic violence. One fifth of all homeless have a substance abuse disorder as well as a physical disability. For more information: Los Angeles Mission ( ), Downtown Women’s Center ( ), My Friend’s Place ( ).

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michaelchristopherbrown: thanks ric for this interview, some nuggets in

thanks ric for this interview, some nuggets in there 👍 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/visual-revolutionary/id1013284622?mt=2&i=1000396483817 Photographer and Documentarian joins us on the show today for a heartfelt conversation about what it means to truly be present to humanity, and if we are able to do that at the same time as looking through a viewfinder. Link in bio. Many of you might know Michael from his most recent book "Libyan Sugar" and his amazing ability to capture the wide range of human emotions in conflict zones from Bengazi to the Congo. During this conversation, I get the chance to explore those topics with Michael and talk about facing your own traumatic experiences after returning home from a conflict zone, finding true meaning and happiness within the chaos, and the advice he gives to others who want to travel the world and document the human existence. So join us as we explore some of what it means to be a person and a photographer. - - s ing ers lovers islife school advice

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michaelchristopherbrown: I photographed Rebecca Masika Katsuva several times between

I photographed Rebecca Masika Katsuva several times between 2012-2016 and was amazed by her resiliency, bravery and compassion. As an activist and a survivor of sexual assault, she continually sacrificed her safety to help other victims over the years. During the Second Congo War in 1999, attackers killed Masika’s husband and sexually assaulted her and her daughters, then 13 and 14. When they became pregnant as a result of the assaults, Masika and her daughters were forced to leave home after being disowned by her husband's relatives. That same year, Masika founded a ‘listening house’ at her home, located in the isolated village of Minova. A shelter for women to recover from violent acts, it provided medical help and consisted of several dozen houses for women to live in. In January 2009, former rebels, then newly integrated into the Congolese military, raped Katsuva for the fourth time. The former rebels said they attacked Katsuva because she accused them of assaulting women. Masika adopted 18 children over the years, all born of mothers who were sexually assaulted. In the decade before her death, in February 2016, she helped over 6,000 rape survivors.

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michaelchristopherbrown: 2000 y/o petroglyphs newspaper rock

2000 y/o petroglyphs newspaper rock

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michaelchristopherbrown: outside an mbuti hut

outside an mbuti hut

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