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685 18 Jan 19, 2018
photorectoby: From time to time we joke about the

From time to time we joke about the McKay magic that happens on these trips. Sure! We plan and put our clients in awesome places, we chase the light! But sometimes we just get straight up F#$%^ing lucky. Seriously, mind-blown lucky. On our way out to Ha Long bay, just as the sun was setting, we came across one of the most picturesque scenes - fresh plantings and hard-working farmers. Captured with the 7riii and 70300g

612 19 Jan 19, 2018
photorectoby: On our way down from Sa PA, we

On our way down from Sa PA, we made a quick stop to pee. This was our view. I am in love with these terraced fields. Farmed for centuries! Captured with the 2 and edited in

534 26 Jan 18, 2018
photorectoby: We made our way to a remote market

We made our way to a remote market village today, check my insta stories for more pictures there - continuing to use the little zip printer and although it is frustratingly slow it is just awesome to hand the prints to people. Such big smiles. There were more than a few requests from locals for a print :) The drive there was... long and rough - but with views like this - I'd do it again... just not tomorrow. In a few years when we come back - I will be ready to do it again. This is a 10 shot panorama shot with careful alignment on a nodal point - JUST KIDDING- I just shot 10 images handheld overlapping each by about a 3rd. Lightroom stitched them with Merge to Panorama and I made some slight edits. You can see this much larger on my 500px at (there's a link in my profile you can click on)

767 50 Jan 17, 2018
photorectoby: If you watch my insta stories you know

If you watch my insta stories you know that we left Hanoi Wednesday morning and headed north, into the mountains around Sa Pa. Wow! I mean seriously WOW - we hiked through a remote mountain village - photographing, making silly faces with the kids and I used my little polaroid zip printer to share some of the shots we captured -- man it was awesome to see such big smiles. The hike was long (almost 10km) and we arrived back after dark but this was something I will remember for the rest of my life. And we are only on day 2 of this tour. Captured with 7Riii and 85mmf18

686 22 Jan 16, 2018
photorectoby: Today was our first full day of touring

Today was our first full day of touring as a group - the day started with an awesome food tour in Hanoi followed by a visit to Tran Quoc Pagoda - the oldest Buddhist temple in Hanoi. It was a misty day and the small island that pagoda is perched on just seemed to float into nothingness. Captured with the 7riii and 15mm f/2.0 FE mount lens

437 8 Jan 15, 2018
photorectoby: Our #mckaylive tour is just kicking off here

Our tour is just kicking off here in Vietnam and I am really excited about the weeks ahead. So far Hanoi has been a blast and the street scenes fantastic. Captured with the 7RIII and #85mmf18g - I am loving the eye-af for street portraits - so fast, so accurate.

789 17 Jan 13, 2018
photorectoby: I am on my way to Vietnam - nearly

I am on my way to Vietnam - nearly 20 hrs of travel. Makes me dream for the quiet just after sunset in Yosemite Valley. Watching the fog collect - headlights of late valley visitors heading home. Not a bad way to spend a few minutes. Captured with 7RIII - 25-second exposure. Look closely and you can find some stars starting to trail.

278 9 Jan 12, 2018
photorectoby: My new site I

My new site I've just started that was super easy to make thanks to - Waiting on DNS so until it's fully out. Save 10% off your Squarespace purchase at and get a site going quick and easy.

620 23 Jan 12, 2018
photorectoby: I love sharing photos of these amazing places

I love sharing photos of these amazing places with you all but I think this timelapse might be one of the most favorite things I have ever been able to share. Yosemite NP is amazingly beautiful and watching the clouds play across these immense and timeless rock faces… it leaves me without words and makes me happy that I can convey a little more accurately a sense of place. Captured with the 7rIII triggered with new mobile remote

482 5 Jan 11, 2018
photorectoby: I review the Young Innovators YI Camera - a

I review the Young Innovators YI Camera - a cheap, micro 4/3rds camera - Great Image Quality, Terribly AF Performance - Watch to learn more or click the link in my profile. Captured with the Camera and #42mm macro Lens

615 10 Jan 10, 2018
photorectoby: Yosemite is full of epic views but don

Yosemite is full of epic views but don't miss the little details - just a short distance below Bridal Veil Falls this little stream plays hide and seek in the woods. Captured with the 7RIII and Canon 24-70 using the Circular Polarizer filter and 6 stop ND filter. Swipe over to see this same shot with the Circular Polarizer Filter in the "off" or minimum position - huge difference? This is just one of the reasons I think a CPL filter should be in your bag - learn more and find the right filter size for your lens at

911 26 Jan 9, 2018

"Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean." -John Muir, 1915 We were treated to some epic valley views in Yosemite- this is one frame from a timelapse I am putting together. Wait until you see these clouds dancing around the peaks! Captured with the 7RIII using the to capture a full resolution 42MP Raw every 3 seconds.