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We offer natural bath and body products - soaps, shower bombs, essential oil roll-ons, natural deOdorant, Skin Sticks, & more.
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34 0 Jan 19, 2018

with ・・・ NEW!! Coming to MidiQueen soon!!

42 0 Jan 19, 2018

with ・・・ Still diligently fighting to feel well and stay well? These can help! Flu fighting, allergy taming, headache helping, and overall relaxation is just what the doctor ordered. www.shopaboutthesouth.com

31 0 Jan 19, 2018

with ・・・ Thank goodness for my I4 training or I might not have survived LA .... 🚙🚗

26 1 Jan 19, 2018

with ・・・ Don’t know what to get your dude?🤷‍♀️We got you covered with this box full of goodies. . . The gift box is FREE when you fill it with $45 worth of things! ☺️ . . 9oz. Bottle [$25] | Beer Soap [$6.95] Beard Soap [$6.95] Beard Oil [$16.95] | [$7.50] | Wrench Bottle Opener [$6.95] | Wool Hat [$35] DE Tee [$30] |

16 0 Jan 19, 2018

with ・・・ Clear, cold and crisp nights are something we can't get over. We don't know what it is about mountain nights that makes the stars seem even brighter. The Rinse Sprinter wants this view.

79 0 Jan 17, 2018
rinsesoap: Due to the road conditions we have decided

Due to the road conditions we have decided for the safety of our Rinse Team that it is best to stay home today. We will be closed Wednesday January 17th. We plan to reopen tomorrow morning as long as the weather permits ❄️ ⛄️ 2018

31 0 Jan 17, 2018

with ・・・ We are expecting a HUGE new order of products from Rinse Soap. We have added Body Sticks, Body Butter, Pedicure Kits and Essential Oils. Rinse Products are Made in Georgia!

83 5 Jan 14, 2018
rinsesoap: Don’t forget to make time to stop

Don’t forget to make time to stop at the Rinse booth! We are in building 3 on floor 3 in booth 2000!!

77 3 Jan 12, 2018
rinsesoap: Everybody has been writing orders.  Fun to see

Everybody has been writing orders. Fun to see the hustle and bustle. Building 3, Floor 3, Booth 2000

26 1 Jan 10, 2018

with ・・・ YAY for my 100th post on this page 🎉 {I have decided to condense what would be a blog post into an instagram post because I recently discovered that no one reads blogs anymore 😂 } What’s in my bag, you ask? A ton of random stuff! But, they are all essentials for me. I rotate between my two favorite bags, so I decided to include them both in this photo. My Jackson Street Lottie in black and my Neverfull MM in monogram have made the cut as my two favorites. I switch between them based on what size I am needing that day. Somehow I am able to fit all of these essentials in both of them, though. I have my Wallet, keys with a key chain that I think is so adorable, gum, lavender hand sanitizer, Snowy Morning lotion for my hands, mini dry shampoo, thievery and lavender roll-on essential oils, a lint roller, hair ties, a makeup bag with some of my favorite products, and my Neverfull Pochette. Click the photo to see tags! {On my recent polls everyone said they prefer YouTube over blog posts. I enjoy blog posts because it allows me to write A LOT more than I can write on Instagram. I would love to do youtube but I don’t have a camera so I am not sure about that. Let me know your thoughts?}

55 3 Jan 9, 2018

( ) ・・・ We can’t get enough of ! We just restocked plus added even more of their small batch, natural bath and body products!!!💫 salts

50 0 Jan 7, 2018

( ) ・・・ I saved (in my opinion) the best for last! These Essential Oil Roll-Ons are how I first heard about ! I use the Peppermint one daily to help with headaches and the Thievery to keep from getting that awful flu! Today is your last chance to stop by the cart at the Festival of Holidays! Stop by before we head out! 2017