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Stumbling through life, taking snapshots along the way. Khmer 🇰🇭 | San Diego | Sony A7 Ambassador: @thenomadik
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1931 142 Dec 15, 2017

"Burning Desire" Moonlight Beach | Encinitas | California -"Purpose is the reason you journey, passion is the fire that lights your way."

1407 119 Dec 12, 2017

"Incendiary" OB Pier | Ocean Beach | California - Not sure what this was, but caught this flame effect when doing a long exposure during sunset at Ocean Beach. It was as if a piece of the sunset broke off and shot into the ocean. This shot is for who I promised 3 years ago I would take a photo of her hood (better late than never I say).

1807 161 Dec 10, 2017

"Between the Lines" Palms | Imperial Beach | California "There are dark shadows on the earth, but it's lights are stronger in the contrast." -Charles Dickens

2655 173 Dec 7, 2017

"Through the Fire" Torrey Pines State Beach | San Diego | California -Parts of California is starting to burn again. There is an extreme fire warning in effect in San Diego. Please be safe out there. Thoughts go out to the people affected and to the first responders and fire fighters.

2261 198 Dec 6, 2017

"Skyfall" Torrey Pines State Beach | San Diego | California -It's a great big wild world out there.

1027 63 Dec 3, 2017

"Water Therapy" Havasu Falls | Supai | Arizona -Im ready for another session.

1302 86 Dec 1, 2017

"The Grandest View" Grand Canyon | Grand Canyon N.P. | Arizona - The first time seeing this place will leave you breathless. It definitely lives up to the hype. "Touristy" or not....this is a stunning landscape everyone should see.

1558 105 Nov 29, 2017

"Flood Light" Lower Antelope Canyon | Navajo Nation | Arizona -Emerald in a sea of ruby.

1829 123 Nov 26, 2017

"Sun Comes Up" Woodenshoe Tulip Farm | Woodburn | Oregon - "Suddenly the Sun comes up, and the dark is gone. I made it through to the dawn. I can feel my love come flooding back again." -Rudimental

2162 153 Nov 24, 2017

"Rolling Out the Carpets" Torrey Pines State Beach | San Diego | California -"Clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee. Who do you think you are? A cumulonimbus capillatus or cirrus or altostratus? Somebody to make me proud in the encyclopedia of clouds. Youre a storm cloud baby, you can roll like thunder all over me." -Carly Simon

2704 232 Nov 22, 2017

"Light Show" I.B. Pier | Imperial Beach | California -Grateful to live in an area where if youre feeling down or out of it, a quick stroll during sunset will make you forget your worries, even if only for a moment. This was last night's light show. Wishing every a great and joyful Thanksgiving!

2378 129 Nov 19, 2017

"Echoes of Light" Torrey Pines State Beach | San Diego | California -Another shot from one of the colourful and interesting sunsets we've been having in San Diego.