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Burst at the seams, Be what you dream. My studio = The Blue Ridge Mountains. Need photography work done? I travel for shoots too!
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388 15 Jan 19, 2018
steve_yocom: 30 Days till we hit the road, dedicate

30 Days till we hit the road, dedicate life to the lens and live in the wild for 4 months. I thought I would share my route and put an open invite for friends and strangers alike to join up for legs of the trip if they are interested! I’ve got several photo projects I will be working on but am available for teaching and open to new projects as well! One of those projects includes taking some of you along. I want to offer a FREE fully guided, fully geared trip to some folks whom have never tried backpacking but might be interested in giving it whirl! Write me if you might be interested! All the details are in the link in my profile! PC :

538 13 Jan 17, 2018
steve_yocom: SNOW DAY! see you on the mountain friends!

SNOW DAY! see you on the mountain friends!

732 24 Jan 15, 2018
steve_yocom: Just over three weeks and then it

Just over three weeks and then it's the open road til Summer. I wonder about all the places I'm going to see and the people I'm going to meet. I'm going to try and have my route posted on my website by the end of this week. I'd love to link up with some fellow adventurers , photographers or just share a beer and a fire with good company along the way. Stay tuned for more info and some exciting news about one of the projects I hope to involve some of you in ! :)

509 9 Jan 12, 2018
steve_yocom: Ice skating under a meteor shower in the

Ice skating under a meteor shower in the Canadian Rockies. That's a story I'll be telling for quite sometime!

713 16 Jan 10, 2018
steve_yocom: Hey everyone, I

Hey everyone, I'm hosting a Gallery event on Saturday, January 20th from 7-9 at moonshine distillery. There will be free moonshine tastings and I'll have all my gear I use in the field set up while I tell stories and answer questions! Let's talk mountains, photography and drink some shine!

395 6 Jan 8, 2018
steve_yocom: Feeling like I

Feeling like I'm back in Canada lately. Inspired by all the wonderful ice photos and adventures my friends have been taking on. Sadly I've had the flu and the only thing I've been climbing as of late is the couch! Starting to feel better today so I am hoping to get out before it all melts.

487 5 Jan 5, 2018
steve_yocom: Back in corporate america we had meetings in

Back in corporate america we had meetings in these windowless rooms with plain white walls, absolute silence and a little water cooler in the corner if you were lucky. At the every meeting starts with climbing a mountain, when you get to the finish line it's either coffee or whiskey and then it's down to business. Speaking of business, we're going to climb mount Baker and raise 3,000 for underprivileged kids to get outside this summer. Stay tuned for more info, we'll be hosting a big party this spring at a brewery with loads of awesome gear to give away before we take off!

696 25 Jan 4, 2018
steve_yocom: I introduce to you the hot tent. A

I introduce to you the hot tent. A 4 man tipi with wood burning stove. I'm hoping I can use this baby as a tool to capture hard to reach places in the very dead of winter!

734 15 Jan 2, 2018
steve_yocom: Starting the new year off right! It

Starting the new year off right! It's so cold but it's tough to beat the solitude in the mountains right now.

667 39 Dec 31, 2017
steve_yocom: What an incredible year it

What an incredible year it's been. I don't know about you guys but I'm ready for another! Ending the year with a bad injury has been a bit of a blessing, for the first time in years I've been able to slow down, catch up and focus on what's next. My arm is so so much better already so as soon as the pups go to their new homes we'll finally be hitting the road for about 5 months...aaaaand I think there will be an addition to the family. I can't help but want to keep a puppy!

573 15 Dec 28, 2017
steve_yocom: I

I'm no longer in the Artic, but it sure feels like it this morning in NC. Packing my bags and heading to the Roan Highlands for some winter backpacking! Had to squeeze in one more adventure for 2017!

574 43 Dec 22, 2017
steve_yocom: So while in Jasper, me and @earthcaptured were

So while in Jasper, me and were down by the river shooting. We had split up a bit to find comps...suddenly I hear him yell STEVE RUNNN!!!! I turn around to see a wolf about 100 yards away coming straight for us..I drop everything and start booking it for the car, hopping a section of river and getting wet. Out of the corner of my eye I see serge take a hard fall and scramble to get back up. We're both charging frantically for the jeep. The wolf is gaining on us, I fly up the hill and dive into the jeep, my friend seconds behind me. He slams the door, then the beasts head appears over the snow bank....the "wolf" had a collar on and it turns out it was some guys Alaskan Malamute / Husky mix. So here we are bleeding and soaking wet from running for our lives when this dog just wanted to come say hi real quick. We laughed and laughed, then had a shot of whiskey to calm our nerves. I'll never forget that day.