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tasmania: One look at @placesandfoods

One look at ' snap of Oatlands' historic Callington Mill and you could be forgiven for thinking someone's turned back the clock! Built in 1837 by John Vincent, a free settler from Cornwall and one of Oatlands' publicans, it's one of many remarkable sandstone buildings in the town. Located an hour north of , Oatlands is one of Tasmania's oldest settlements and with more than 150 sandstone buildings it has the largest collection of any town in Its intact Georgian townscape, mostly convict-built in the early 1800s, offers a complete representation of the architecture, urban design and the cultural heritage of early European settlement in Australia. Thanks for tagging , Wilson.

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“Oh hi there, I’m Maria! I love playtime, cuddles and smooches!” Maria is one of the many friendly locals that live at wildlife sanctuary with her human dad, Greg. There are many amazing wildlife sanctuaries doing great work across our state for the preservation and rehabilitation of Tassie’s unique native wildlife! Located just 30 minutes from ’s CBD, Bonorong offers a fascinating and educational hands-on experience with a range of Tassie’s furry friends. At the park you can get up close and personal by hand-feeding some of the animals, joining one of the daily tours, or opting for a behind-the-scenes experience, where you may even meet Maria for a play date! Check out our story above for more👆 Video:

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tasmania: What a view! We

What a view! We've joined on the summit of kunanyi / Mt Wellington to soak up the spectacle of a buzzing beneath a stunning night sky. kunanyi / Mt Wellington's 1,271-metre pinnacle towers over Greater Hobart and is used as a geographical reference point from much of the south-east of Tassie. It’s proximity to the city, and the easy access to its pinnacle and the vast wilderness playground of Wellington Park, make it a hot spot for locals and tourists. So if you’re looking for a little breathtaking solitude, after the sun has set is the perfect time to visit. It’s hard not to feel a sense of awe and perspective as you look into the night. Make a wish! Thanks for tagging , Rae.

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tasmania: Did you know that southwest Tassie is home

Did you know that southwest Tassie is home to a dam that, at capacity, can hold back thirty times the water held in Sydney Harbour? Impressive, isn't it? Built as part of the Tasmanian Hydro-Electric Scheme, the Gordon Dam has a length of 192 metres (630 ft) and a height of 140 metres (460 ft), which makes it the tallest dam in Tasmania and one of the tallest in Located a 2.5 hour drive from , it is also the home of the world's highest commercial abseil - an adrenaline-pumping adventure for those looking to test their nerves as they decend the sheer wall into the canyon below. Check out our Story ⬆️ for more!

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tasmania: Ah-ha - found you! Now it

Ah-ha - found you! Now it's your turn to count to twenty while we hide! 😆  We love this shot from of a wombat joey peeking out from his Mumma's pouch. Australia's largest burrowing mammal, wombats can be found across Tassie - from sea level to alpine areas where they prefer heathland, coastal scrub and open forest. (The soils are easier to burrow in!) Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair and Narawntapu national parks are two reserves in Tassie where wombats are often seen, minding their own business and quietly grazing on native grasses. Yes they're super cute, but remember, they're wild animals, so it's best if you fight the urge for a pat and admire them from a distance. Thanks for tagging , Cody.

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tasmania: Summer warmth and a lavender-scented haze at

Summer warmth and a lavender-scented haze at Bridestowe Lavender Estate, captured by Located in , about an hour's drive north-east of Launceston, Bridestowe is ’s largest and oldest lavender farm and at this time of year it's nothing short of spectacular. At season's peak, the 265 acres of the estate are a sight to behold with rows of vivid blossoms tracking the contours of the local landscape. This year's season has now entered its final weeks, so if you're keen to see - and smell - the rows of blossoms before harvest, you'd better be quick! (Fortunately the estate's lavender-inspired gifts and cuisine are available year-round - yum!) Thanks for tagging , Luke.

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tasmania: Shhh! Can you hear that? The serene silence

Shhh! Can you hear that? The serene silence amongst the morning mist with in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. Magical.  One of Tassie's most isolated national parks, the Walls aren't accessible by road, so the region feels as wild and remote as ever. Located in , the name 'Walls of Jerusalem' was coined by surveyor James Scott in 1849. Reg Hall, a fellow enthusiast for the area, continued the biblical theme by naming other features of the park Zions Gate, Herods Gate, Pool of Bethesda, Pool of Siloam, Wailing Wall and The Temple. Its possible to see parts of the Walls of Jerusalem as a long day-walk. However, to truly appreciate the region, it's best to spend a couple of nights. Thanks for tagging us, Lane!

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tasmania: Stop everything and take a moment to appreciate

Stop everything and take a moment to appreciate this spectacularly serene image of Tassie's wilderness icon, captured by Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is one of our most popular wilderness reserves, and when you see captures like this, that should come as no surprise! Located primarily in , the 160,000-hectare national park can be access by road from the south at Derwent Bridge, and the north via the Cradle Mountain Road. The options within the park are endless. Bushwalking is the obvious choice, but you can also appreciate the park's stunning beauty from the comfort of your vehicle, from the air, or on the water at Lake St Clair and Dove Lake. Thanks for tagging , Brandon.

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tasmania: To say that Tassie has emerged through the

To say that Tassie has emerged through the ranks of global golfing destinations in recent times is, well, a bit of an understatement. We’re not the type to repeatedly punch the air, but we are quietly chuffed at our achievements. With four Tassie courses ranked in the top 4 of 2017’s Top 100 Australian Public Access Golf Courses, you’d be forgiven for not knowing where to head first – be it the sprawling ocean-side courses of King Island's Cape Wickham or Ocean Dunes, or the rolling greens of , located near the township of Bridport in , home to The Dunes and Lost Farm. And if exploring 200 acres of undulating dunes isn’t your idea of a great day out, there’s no shortage of creature comforts (think great food, wine and spa days) to keep you busy back at the clubhouse. See you there?

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tasmania: A trail of light illuminates the evening mist

A trail of light illuminates the evening mist as winds his way down off Ben Lomond in The scree-lined road to the summit and expansive plateau of this mountainous national park is known as Jacobs Ladder. During the winter months, Ben Lomond is Tassie's premier skiing location, with tows, accommodation and facilities providing everything you need. In the warmer months, the mountain is a magnet for outdoor adventurers that hike, climb and bike - and everything else in between! For those who need more than one day, there's also a camping area within the park boundary. Ben Lomond National Park is a one-hour and 40-minute drive east of Launceston. Thanks for tagging , Konrad.

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tasmania: It’s time to join @MariaIslandWalk for four

It’s time to join for four restorative days of guided walking across ’s island national park. Located just a short ferry ride from the township of Triabunna, Maria Island has a rich and surprisingly diverse history. Originally inhabited by the indigenous tyreddeme people, it has also been whaling and sealing post, penal settlement and an Italianate pleasure resort. You can explore Maria on foot, or via pedal power (there are no cars on the island) with natural attractions like the Painted Cliffs and the peaks of Mount Maria and Bishop & Clerk the highlights. Check out our Story ⬆️ to learn more! Thanks for sharing your video with us, Maria Island Walk.

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tasmania: It

It's time to stop and take a moment with to soak in the majesty of the Tasman Peninsula. Located 90 minutes' drive south-east of , the Tasman is home to the Three Capes Track, an award winning four-day, 46-kilometre coastal walk. For many, the journey to Cape Pillar on Day 3 of the multi-day trek is the highlight: reaching the precipitous and wind-swept end of the cape known as The Blade and looking out over Tasman Island - a dramatic island just off the coast that is surrounded by sheer dolerite cliffs with an average height of 280 metres! It's a vista that's sure to inspire and exhilarate even the most adventurous of travellers. So what are you waiting for?...Thanks for tagging , Alexandra.