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A wildflower adventurin' as a flight attendant until Justin Bieber recruits me as a back up dancer. I write #wordsfromthewindowseat too. ✈️📍Chicago
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taylortippett: Photos like these make me dance with joy.

Photos like these make me dance with joy. It hasn’t always been this way you know? I haven’t always been brave and felt free and I sure as heck didn’t always speak up. I know pain deeply and I have carried it around for years. I still carry it, but there is this thing called grace and Love and I’ve spent more time tapping into that. The load is lighter. It’s become manageable and my story instead of my excuse. It has been so freeing and beautiful to heal. But my pain literally used to show in my face. So when I see photos of myself now-a-days it’s really hard for me not to dance a million dances. Joy radiates from my face and I can not believe it. That God loves me so so much that He would give me a story and worth and this ziplock bag kind of grace spilling out all over my brokenness. I can look out to my past and say hey punk you have no hold over me and I can turn the corner and see my future and say you look oh so good my friend. I’m saying all of this because it’s possible: it’s possible to turn it around. My heart beats to that anthem. I want you to know it too. / 📸

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taylortippett: How on earth do places like these exists

How on earth do places like these exists all over the world?! Just another beautiful thing found in Hong Kong. This place just keeps on surprising me. ✨

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taylortippett: I really, really love you Hong Kong ❤️ This

I really, really love you Hong Kong ❤️ This place is honestly surprising me so much I can’t wait to share more. It has so much to offer & so much to see. We went on one of the most INSANE hikes I’ve ever been on. Straight up & all steps the whole entire way for seriously 2 hours. But it was WORTH it. Saw monkeys and the most beautiful mountains I honestly about peed my pants from happiness. Picked this guy on the way down. I love being a wildflower.

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🇭🇰✨ HONG KONG ✨🇭🇰 I love the saying ‘we become like the things we love’. Because it’s so true. What we fill ourselves with & what we invest in ultimately shapes our lil hearts into who we are and what we stand for. I’m constantly thankful that traveling shapes me into me. To live free. To live ready for change and to be okay with it too. To live minimal because the stories are always more important than the stuff. I feel most like myself when I’m out here doing what I love to do. When I’m messy and jet-lagged and hanging around with people drinking wine and sharing stories. I hope you get the chance to travel. Do it as much as you can and as often as you can. 📸: btw- I’m so excited to spend some time here working on something fun with the best team. If you have any recommendations let a lady know! ❤️

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taylortippett: Over the past 5 days i’ve been

Over the past 5 days i’ve been to Puerto Rico, Chicago, LA, & Atlanta. All the time zones. All sorts of weather. I’m crazy- I know. My luggage feels more like home than my bed does most days. And I’m sitting here eating my chick fil a wondering how the heck I do what I do. Traveling for most people is SO overwhelming, but it honestly brings me the most peace and joy. SO. I want to hear from y’all! Lehhhgo Q&A time- ask me anything related to travel! I wanna hear you and speak into/ answer any questions I can!! SHOOT 👇🏼

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@ satan 💅🏻

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taylortippett: LA for the day. Bieber wya??

LA for the day. Bieber wya??

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taylortippett: A list of things I’m afraid of

A list of things I’m afraid of include: snakes, tomato juice, high heels, and Washington DC. I am absolutely poop-freaking scared of DC. It’s connected to a part of my life that I still have nightmares about. Certain places for me are tied to such heavy emotions and most days I run from them. I left this city almost 2 years ago and haven’t been back until today. I don’t want to be here and I didn’t choose to be here either. If I had the choice, I’d avoid this place like the plague. Healing is an art that looks different for everyone. But as i’m sitting here on a bench trying to not have a breakdown, I keep hearing these words I remember from a book I read in high school creep up inside of me: the only way out is through. The only way out of a past I wish I could forget and memories I wish I could paper shred is through them. And sometimes we get dragged into them no matter how many times we run. Ain’t that the truth? When we don’t deal with things they always find a way of creeping back in. But there is something that is comforting me today: Jesus can handle them for me. He can carry them for me. I can ask Him why it hurts and rest in His truth that He uses the broken for good. I want to share something that is encouraging me today. It’s from a book I’ve been reading and been sharing glimpses of. “Yet being brave enough to lay your heart out there to be broken, to be rejected in a thousand little ways, this may hurt like a kind of hell- but it will be holy. Love only comes to those brave enough to risk being broken.” -Ann Voskamp. We are brave when we love. We are brave when we heal. We are brave when we walk through it. Letting this wash over me today. Hope it can somehow wash over you too. ❤️

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taylortippett: Y’ALL tell me this is not the

Y’ALL tell me this is not the hottest bean you ever did see 😍 fall in Chicago...whew dang can not get ENOUGH!!!

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taylortippett: I have a lot of words stored up

I have a lot of words stored up in this ole heart of mine. I want to say a lot of things but don’t always know how to get them out. But recently I’ve simply been resting in the simple truth that I CAN hold things lightly. It’s been my anthem. Reminding myself over and over as many times as it takes. Because maybe, just maybe, all of this is making me more beautiful.

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taylortippett: Eddie drew me a photo today. Eddie gave

Eddie drew me a photo today. Eddie gave me hope.