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4636 57 Jan 22, 2018
wheresmyofficenow: It took effort to get here. We worked

It took effort to get here. We worked on a farm for months. We secured brand collaborations. And we calculated sweet potato consumption by lining up bags upon bags on the grocery store floor. 😹Your dream doesn’t just happen friends, you’re the creator here. And the more momentum you harness in the direction you want to go, the more you can let go and lean into the wave you’ve breathed into existence. Going with the flow becomes possible because you’re aiming true to you. We’d love to learn some about you and your life! What are you aiming for? 🎯

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wheresmyofficenow: Boscha, our home on wheels. We bought her

Boscha, our home on wheels. We bought her 5 years ago for 3500 bucks on Craigslist from a girl named Sasha who cooked vanmade pancakes for train passengers. She cried selling it. Before Sasha it was used to film a documentary about the US/Mexican border. Boscha has transformed from a rusty old girl with vomit in the glove box (yeah, gross) to a capable, trusty and voluptuous older girl thanks to Corey’s dedication to maintenance and repair and support for parts over the years. We love our van but you don’t need a Vanagon to live vanlife. Hell, you don’t even need a van. Vanlife is just life lived fully, you know, doing what nourishes + inspires you so together we can create a brighter future. (And... we live with two dogs now... not sure how this happened... yeah... 🤔🙀 but for real, stoked!)

3620 48 Jan 17, 2018
wheresmyofficenow: This moment was beautiful but what you don’

This moment was beautiful but what you don’t see is the ditch filled with beer cans, plastic bottles and styrofoam cups next to our vans. ✧ Rain floods the ditch and sweeps the garbage out to sea where it accumulates as an island bigger than Texas, chokes sea life and passes toxic chemicals up the food chain full circle back to us. ✧ It’s easy to look away. It’s uncomfortable to face and stand what we see, for in doing so we undeniably recognize 1️⃣ the poverty of our time resulting from the false view that we are separate from nature and 2️⃣ our responsibility to act accordingly. ✧ New Year’s day we picked up as much as possible. A week later we returned to the same spot to find it trashed. What steps are you taking this new year to honor life on Earth?

6129 68 Jan 16, 2018
wheresmyofficenow: Let’s stay awake ‘til midnight and celebrate

Let’s stay awake ‘til midnight and celebrate the new year, we exclaimed. Yeah right. We barely made 9 PM. ✧ You see, when days overflow with what we love... sun, surf, yoga and time together, we sync with Earth’s circadian rhythm and not even a world celebrating a new circle around the sun can keep our salty, sweaty, contented souls from surrendering into blissful nothingness. ✧ Friends, take a moment now to breathe of the beauty of what you are doing, where you are and with whom you are with. And then take 5.5 minutes to envision anew. What are you building in 2018? What are you bringing to life? ✧ Post sponsored by ♡ ≋

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wheresmyofficenow: I wasn’t going to come to Baja.

I wasn’t going to come to Baja. I wanted solo time to rejuvenate after an intense farmlife. I craved hot baths, a yoga studio, dancing and writing. And I still do. Yet here I am, riding dirt roads south of the border, every cell in my body dancing to the sweet ecstasy of being alive. I don’t believe in much. Beliefs to me are lines drawn in the sand that keep us apart. But I do believe in this experience, that I am exactly where I need to be and that everything I need is exactly where I am. Have you changed your mind before and realized both paths are the “right” one? 📸 and expert driving by

2288 23 Jan 2, 2018
wheresmyofficenow: We’ve slept in this parking lot so

We’ve slept in this parking lot so many times we can’t count. Year after year we’ve washed our grimy bodies in their bathroom and celebrated life over beers and joints. Five years ago we hit the road and five years ago we connected with They’ve supported us when we were broke and broken down and with every single project we’ve brought to life. Surrounding ourselves with humans who lift us up is essential. And the folks at GoWesty continuously reflect to us why we live vanlife, with their love for vans, open roads, where we can go and who we are with. We are in Baja now, Boscha all tuned up and our hearts forever grateful. What connections are you grateful for right now?

2259 29 Dec 28, 2017
wheresmyofficenow: Before vanlife we were surfers. In fact our

Before vanlife we were surfers. In fact our vanlife was conceived on a surf trip in Nicaragua. Now, finally, after five years of driving circles in the States, we are aiming south into Baja on the soul mission to surf. So grateful for for staying true to the roots of surfing. Anchored in community, craftsmanship and the pure love for riding waves, we hold so much admiration and stoke for all these folks do. They’ve equipped us with our dream quiver for our dream trip. We will film it all and make a surf video. For all you surfers, here’s what we’re rolling with... 5’4” Dharma, 5’4” Dharma 2.0, 5’4” Jelly Bean, 6’0” Dart, 7’8” Seeker, 9’6” Pocket Knife. Yup we’re stoked. Thank you for your incredible craftsmanship.

3354 27 Dec 26, 2017
wheresmyofficenow: Wishing you joy and happiness all ways + always

Wishing you joy and happiness all ways + always friends! This morning we awoke in the parking lot. Baja bound with two additional souls, Bella Luna the farm dog and my brother. Yew, gonna be an adventure. Any Baja tips? Hot springs? Ancient sites? Surf breaks? How to get satellite connection so we can live post?? Let’s keep secret spots secret so please private message us if you’d like to share. ♡

1858 36 Dec 21, 2017

Behind the scenes of our collaborations with , our true colors shine. Honestly we are kind of weird people. We argue about how to open the bag of chips in the “right way”, we intimately discuss which flavors to devour first, and we feed each other chips as if they are strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. Thank you Kettle Brand for the endless opportunities to develop willpower, and for your conscious business practices that we are honored to support. FAVORITE VANLIFE BREAKFAST: Buckwheat, turmeric fried eggs, kraut, avocado and Fiery Thai lemongrass infused chips. Oh my. What’s your favorite breakfast? Chip flavor?

1563 26 Dec 17, 2017
wheresmyofficenow: JOIN US IN HAWAII to explore self-care

JOIN US IN HAWAII to explore self-care practices to benefit your wellbeing! For us, intelligent movement is the key to our health + happiness on the road the past five years. We’ll be attending two yoga programs hosted by our dear friends The first is a 10-day immersion with , a physiotherapist and yoga teacher since 1982 (4/14-4/23). The second is a 200-hour yoga teacher’s training with (4/30-5/12). We are honored to learn from these living masters and invite you to come explore your inner nature with us, surrounded by the elemental beauty of the North Shore of Oahu! Space is limited! Message us for more information.

3525 20 Dec 14, 2017
wheresmyofficenow: Free speech involves a speaker and a listener

Free speech involves a speaker and a listener and this communication loop is violated when a third party intentionally blocks this exchange of energy. Censorship and throttling of our ideas, which may come as a result of today’s FCC vote to repeal net neutrality, is a direct assault on our human rights, consciousness and future generations. We stand for net neutrality. We invite you to ask alongside us how we can help, and how we apply censorship within all of our relations including self. When does it cause harm and when does it help?

2033 29 Dec 13, 2017

Knowing what we want or don’t want is essential to our wild nature. It sorts the seed from the dirt and empowers us to see the difference between what extrinsically beckons us and what calls from our soul. ✧ We are vanlife women and what we didn’t want was the American Dream. Life behind walls and deferred for retirement was never ours to dream. And so we burned the map, seeking only to be ourselves in a civilization adrift. ✧ Leaving behind careers and the luxuries of houselife required courageous vulnerability, a willingness to be uncomfortable. Unlearning the falseness of perceived security, we remembered one of our greatest teachers, discomfort. With practice we found ease in the dirty, cold, bumpy beautiful road of life, supported by self, one another and Earth. What does your soul crave? ✧ So grateful to honor the wild within with , , ✧ Here we all wear bamboo viscose underwear by ... eco-friendly, super comfortable and easily packable! 20% off code OFFICE20 and link in our profile.